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We sell a fantastic range of products - everything from aerators to garden vacuums. These products are great at what they do, but sometimes you need a little bit more. A lawnmower is great - but a lawnmower with a mulching kit is even better. And your chainsaw might be cutting edge - but one day you're going to need oil for it. 

We've got everything you could ever want - all the attachments for your multi-tool, the most powerful batteries for your tools: the latest and greatest products to line your greenhouse, shed or garage!


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BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Solid Mouldboard)

BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Solid Mouldboard)£414.00   £383.00

Featuring a solid mouldboard with two ploughshares allowing for work in just one furrow, this reversible plough is ideal for wintering over once the crop has been lifted.

AGRI-FAB 45-0519 Poly Cart Trailers

AGRI-FAB 45-0519 Poly Cart Trailers£419.00   £399.00

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C330/350 Mini)

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C330/350 Mini)£450.00   £425.00

The Countax powered grass collectors provide outstanding performance even in the wettest of conditions. Collector Volume is 255 litres, and fits C330/350 Mini model only.

BCS Cultivator Kit Attachment

BCS Cultivator Kit Attachment£462.00   £428.00

This kit includes a range of ground cultivation accessories for your BCS or CAMON machine, including a reversible plough, adjustable ridger and potato lifter, along with a toolbar and frame.

AGRI-FAB 45-0301 Feed Spreader

AGRI-FAB 45-0301 Feed Spreader£441.00

ETESIA RK46 Roller Striping Kit

ETESIA RK46 Roller Striping Kit£449.00

This is an easy-to-fit roller striping kit for selected Etesia's 46 cm cut mowers. It will enable you to achieve a fantastic striped finish to your lawn.

SCH MCH Chain Harrow

SCH MCH Chain Harrow£450.00

This MCH mini harrow is suitable for working behind tractors of 15hp and above to remove dead vegetation from lawns, paddocks and large grass areas.

SCH GWCE Towed Water Cart

SCH GWCE Towed Water Cart£467.00

The GWC is a small but very useful towable water tank for watering, and features a 180 litre/40 gallon capacity, with a 12 V electric pump.



Heavy Duty Automower Cable (500 m)

Heavy Duty Automower Cable (500 m)£475.00

This long life safety cable for Husqvarna's Automower range is built to last, designed to help protect against cable breaks from rodents and garden tools. Sold as a 500 metre, 2.7 mm diameter reel.

HONDA Aerator for FJ500 Tiller

HONDA Aerator for FJ500 Tiller£484.13

This is an aerator accessory for your Honda FJ500 Tiller. Image used for guidance only, please check description before ordering.

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C / B Series)

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C / B Series)£545.00   £490.50

Allowing you to use the world's most effective collection system with Countax's C and B Series tractors, this is a 300 litre capacity attachment with robust brushes to effortlessly sweep up cut grass and garden debris.

HUSQVARNA Towed Gravel Harrow

HUSQVARNA Towed Gravel Harrow£525.00   £499.00

This towed gravel harrow is intended for use with Husqvarna garden tractors. It has a working width of 110 cm and uses spring tines that fold wen you reverse your tractor.

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter£499.00

BCS Wheelbarrow  with Capacity 125 kg

BCS Wheelbarrow with Capacity 125 kg£516.15

The BCS wheelbarrow is easy to attach and has a load capacity of 125kg. To fit two-wheel tractors.

BCS Rotavator Attachment

BCS Rotavator Attachment£522.00  -  £1,215.00

A fantastic tool using a proven blade design and a high rotor speed to give a fine tilth from even the most demanding jobs. Available in five different widths to suit a variety of BCS and CAMON machinery.

MOUNTFIELD 105cm Brush Attachment (MANOR 95H)

MOUNTFIELD 105cm Brush Attachment (MANOR 95H)£549.00

Designed to keep your paths neat and tidy, the Mountfield powered brush attachment fits to the Mountfield Manor 95H. Please note: This is an attachment only and requires the Mountfield Manor 95H to function.

STIGA SILEX 95 Front Brush Attachment

STIGA SILEX 95 Front Brush Attachment£559.00   £549.00

The Front brush attachment has a working width of 105 cm and fits only for STIGA Silex 95 models.

HONDA Snow Plough Kit for FJ500 Tiller

HONDA Snow Plough Kit for FJ500 Tiller£597.41

A snow plough accessory for the Honda FJ500 Tiller. Image used for guidance only, please check description before ordering.

HUSQVARNA BLi550X Backpack Battery

HUSQVARNA BLi550X Backpack Battery£700.00   £616.00

This heavy duty backpack battery from Husqvarna replaces their BLi520X model and ensures you can work far from any power source and in all-weathers. With an advanced ergonomic harness for a perfect fit.

PELLENC HELION POLE Hedgetrimmer - Shell Only

PELLENC HELION POLE Hedgetrimmer - Shell Only£627.00

The Pellenc HELION POLE is a very powerful, lightweight, long reach hedgetrimmer with interchangeable blades. It's odour free and light, featuring a powerful 1200w motor.

SCH 3MCH Chain Harrow

SCH 3MCH Chain Harrow£635.00

The SCH 3MCH mini chain harrow is mounted on a 3 point linkage, which main advantage is ease of transport, simple clearing of debris from the tines, and more manoeuvrable.



The Allet Buckingham petrol Lawn Mower is an unleaded petrol engine with a six blade cylinder cassette, and is fitted with a Honda 196cc.



The Allet Buckingham 24H has a 196cc Honda four stroke single cylinder petrol engine, and features a cutting height adjustment.

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