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We sell a fantastic range of products - everything from aerators to garden vacuums. These products are great at what they do, but sometimes you need a little bit more. A lawnmower is great - but a lawnmower with a mulching kit is even better. And your chainsaw might be cutting edge - but one day you're going to need oil for it. 

We've got everything you could ever want - all the attachments for your multi-tool, the most powerful batteries for your tools: the latest and greatest products to line your greenhouse, shed or garage!


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SCH HGPS Sprayer

SCH HGPS Sprayer£301.00

The sprayer attachment clips onto the carrier frame, ideal for applying fertiliser and weed killers to grassed areas..

ALLETT QC20V 20 inch Verticut Cartridge

ALLETT QC20V 20 inch Verticut Cartridge£330.00   £308.00

This easy to fit and simple to use cartridge turns your 20 inch Allett mower into a verticutter - letting you get the best out of your lawn.

HUSQVARNA 3 Bin Collector (107 cm Deck)

HUSQVARNA 3 Bin Collector (107 cm Deck)£325.00   £309.00

This is a three bin collector with an impressive 315 litre capacity, designed to be used with Husqvarna's 107 cm cut TS model tractors. Allows you to convert your side discharge tractor into a collecting machine.

HUSQVARNA 3 Bin Collector (117 cm Deck)

HUSQVARNA 3 Bin Collector (117 cm Deck)£309.00

A large capacity three bin grass collector, this attachment is designed to be used with Husqvarna's 117 cm cut TS model tractors, converting them into efficient collecting machines.

TONDU TSC1200 Towed Tipping Trailer

TONDU TSC1200 Towed Tipping Trailer£309.00

An ideal solution for unloading gravel, sand and soil, with a capacity of 1200 lbs and a trailer bed of 150 cm x 77.5 cm x 51.5 cm. Boasting a foot pedal release for easier dumping.

COUNTAX  Chevron Tyres 23 inches

COUNTAX Chevron Tyres 23 inches£330.00   £314.00

Chevron 23 inch tyres provide extra grip, which is especially good on slippery ground.

BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Slatted Mouldboard)

BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Slatted Mouldboard)£342.00   £316.00

This reversible plough uses a slatted mouldboard that produces less resistance meaning it can be used on smaller power units. It is fully adjustable for depth and angle.

AGRI-FAB 45-0502 Spreader

AGRI-FAB 45-0502 Spreader£389.00   £330.00

SCH HGB Brush Attachment

SCH HGB Brush Attachment£330.00

The brush attachment will brush in lawn top dressings and lawn sand. Also it can put those much-admired stripes into your lawn.

AL-KO Universal Snow Plough

AL-KO Universal Snow Plough£369.00   £339.00

SCH HGHT Hollow Tine Corer Attachment

SCH HGHT Hollow Tine Corer Attachment£348.00

The SCH HGHT is a hollow tine corer attachment to be used with the 40 inch grass care system, which is easy to fit, and attaches to the carrier frame.

AL-KO CB 870 Scythe Attachment (BF 5002-R)

AL-KO CB 870 Scythe Attachment (BF 5002-R)£399.00   £349.00

This cutter bar attachment allows you to tackle overgrown gardens and fields with ease, ideal for tall grass or thick weeds. Designed for the AL-KO BF 5002-R Combi tool, with a working width of 870 mm.

SCH MMU Manege Maintenance Unit

SCH MMU Manege Maintenance Unit£355.00

The rubber surface arena maintenance unit has been developed and manufactured by SCH to rejuvenate areas with rubber surfaces, may be towed by a 4x4, a ATV, or a tractor.

COUNTAX Mounted Snowblade

COUNTAX Mounted Snowblade£399.00   £359.00

Countax Tractor Mounted Snowblade easy to fit snowblade is designed to be used with the C/A/D Series tractors.

HONDA ABF3 Five Tine Cultivator

HONDA ABF3 Five Tine Cultivator£365.00

Designed to be used with the F660/F720 tillers. The ABF3 is easy to attach, and so is perfect for preparing the ground for planting.

BCS 750 Twin Wheel Kit

BCS 750 Twin Wheel Kit£396.00   £368.28

This kit enables a single set of wheels to be twinned on the BCS 750, giving you extra traction and stability, ideal for tough jobs. Includes a pair of 6.50 x 12 wheels, plus nuts, bolts and washers.

COUNTAX 120 Litres Transportation Box

COUNTAX 120 Litres Transportation Box£399.00   £370.00

The Countax Transportation Box is to be used with the B and C series garden tractors. It's 120 litre capacity is ideal, and is constructed from strong and durable heavy duty.

SCH GWC Towed Water Cart

SCH GWC Towed Water Cart£378.00

The GWC is a small but very useful towable water tank for watering trees, shrubs, plants and carrying water to small animals. Features a 180 litre/40 gallon capacity.

AL-KO CF 500 Tiller Attachment (BF 5002-R)

AL-KO CF 500 Tiller Attachment (BF 5002-R)£399.00   £379.00

Turn your AL-KO BF 5002-R Combi Tool into a 500 mm working width tiller, ideal for managing gardens and allotments without the need to purchase additional machines.

BCS 100 cm Buck Rake

BCS 100 cm Buck Rake£414.00   £382.95

The BCS Buck Rake attachment has a working width of 100cm/40 inch, and is designed to be used with the BCS740/630. To fit two wheel tractors.

BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Solid Mouldboard)

BCS Reversible Plough Attachment (Solid Mouldboard)£414.00   £383.00

Featuring a solid mouldboard with two ploughshares allowing for work in just one furrow, this reversible plough is ideal for wintering over once the crop has been lifted.

AGRI-FAB 45-0519 Poly Cart Trailers

AGRI-FAB 45-0519 Poly Cart Trailers£419.00   £399.00

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C330/350 Mini)

COUNTAX Powered Grass Collector (C330/350 Mini)£450.00   £425.00

The Countax powered grass collectors provide outstanding performance even in the wettest of conditions. Collector Volume is 255 litres, and fits C330/350 Mini model only.

BCS Cultivator Kit Attachment

BCS Cultivator Kit Attachment£462.00   £428.00

This kit includes a range of ground cultivation accessories for your BCS or CAMON machine, including a reversible plough, adjustable ridger and potato lifter, along with a toolbar and frame.

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