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We sell a fantastic range of products - everything from aerators to garden vacuums. These products are great at what they do, but sometimes you need a little bit more. A lawnmower is great - but a lawnmower with a mulching kit is even better. And your chainsaw might be cutting edge - but one day you're going to need oil for it. 

We've got everything you could ever want - all the attachments for your multi-tool, the most powerful batteries for your tools: the latest and greatest products to line your greenhouse, shed or garage!


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STIHL Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit

STIHL Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit£32.00

This 3 metre attachment kit for STIHL blowers and vacuum shredders allows you to tackle even hard to reach gutters. For STIHL models BG 65 C-E, BG 66 C-E, BG 86 C-E, BGE 71, SH 56 C-E, SH 86 C-E and SHE 71.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 215 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 215 m)£32.50

Genuine STIHL round profile mowing line, this is ideal to replace the line in your STIHL mowing heads. This is a 2.7 mm diameter line supplied in a 215 metre reel.

ECHO Chainsaw Bag

ECHO Chainsaw Bag£34.00

Echo Practical carrying bag made from tough 600d polyester provide long lasting protection from the elements.

HUSQVARNA Combi Fuel / Oil Can

HUSQVARNA Combi Fuel / Oil Can£34.00

Featuring a clever design that allows for easy refuelling without splashing or wastage, this combi can has two containers adjusted to achieve an optimal ratio for fuel and chain oil.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 168 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 168 m)£34.00

Supplied in a value reel of 168 metres, this nylon mowing line from STIHL has a round profile, ideal for general use, and a diameter of 3.0 mm.

STIHL 14 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.3 mm)

STIHL 14 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.3 mm)£34.50

A 14 inch Rollomatic E guide bar from STIHL, this is ideal as a replacement on your chainsaw, providing lightweight, highly stable operation.

STIHL 14 Inch Rollomatic E Mini Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.1 mm)

STIHL 14 Inch Rollomatic E Mini Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.1 mm)£34.50

This 14 inch genuine STIHL guide bar is their Rollomatic E Mini model, with a particularly narrow profile that offers considerable weight savings and improved cutting performance.

STIHL AutoCut 46-2 Mowing Head

STIHL AutoCut 46-2 Mowing Head£34.50

This is a professional quality two line head from STIHL, ideal for heavy duty jobs cutting thick grass and weeds. It allows you to easily renew the line as it wears by tapping the head on the ground.

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 434 m)

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 434 m)£34.50

2.4 mm thick mowing line supplied on a 434 metre long reel and manufactured from flexible, hard-wearing and durable material, this is a genuine STIHL product.

AL-KO 38 cm Soft Touch Box

AL-KO 38 cm Soft Touch Box£35.00

STIHL MultiTool Wheel Kit

STIHL MultiTool Wheel Kit£35.00

A wheel kit accessory to lift compatible tools (the MM-MF, MM-KW and MM-KB), reducing resistance and improving manoeuvrability. This kit is now included with the MM 55 MultiEngine as standard.

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness£35.70  -  £39.00


The STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness is designed to be used with the STIHL range of strimmers and brushcutters, ranging from the FS 50 to the FS 550. Features an extremely ergonomic design.

MEYER HOTSHOT Spreader 3-Way Individual Deflector

MEYER HOTSHOT Spreader 3-Way Individual Deflector£36.00

Ideal for preventing your spreading material from reaching further than intended when working on paths, or up against hedges, flower beds and other obstacles.

STIHL Chainsaw Case

STIHL Chainsaw Case£36.00

The STIHL chainsaw case, is made from strong durable plastic - ideal for protecting your chainsaw whilst being transported. It fits all cordless and petrol chainsaws with bar lengths up to 18 inches / 45 cm.

STIHL HSA 25 Telescopic Handle & Wheels Attachment

STIHL HSA 25 Telescopic Handle & Wheels Attachment£36.00

This telescopic shaft and wheel set for STIHL's HSA 25 allows you to easily edge around smaller lawns and use the HSA 25 with grass blade attachment while standing up.

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse£36.00


A lightweight wooden sawhorse from STIHL, design for the comfortable sawing of fire wood up to a maximum weight of 70kg.

DR maintenance kit scout

DR maintenance kit scout£36.52

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head£37.50

This easy to use mowing head is able to use double or quadruple lines that are easily inserted. It can be used with many different sizes and types of line and is a genuine STIHL part.

STIGA Tractor Cover

STIGA Tractor Cover£37.99

This is a durable, purpose made cover to fit small to medium sized ride-ons. With a length of 250 cm, width of 125 cm and height of 130 cm, not suitable for machines with front-mounted decks.

PELLENC HELION Counter weight - 2kg

PELLENC HELION Counter weight - 2kg£38.00

The Pellenc 2kg counterweight balance is to be used with the Helion telescopic hedgetrimmer.

DR maintenance kit trimmer/mower

DR maintenance kit trimmer/mower£38.81

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger£39.00

The Mountfield MCG48Li offers an extremely long battery lifetime, giving you an efficient and cost effective battery charger.

STIHL 16 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.3 mm)

STIHL 16 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.3 mm)£39.50

This genuine STIHL 16 inch guide bar is a Rollomatic E model, made up of three electrically welded metal plates with a hollowed middle for stable, lightweight operation.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 35 Harness£39.53

This ergonomic harness allows you to spread the load of heavy equipment across your shoulders, back and chest, for reduced strain. With a wide back plate, wide padded straps and a shock absorbing hip pad.

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