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We sell a fantastic range of products - everything from aerators to garden vacuums. These products are great at what they do, but sometimes you need a little bit more. A lawnmower is great - but a lawnmower with a mulching kit is even better. And your chainsaw might be cutting edge - but one day you're going to need oil for it. 

We've got everything you could ever want - all the attachments for your multi-tool, the most powerful batteries for your tools: the latest and greatest products to line your greenhouse, shed or garage!


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LAWNFLITE Log Splitter Stand (LS2200)

LAWNFLITE Log Splitter Stand (LS2200)£47.00

This is a robust stand designed for Lawnflite's LS2200 log splitter, allowing you to work at waist height, reducing strain and encouraging more ergonomic operation.

HONDA UMC Brushcutter Blade Kit

HONDA UMC Brushcutter Blade Kit£48.00


A 3 tooth metal blade kit consists of a fixing kit for use on Honda's UMC range - designed for combating heavy and dense undergrowth.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 55 Harness£48.45

This is an ergonomic harness ideal for distributing load between your shoulders, chest and back. With a shock-absorbing hip pad, wide, padded straps and a wide back plate.

STIHL 20 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.6 mm)

STIHL 20 Inch Rollomatic E Guide Bar (3/8 inch 1.6 mm)£49.50

This 20 inch STIHL Rollomatic E guide bar offers low weight, high stability operation and is an ideal genuine replacement part for your MS 391 STIHL chainsaw.

BCS Wheel Spacer

BCS Wheel Spacer£49.95


The BCS Wheel Spacer gives the user extra stability when working on slopes of up to 25 degrees,or for spacing wheels when ploughing or ridging. To fit two-wheel tractors.

EGO CG2100E Standard Battery Charger

EGO CG2100E Standard Battery Charger£49.99

EGO POWER standard charger

SCH GHC Hand Conversion

SCH GHC Hand Conversion£49.99

The hand conversion for the GR roller/tool carrier system to make your tool suitable for manual use.

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector£50.00

Protect your tractor from bumps and scrapes with this metal bumper protector. To be used with the HF 2315 SB, the HF 2315 HM, and the HF 2417 HB range of tractors.

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)£50.00

This harness is a highly effective addition to reflective clothing when mowing in hazardous areas, suitable for models FS 50 to FS 560. An ergonomic and comfortable harness.

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box£50.00

A sturdy battery box for storing STIHL AR and AP Lithium-ion batteries, compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system.

VIKING ADF500 Grass Deflector

VIKING ADF500 Grass Deflector£52.00

Turn your Viking T5 or T6 tractor into a rear discharge machine with this easy to fit rear grass deflector.

HONDA HRX476 Mulch Kit  (HD-06762-VK8-000)

HONDA HRX476 Mulch Kit (HD-06762-VK8-000)£53.00

Suitable for HRX476 lawn mowers except the QX roller. Converts your existing mower into a mulching machine, when collection is not required.

HUSQVARNA QC80F 12V In-Car Charger

HUSQVARNA QC80F 12V In-Car Charger£60.00   £53.00

This is a field charger designed for Husqvarna's BLi10 to BLi300 Lithium-Ion batteries. It is for use with a 12V-socket, intended to be used to charge from a car/truck outlet during transport.

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines£53.00

An attachment for STIHL's MultiSystem, these pick tines are able to break up hard or heavy clay soil easily and loosely, making them ideal for recultivation, loosening the soil or compact planting.

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines£53.00

This bolo tine attachment for STIHL's MultiTool system helps to prepare the soil for planting. It is ideal for spreading fine, sandy soil, for marking rows, or for crumbling large sods of earth.

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator£53.00

Uniformly perforate the surface of your lawn with this aerator MultiTool for STIHL's MultiSystem. Recommended for use with the wheel kit accessory, it has a working width of 20 cm.

CAMON LS14 Collector Bag (35 Litres)

CAMON LS14 Collector Bag (35 Litres)£54.00

This is an optional collector bag for CAMON's LS14 lawn scarifier, allowing for easier operation and more efficient working. An easy to fit solution to make lawn scarifying simpler.

HONDA HF 1211 Grass Deflector

HONDA HF 1211 Grass Deflector£54.00

This Honda stone guard/grass deflector is easily fitted, and can be used in place of the grass catcher on the Honda HF 1211 H, and HF 1211 S ride-on mowers.

HUSQVARNA BioClip Kit (TS 38 / TS 138)

HUSQVARNA BioClip Kit (TS 38 / TS 138)£54.00

This mulching or BioClip plate allows you to convert your Husqvarna 38 inch cut tractor (the TS 38 or TS 138 model) into a mulching machine, for a healthier lawn that takes less effort to mow.

HUSQVARNA J Handle Attachment (525LK)

HUSQVARNA J Handle Attachment (525LK)£68.00   £54.00

Convert your 525K combi machine with its existing loop handle so that it can be used with a J handle and grass blade. Included with this kit is a grass blade, J-handle and support cup.

MANTIS Crevice Cleaner Attachment

MANTIS Crevice Cleaner Attachment£54.00

Removes dirt and debris from cracks and hard-to-reach places, thanks to the 34 tough steel bristle brushes arrayed around a sturdy wheel. Comes with a balancing wheel and a fender.

MANTIS Planter Attachment

MANTIS Planter Attachment£54.00

Lets you till deep with 6 inch wide furrows, perfect for tomato plants and corn to give you drought-resistant root growth and excellent yields from root crops.

MANTIS Plough Attachment

MANTIS Plough Attachment£54.00

The Mantis plough attachment forms a straight, uniform furrows. The hardened steel plough blade attaches to the back of the cultivator and banks the soil for fatigue free planting.

MANTIS Tiller Aerator Attachment (4222-00-14)

MANTIS Tiller Aerator Attachment (4222-00-14)£54.00

This easy to fit aerator attachment is designed to cut through thousands of tiny slits into your lawn, allowing more air and moisture to get to your roots.

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