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We sell a fantastic range of products - everything from aerators to garden vacuums. These products are great at what they do, but sometimes you need a little bit more. A lawnmower is great - but a lawnmower with a mulching kit is even better. And your chainsaw might be cutting edge - but one day you're going to need oil for it. 

We've got everything you could ever want - all the attachments for your multi-tool, the most powerful batteries for your tools: the latest and greatest products to line your greenhouse, shed or garage!


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MANTIS Wheel Set Attachment

MANTIS Wheel Set Attachment£54.00

Mantis Wheel Kit Attachment for the Mantis Tiller 9222-00-14

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit£55.00

The Echo Gutter Cleaning Kit is designed to easily fit the PB-250, PB265ESL, PB-500, ES-250ES range of Echo blowers. The kit helps you reach high gutters with minimum effort.

ECHO PBAV-1010 Blower Vac Attachment to fit PB2255

ECHO PBAV-1010 Blower Vac Attachment to fit PB2255£55.00

The Echo PBAV-1010 vaccuum attachment is designed to convert the PB2255 blower into a blower vac. Simple to fit and easy to use.

HONDA Tractor Grass Deflector

HONDA Tractor Grass Deflector£55.00


Honda Stone Guard and Grass Deflector suitable for all Recent Lawn Tractor Models



Distributing loads over a larger area to increase operator comfort, this harness from Husqvarna features a wide and ventilated back plate with wide shoulder pads and a shock absorbing hip pad.

HONDA HRH 536 HX Mulching Kit (HD-06762-VG0-B51)

HONDA HRH 536 HX Mulching Kit (HD-06762-VG0-B51)£57.00

Convert your Honda lawn mower into a mulching machine with this easy to fit kit. Suitable for the HRH 536 HX Pro 4 wheel lawn mower (not designed to fit the roller type machine)

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box£57.00

Allowing safe storage and transportation of your Husqvarna batteries and chargers, as well as other accessories, this large box is a robust and durable solution to keep your supplies safe.

AL-KO Ridging Plough Attachment (MH 350-4)

AL-KO Ridging Plough Attachment (MH 350-4)£69.00   £59.00

Designed as an attachment for AL-KO's MH 350-4 tiller, this ridging plough increases your versatility and allows you to reduce the amount of equipment needed.

HONDA FG110 Aerator

HONDA FG110 Aerator£59.00

Great for helping the oxygen and nutrients into the roots of your lawn, keeping your lawn thick and healthy.

HONDA FG201 Aerator

HONDA FG201 Aerator£59.00

The aerator attachment for the FG201 Honda tiller puts air into your lawn making it stronger and healthier.

HUSQVARNA Lawn Edger Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Lawn Edger Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

A lawn edger attachment from Husqvarna intended for their Compact Pro T300RH cultivator. This allows you to trim your lawn edges, creating very distinct lines with minimal effort.

HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

Perfect for preparing garden beds prior to planting or seeding, this attachment designed specifically for Husqvarna's T300RH cultivator is a great tool for garden maintenance.

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

A weeding tool designed to easily remove weeds from flower beds and borders, this is an attachment for Husqvarna's T300RH tiller, helping add a new layer of versatility to your garden work.

STIHL AK 10 Battery

STIHL AK 10 Battery£60.00

This compact Lithium-Ion battery is suitable for STIHL's Compact Cordless System, with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 59 Wh. It also features a charge level indicator LED.

Stein all purpose carry bag for arbor trolley

Stein all purpose carry bag for arbor trolley£61.20

DR maintenance kit 26in B&S FBM

DR maintenance kit 26in B&S FBM£62.00

HUSQVARNA Garden Tractor Discharge Deflector

HUSQVARNA Garden Tractor Discharge Deflector£62.00

To fit a range of Husqvarna's collecting lawn tractors, this discharge deflector allows the clippings to be discharged to the rear to save time when mowing larger areas.

MOUNTFIELD Mulch Plug for 625M, 725M & 725V

MOUNTFIELD Mulch Plug for 625M, 725M & 725V£63.00

This Mountfield mulch plug is easy to fit, and is suitable for the 625, and 725 ride-ons.

STIHL AL 300 Quick Battery Charger

STIHL AL 300 Quick Battery Charger£63.00

This quick charger can be used with STIHL lithium-ion batteries. It features an operating mode indicator and active battery cooling.

HONDA Front Transport Wheel For FJ500 Tiller

HONDA Front Transport Wheel For FJ500 Tiller£63.23

Add a front transport wheel to your Honda FJ500 Tiller. Image used for guidance only, please check description before ordering.

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil 100ml 50 Pack

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil 100ml 50 Pack£65.00

Keep running for longer with this 50 pack of 100 ml STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil, with its excellent lubrication and combustion properties.

VIKING AMK127 Mulching Kit

VIKING AMK127 Mulching Kit£65.00

Turn your Viking T6 tractor into a mulching machine with this easy to fit mulching kit.


HUSQVARNA BLi10 Battery£75.00   £66.00

This is an integrated battery intended for demanding domestic applications. It is specially designed for use with the 100 Series of cordless products (excluding chainsaws).

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