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WOLF-GARTEN Traditional Hedge Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Traditional Hedge Shears£35.99

Traditional hedge shears with attractive wooden handles, this tool also features shock absorbing buffers to help protect your joints plus curved, non-stick coated double-edged blades.

HUSQVARNA Thermal Vest

HUSQVARNA Thermal Vest£36.00

Made of 100% water repellent polyester lined with fleece, Husqvarna's thermal vest is designed to be worn over your jacket or sweater to keep you warm while maintaining excellent freedom of movement.

STIHL Chainsaw Case

STIHL Chainsaw Case£36.00

The STIHL chainsaw case, is made from strong durable plastic - ideal for protecting your chainsaw whilst being transported. It fits all cordless and petrol chainsaws with bar lengths up to 18 inches / 45 cm.

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse£36.00


A lightweight wooden sawhorse from STIHL, design for the comfortable sawing of fire wood up to a maximum weight of 70kg.

DR maintenance kit scout

DR maintenance kit scout£36.52

VIKING Mini Trac Toy Mini Tractor

VIKING Mini Trac Toy Mini Tractor£37.00

The Viking mini trac is a robust replica of the ride on mower that is suitable for children that are at least 2 years old.

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head£37.50

This easy to use mowing head is able to use double or quadruple lines that are easily inserted. It can be used with many different sizes and types of line and is a genuine STIHL part.

HUSQVARNA Clearing Axe

HUSQVARNA Clearing Axe£37.80

This clearing axe from Husqvarna has a hickory shaft with a replaceable blade on both faces, ideal for quickly removing vegetation from your path.

COBRA ST150 Sack Trolley

COBRA ST150 Sack Trolley£37.99

The Cobra ST150 Sack Trolley is designed to transport heavy loads around your garden. Features a 10 inch pneumatic tyres, and a maximum carrying capacity of 150kg.

STIGA Tractor Cover

STIGA Tractor Cover£37.99

This is a durable, purpose made cover to fit small to medium sized ride-ons. With a length of 250 cm, width of 125 cm and height of 130 cm, not suitable for machines with front-mounted decks.

LAWNFLITE Log Splitter Stand for LS1500E

LAWNFLITE Log Splitter Stand for LS1500E£38.00

The metal stand suits the Lawnflite LS1500E log splitter with wheels, enabling you to bring the log-splitter to a standing working height.

PELLENC HELION Counter weight - 2kg

PELLENC HELION Counter weight - 2kg£38.00

The Pellenc 2kg counterweight balance is to be used with the Helion telescopic hedgetrimmer.


STIHL EXPERT Helmet Set£38.25


STIHL's EXPERT helmet set includes an adjustable ratchet and metal mesh V5 visor system. It incorporates good ventilation and noise reduction, as well as a UV indicator.


STIHL SPECIAL Helmet Set£38.25


This helmet set from STIHL is a well-established model with a new and improved metal mesh visor system, as well as high noise protection from the ear defenders and an anti-dazzle peak.

DR maintenance kit trimmer/mower

DR maintenance kit trimmer/mower£38.81

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger£39.00

The Mountfield MCG48Li offers an extremely long battery lifetime, giving you an efficient and cost effective battery charger.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 35 Harness£39.53

This ergonomic harness allows you to spread the load of heavy equipment across your shoulders, back and chest, for reduced strain. With a wide back plate, wide padded straps and a shock absorbing hip pad.



This ergonomic harness from Husqvarna is designed for their battery range of trimmers, distributing the load optimally between your chest, back and shoulders, for reduced strain while working.

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Box

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Box£39.53

A tough carrying case designed to carry a chainsaw, lubricants and other accessories, so that you can keep organised and enjoy hassle-free working.

STEIN Micrograb Bolted

STEIN Micrograb Bolted£39.78

The Stein micrograb is a mini rope grab designed for the professional user. Constructed of aluminium, which is of high quality and proof inspected.

HONDA HBC210WB Standard Charger

HONDA HBC210WB Standard Charger£50.00   £39.99

Honda's standard charger for their Lithium-ion batteries, this model is able to charge the 2.0Ah battery in 40 minutes, and the 4.0Ah battery in 80 minutes, so you can get to work more quickly.

HUSQVARNA Small Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Small Battery Box£40.00

This small battery box helps to facilitate safe transportation and storage of Husqvarna batteries, chargers as well as other accessories. It is also fully compatible with the Systainer Box System.

WOLF-GARTEN Bypass Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Bypass Loppers (40 mm)£40.49

Bypass loppers able to cut branches up to 35 mm in diameter thanks to a robust design and new cutting head technology. Featuring ergonomic handles with a soft lining.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Soil Miller

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Soil Miller£40.49

This 15 cm wide soil miller crumbles soil to a fine tilth that's ideal for sowing seeds or planting in. A rear blade helps to keep the tool at a constant depth, and it can be used with your choice of lightweight handles.

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Page 16 of 93:    2,214 Items