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WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs£40.49

With a robust aluminium handle that makes these secateurs ideal for professional users, you can cut tough, woody vegetation up to a maximum diameter of 25 mm.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)£40.49

A professional quality pair of bypass secateurs, these have a robust aluminium handle with an ergonomically designed blade that allows you to avoid over-extension of your hand.

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel£40.50

A plastic snow shovel with a wide, 42 cm head and a 120 cm D-grip handle, this is a great tool for lifting, pushing and moving snow. With a robust construction and cold resistant down to -30 C.



This steel ball enables you to tow trailers, making your tractor well suited for a variety of tasks around the grounds. Simply fixed to the tractor's towbar.


HUSQVARNA Forest Bag£41.23

This is a strong and durable carry bag with a seventy five litre capacity and a hard and stable bottom to protect your goods. Ideal for carrying safety gear and accessories.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper£41.39

The Wolf-Garten RCM lopping shears provide problem-free cutting of high level branches up to 38 mm in diameter with precision ground non-stick blades.

HONDA FG110 Border Edger

HONDA FG110 Border Edger£42.00

The HONDA FG110 border edger creates a polished look at the edges of your flower beds, or even along walkways.

HONDA FG201 Border Edger

HONDA FG201 Border Edger£42.00

A border edging attachment for the FG201 tiller can be used to provide a clean cut around the edges of your lawn.

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness£42.00

An extremely light and comfortable harness, with the added addition of a quick release system for fast connection and disconnection of brushcutters. Suitable for models from the FS 50 to the FS 560.

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box£42.00

A space-saving and safe way to transport your batteries and charger. Also compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system. For two batteries and a charger, of four batteries

HUSQVARNA Blower Gutter Kit (125B / 125BVX)

HUSQVARNA Blower Gutter Kit (125B / 125BVX)£43.00

This kit is designed to allow for easy cleaning of the gutters on lower buildings using your Husqvarna 125B or 125BVX blowers. With a total tube length of 3 metres.

HUSQVARNA J Handle Attachment (129LK)

HUSQVARNA J Handle Attachment (129LK)£54.00   £43.00

This J handle kit allows you to convert your 129LK loop handled combi machine to be suitable for use with a grass blade. This kit comes with the blade itself, plus J-handle and support cup.



A practical and comfortable jacket for outdoor use, with excellent areas of visibility for improved safety. With individually adjustable cuffs, a breast pocket with velcro, a phone pocket, two side pockets and concealed zip.

STIHL G500 Professional Face/Ear Protection

STIHL G500 Professional Face/Ear Protection£43.78

This combination set of ear defenders and visor provide robust protection for your face and ears. The ear defenders can be removed depending on the job, and the whole set can be adjusted for maximum comfort.


STIHL INTEGRA Helmet Set£43.78

This is a lightweight helmet set complete with a large visor and built-in safety glasses. It can also be used for clearing saw applications. Conforms to EN 166, EN 352, EN 397 and EN 1731.

DR maintenance kit TR4 kohler 6.50

DR maintenance kit TR4 kohler 6.50£44.00



This helmet is the perfect solution for forestry workers looking for comfort and ergonomics every day. With a fantastic low light reduction visor and fully adjustable hearing protectors with optimal ergonomics.

STIHL Cutting Direction Indicator (FW 20 Cart)

STIHL Cutting Direction Indicator (FW 20 Cart)£44.00

This accessory for STIHL's FW 20 cart acts as a cutting guide, allowing for more precise cutting in conjunction with the TS range of cut-off saws.

ENGLISH BRAIDS ALLIANCE Rigging Sling (Yellow) 5m x 16mm

ENGLISH BRAIDS ALLIANCE Rigging Sling (Yellow) 5m x 16mm£44.40

The English Braids Alliance features a blue 5m rigging line, with a 16mm diameter. Designed to the highest standards, offering one of the best average breaking strengths in its class.

Cobra GT600E Electric Trimmer

Cobra GT600E Electric Trimmer£44.99


The Cobra GT600E has a 30cm cutting width and is fitted with a rotating head foe easy trimming around edges. It also has a 600W efficient motor and a 2 year warranty.

WOLF-GARTEN Anvil Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Anvil Loppers (40 mm)£44.99

With new cutting head technology and benefiting from ergonomic handles with a soft lining, these are powerful and comfortable anvil loppers to work with. Able to cut material up to 40 mm in diameter.

WOLF-GARTEN Long Bypass Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Long Bypass Loppers (40 mm)£44.99

Boasting new cutting head technology and a length of 650 mm, these powerful bypass loppers can cut branches up to 40 mm in diameter smoothly and easily.

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