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WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Rake

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Rake£8.99

This small rake is a great choice for easy weeding and aerating, even in small flowerbeds and containers. Its fine curved teeth make for excellent performance, with a 8 cm working width.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Sweep

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Sweep£8.99

This small sweep from Wolf-Garten with an 11 cm width allows for sweeping up debris and the loosening of soil in particularly confined areas. With strong steel tines that won't let you down.


WOLF-GARTEN Scraper£8.99

A single-handed scraper that makes removing moss and weeds from between slabs and paving easy. With a comfort grip handle for extra support when in use.


WOLF-GARTEN Small Sweep£8.99

This fixed handle small sweep has a 11.5 cm working width that allows it to work in smaller flower beds or containers. It comes with a comfort grip handle for extra support.

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife£8.99

A knife specially designed for cutting out deep rooted weeds, this tool also comes with a comfort grip handle that provides extra power & support while pulling with it.

STEIN 46mm Aluminium Ring

STEIN 46mm Aluminium Ring£9.00

The blue Stein arborist aluminium ring is 46mm in diameter, and 12mm walls, with a rating of 25kn.

STEIN Bent Gate Carabiner

STEIN Bent Gate Carabiner£9.00

The Stein bent gate carabiner is designed for securing tools and equipment. Constructed of anodised aluminium, which is 100% tested and inspected.

STEIN Figure 8 - Small

STEIN Figure 8 - Small£9.00

The Stein figure 8 is constructed of strong aluminium, with a minimum breaking point of 25kn, and designed to take rope diameter of 9mm - 13mm.

STEIN Orbit Orange Safety Glasses

STEIN Orbit Orange Safety Glasses£9.00

The safety glasses are specially designed with flexi-shape technology for great comfort, and versatility. Available in orange or yellow.

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Clear

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Clear£9.00

The Stein orbit safety glasses have been specially designed with flexi-shape technology for increased comfort for the user, with a colour option of clear, or dark.

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Dark

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Dark£9.00

STEIN Orbit Yellow Safety Glasses

STEIN Orbit Yellow Safety Glasses£9.00

The yellow safety glasses are specially designed with flexi-shape technology for great comfort, and versatility.

STIHL Curved Flat Blower Nozzle (KM-BG / BGA 85)

STIHL Curved Flat Blower Nozzle (KM-BG / BGA 85)£9.00

This is a curved flat nozzle accessory with a flat, narrow profile, to ensure high air speed perfect for moving stuck on debris and leaves. Suitable for the KM-BG KombiTool and the BGA 85 cordless blower.

STEIN Throw Line Pouch

STEIN Throw Line Pouch£9.18

Stein Throw Line Pouch Medium sized storage bag with draw string top,internal volume - 3.8 litres
STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil£9.25  -  £52.50

The STIHL HP 2-stroke engine oil, due to it's excellent lubrication, it is one of the most widely used engine oils in Europe. Available in various volumes.


STIHL ASTROSPEC Safety Glasses£9.35

These safety glasses, available in tinted and clear varieties, feature an adjustable and replaceable visor, as well as adjustable arms and side protection. With 100% UV protection and conforming to EN 166.

STIHL Knee Protectors

STIHL Knee Protectors£9.35

STIHL's black knee protectors are compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers, designed to be inserted into knee-pad pockets and meeting BS EN 14404.

HONDA 250ml Fuel Stabiliser

HONDA 250ml Fuel Stabiliser£9.45

This 250 ml bottle of Honda fuel stabliser is specifically designed for Honda engines and helps preserve fuel during long term storage.

HONDA 10W30 1 Litre 4-Stroke Engine Oil

HONDA 10W30 1 Litre 4-Stroke Engine Oil£9.49

Universal and versatile 1 litre engine oil formulated to produce high quality solvent refined base oils. Suitable for most Honda engines.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (142 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (142 cm)£9.89

A 142 cm long handle for Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change tools and made from lightweight, strong aluminium, this is a great way to add versatility and reach to your arsenal.

STIHL Gear Lubricant Grease

STIHL Gear Lubricant Grease£9.95  -  £22.95

Tubes of STIHL's high-performance gear lubricant, this grease for the high-speed gearboxes of brushcutters reduces wear and provides increased protection from corrosion.

STIHL Multi-Purpose Grease

STIHL Multi-Purpose Grease£9.95  -  £22.95

These STIHL tubes of multi-purpose grease, specially formulated for hedge trimmer and electric saw gears, provide extremely good protection from wear even in extreme conditions.

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Gloves

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Gloves£9.99

STIHL LEATHER universal five fingered work gloves are made from cowskin leather and provide a good comfortable fit, designed for universal use. Available in S, M, L, or XL.

STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge

STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge£9.99  -  £14.99

STIHL's plastic felling wedges are impact-resistant even at low temperatures and boast a polyamide, textured surface to prevent the wedge from slipping out. Available in three sizes.

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