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HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses£14.00

Ideal for use in sunny conditions, these tinted protective glasses boast non-scratch, angle-able lenses that protect your eyes while also benefiting from UV protection.

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses£14.00

These yellow tinted protective glasses give you excellent visibility even when working in dark conditions. They have frames that can be extended and lenses you can angle to suit your needs.

PELLENC Tool Carrying Hook

PELLENC Tool Carrying Hook£14.00

Pellenc tool carrying hook

Stein Aerodynamic Throw Weights

Stein Aerodynamic Throw Weights£14.00

STEIN Deluxe ThrowbagStong Latex Pouch,aerodynamic design,nickel plated ring. Weight - 340g

STEIN Mini-Reach Retriever

STEIN Mini-Reach Retriever£14.00

The Stein mini-reach retriever is a very clever tool designed to assist the arborist or climber, to retrieve rigging lines which are out of reach.

STEIN OVAL Supersafe Carabiner

STEIN OVAL Supersafe Carabiner£14.00

The blue Stein oval supersafe carabiner has a gate opening of 20mm, and has a 3 way action, constructed of strong anodised aluminium.

STIHL Hand Guard for Shredding Applications

STIHL Hand Guard for Shredding Applications£14.25

This STIHL hand guard is a practical attachment for their FS 360, FS 410, FS 460, FS 490 and FS 510 clearing saws, ideal for extra protection during shredding operations. Not suitable for K versions.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aerator

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aerator£14.39

This aerator effortlessly loosens soil in confined spaces, perfect for ensuring optimum nutrient distribution. As part of the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change system, this tool can be used with your choice of lightweight handle.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Grubber

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Grubber£14.39

This grubber is part of Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change system, allowing you to change handles and tools with ease, while saving money. This tool is for breaking up soil between plants in beds and borders.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Push-Pull Weeder (10 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Push-Pull Weeder (10 cm)£14.39

Featuring a wavy, dual edge blade that is able to work backwards and forwards below the soil cutting through weeds, this tool is ideal for effortlessly dealing with garden weeds.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Wooden Handle (140 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Wooden Handle (140 cm)£14.39

Designed for Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change system, this 140 cm long wooden handle is made of FSC certified ash and features an aluminium socket with push button tool-head release.

STIHL 10 Inch PM3 Chainsaw Chain 1/4 1.1 mm (56 Links)

STIHL 10 Inch PM3 Chainsaw Chain 1/4 1.1 mm (56 Links)£14.50

Enjoying the benefits of STIHL's Picco Micro 3 design, this saw chain is ideal for light and compact saws, with low vibration, high quality cutting. This is a 10 inch genuine STIHL chain.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 68 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 68 m)£14.50


A great value 68 metre reel of round profile nylon mowing line, this genuine STIHL product is made of flexible, long-lasting material to provide great results and excellent durability.

STIHL Harness for Battery Belt

STIHL Harness for Battery Belt£14.80

This is a comfortable harness designed to distribute the weight of the battery to your shoulders, improving comfort while working.

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Line Pieces (4 mm)

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Line Pieces (4 mm)£14.95

These pre-cut line pieces are designed to fit the DuroCut 40-4 mowing head from STIHL. Each pack contains 48 serrated pieces, with a 4 mm diameter and length of 215 mm.

STIHL PG 10 CLASSIC Bypass Secateurs

STIHL PG 10 CLASSIC Bypass Secateurs£14.95

These traditional bypass secateurs feature an aluminium body, non-slip handle and a blade that is able to be resharpened. A practical clasp also makes safe storage easy.

STIHL Spool Insert with Line (AutoCut 36-2, 46-2, 56-2)

STIHL Spool Insert with Line (AutoCut 36-2, 46-2, 56-2)£14.95

This spool insert is a great way to save the time and hassle of changing the line on your grass trimmer. It comes pre-wound with 2.7 mm nylon line and can be easily inserted into your AutoCut 36-2, 46-2 or 56-2 mowing heads.

MAYPOLE Aluminium Telescopic Snow Shovel

MAYPOLE Aluminium Telescopic Snow Shovel£14.99

A handy snow shovel kit ideal for keeping in the boot with an un-extended length of just 65 cm, but a telescopic, 3-piece design that makes a comfortable extended length of 81 cm.

AL-KO AK130088 Engine Service Kit

AL-KO AK130088 Engine Service Kit£15.00

An easy to use servicing kit ideal for any product featuring a petrol engine. Included is a pump and tube to allow you to remove the old oil from the engine, as well as a disposal container and funnel for fresh oil.

STEIN Angel Oval Steel Karabiner

STEIN Angel Oval Steel Karabiner£15.00

This Stein Karabiner has a useful 3 way action gate, perfect for getting jobs done.

STEIN HMS Supersafe Carabiner - Blue

STEIN HMS Supersafe Carabiner - Blue£15.00

The blue Stein HMS supersafe carabiner has a gate opening of 21mm, and has a 3 way action. Constructed of anodised aluminium, which is 100% tested and inspected.

STEIN Prusik Loop

STEIN Prusik Loop£15.00

The Stein Silverstreak prusik loop is 65cm in length, and each loop comes with an individual instruction manual.



The blue Stein swing cheek pulley is designed to be used with rope which is between 11-13mm in diameter. Features a minimum breaking load of 36kn.

STIHL 12 Inch PMM3 Chainsaw Chain 3/8 1.1 mm (44 Links)

STIHL 12 Inch PMM3 Chainsaw Chain 3/8 1.1 mm (44 Links)£15.00

Designed to fit many 12 inch STIHL chainsaw models, the Picco Micro Mini 3 chains allow for low-vibration, high convenience and high quality cutting performance, perfect for occasional users or wood carving.

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