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MTD ME66T Snow Thrower

MTD ME66T Snow Thrower£1,529.00

This petrol powered snow thrower is fitted with a 277cc OHV 4-stroke electric start engine, with a clearing width of  26 inches / 66cm, and an intake height of 21 inches / 53 cm.

BCS 65 cm /25 inch Flail Mower

BCS 65 cm /25 inch Flail Mower£1,537.35

The BCS Flail Mower is 65cm, perfect for cutting rough areas of ground, where collection is not required. Features heavy, duty free swinging blades.

BCS P.T.O Driven Chipper-Shredder

BCS P.T.O Driven Chipper-Shredder£1,548.45

The BCS Chipper-Shredder is capable of converting a wide range of vegetation into easily disposable bio-degradeable mulch, and fits two- wheel tractors.

CUB CADET LR1 NS76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TD)

CUB CADET LR1 NS76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TD)£1,549.00

This is a side-discharge miniature rider with mulching function included. It has a 76 cm / 30 inch cutting width, plus an impressively small form factor and agile control.

BILLY GOAT TKV650SPH Vac Collector

BILLY GOAT TKV650SPH Vac Collector£1,569.99

The TKV650SPH is powered by a robust 187cc Honda engine, and has a large 5-blade impeller with serrated edges to maximize suction and debris reduction.

VIKING GB460 Garden Shredder

VIKING GB460 Garden Shredder£1,591.00

The Viking GB460 petrol multi-shredder can process both bulky soft material as well as branches with a thickness of up to 60mm in diameter. Powered by a B&S OHV petrol engine.

STIHL GS 461 Concrete Saw

STIHL GS 461 Concrete Saw£1,595.00

Handling like a chainsaw but with the power of a cut-off machine, the FS 461 is ideal for cutting concrete, masonry, concrete pipes and ductile cast iron pipes, with a 16 inch cutting length.

CUB CADET LT1 NS96 Lawn Tractor (CC714TF)

CUB CADET LT1 NS96 Lawn Tractor (CC714TF)£1,599.00

This is a side-discharge lawn tractor with a large 96 cm / 38 inch double-bladed cutter deck. It is incredibly manoeuvrable and features six speed transmatic transmission as standard.

HUSQVARNA TS 138 Tractor

HUSQVARNA TS 138 Tractor£1,619.00

A user-friendly tractor with side discharge cutting and a 97 cm cutting width, this is a versatile and efficient tractor also compatible with a wide range of attachments.

HUSQVARNA 420 Automower

HUSQVARNA 420 Automower£2,000.00   £1,625.00

Suitable for lawns up to 2,200m², this Automower can also handle steep slopes with inclines as much as 45 percent. An intuitive and user-friendly model, this mower adapts to changing conditions and growth rates.


LAWNFLITE 603RT SMART Tractor£1,645.00

This Lawnflite SMART 603RT tractor has a cutting width of 76cm/30 inch, and a reliable 12. 5hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine.

STIGA COMBI 1066 HQ Ride-On Mower

STIGA COMBI 1066 HQ Ride-On Mower£1,649.00

The Stiga Combi 1066 HQ is a small and compact ride-on mower designed for gardens up to 0.75 acres, featuring a 223cc single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine, with hydrostatic transmission.

CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter

CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter£1,650.00

The Camon TC07 Turf Cutter is a very capable machine that will cut a strip of turf cleanly and quickly. Powered by a top quality Honda GX160 OHV engine and is self propelled.

VIKING MB756YC Petrol Lawn Mower

VIKING MB756YC Petrol Lawn Mower£1,656.00

The Viking MB756YC is a 54cm/21.5 inch professional 4 wheeled mower, featuring hydrostatic drive and a powerful Kawasaki FJ180 KAI OHV engine.

MOUNTFIELD 1538H-SD 38 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1538H-SD 38 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,699.00

The Mountfield 1538H-SD features a 14.5hp engine with hydrostatic transmission, a 38 inch cutting width and a reliable side discharge deck.

PELLENC ULiB 1100 Battery

PELLENC ULiB 1100 Battery£1,710.00

The 43.2 volt Pellenc ULiB 1100 battery is a powerful high capacity battery aimed at the professional user, with a capacity of 23.2Ah.


HUSQVARNA TC 38 Tractor£1,720.00

This 97 cm cut garden tractor has a 220 litre integrated rear collector, allowing you to mow for longer without stopping, and an impressive Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine - perfect for mid-sized gardens.

BCS 728 Two Wheel Tractor

BCS 728 Two Wheel Tractor£1,737.15  -  £1,914.75

Benefiting from additional gear speeds compared to the 710 model, this two wheel tractor can be fitted with a wider range of implements and has two engine options to choose from.

MOUNTFIELD 1328H 28 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1328H 28 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,899.00   £1,749.00

The Mountfield 1328H provides a 28 inch cut backed up by a 12.5hp engine, providing a fun and easy ride.

MOUNTFIELD 1530M 33 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1530M 33 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,749.00

The Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor is the first double-bladed lawn tractor with a sub-84 cm cutting deck, backed up by its 452 cc OHV four stroke engine.

CUB CADET LR1 NR76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TA)

CUB CADET LR1 NR76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TA)£1,799.00

This mini-ride-on lawn mower comes with three-in-one cutting functionality, able to collect, discharge or mulch. It includes a 200 litre collector and enjoys a cutting width of 30 inches.

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor£1,804.00

This high capacity garden tractor is a side ejection model, with additional versatility available from optional accessories. With a 107 cm air induction deck and powerful Husqvarna Series engine.

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer£1,805.00

This 2 man earth auger is a powerful and robust machine, which is the perfect tool for earth drilling work up to a maximum diameter of 40 cm in particularly tough soils. Supplied without drilling tool.

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor£1,809.30

A Honda-powered two wheel tractor, this model features an all gear drive combined with a single working speed for superbly simple operation, plus boasts compatability with a range of implements and attachments for versatile use.

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