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BCS 85 cm / 33 inch Flail Mower

BCS 85 cm / 33 inch Flail Mower£2,034.00   £1,880.00

The BCS Flail Mower is 85cm, perfect for cutting rough areas of ground, where collection is not required. Features heavy, duty free swinging blades.

PELLENC SOLERION Solar Recharging System

PELLENC SOLERION Solar Recharging System£1,880.00

The Pellenc SOLERION is an advanced solar recharging system for the range of ULiB batteries. Features include an advanced monocrystalline silico photovoltac panel.

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor£2,046.00   £1,890.00

A Honda-powered two wheel tractor, this model features an all gear drive combined with a single working speed for superbly simple operation, plus boasts compatability with a range of implements and attachments for versatile use.

CUB CADET LR2 NS76 Ride-On Lawn Mower

CUB CADET LR2 NS76 Ride-On Lawn Mower£1,899.00

This is a great-value mini-rider with a 76 cm / 30 inch cutting width, hydrostatic transmission and two-in-one mowing functionality included as standard.

CUB CADET LT1 NR76 Lawn Tractor

CUB CADET LT1 NR76 Lawn Tractor£1,899.00

A powerful 30 inch cut durable petrol tractor mower from Cub Cadet, this machine provides great performance and efficiency utilising transmatic drive and a narrow turning radius to deliver a flawless finish.

DR PRO Stump Grinder

DR PRO Stump Grinder£1,899.00

STIGA COMBI 3072 H Ride-On Mower

STIGA COMBI 3072 H Ride-On Mower£1,899.00

Designed for gardens up to 1 acre, the Stiga Combi 3072 H is powered by a reliable and durable Briggs and Stratton 344cc engine with a hydrostatic transmission offering ease of use.

WEED-BRUSH MVT-390 Weeding Brush

WEED-BRUSH MVT-390 Weeding Brush£2,199.00   £1,899.00

The latest environmentally friendly weed machine, this model has a Briggs & Stratton engine with a heavy duty brush head, featuring six individual steel wire brushes.

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor£2,050.00   £1,907.00

This high capacity garden tractor is a side ejection model, with additional versatility available from optional accessories. With a 107 cm air induction deck and powerful Husqvarna Series engine.

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter£1,908.00

The Lawnflite LS550 log splitter is great for splitting hefty logs. 25 tonnes of pressure can be applied to split logs of up to 25 inches in diameter, and includes a robust B&S 650 series engine.

PELLENC TREELION Adaptable Pruning Shears (With ULiB 400 Battery)

PELLENC TREELION Adaptable Pruning Shears (With ULiB 400 Battery)£2,280.00   £1,919.00

RRP £2280, Save £361! Limited stock.

With a length of 900 mm and a powerful revolutionary Pellenc electronic switching motor, this tool offers exceptional speed and cutting power. Supplied complete with ULiB 400 battery.

KERSTEN Weedbrush Attachment (K 1500)

KERSTEN Weedbrush Attachment (K 1500)£1,932.00

This weedbrush attachment for the Kersten K 1500 two wheel tractor features eight replaceable steel brushes to allow you to effectively clean block paving and path edging.

LAWNFLITE GTS900L Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE GTS900L Petrol Chipper£2,149.00   £1,935.00


The Lawnflite wood chippers offer excellent value, high quality, and superb performance, with a powerful 270cc engine.

HUSQVARNA TC 130 Tractor

HUSQVARNA TC 130 Tractor£2,100.00   £1,953.00

A fantastic compact tractor with user-friendly features, benefiting from integrated rear collection and a 344cc Husqvarna engine. With a 77 cm cutting width and chokeless starting.

BCS Rotary Plough Attachment (Reversible)

BCS Rotary Plough Attachment (Reversible)£2,142.00   £1,980.00

Able to work even on tough, uncultivated earth, this powered, reversible rotary plough is a great addition to your arsenal, suitable for the BCS 738, 740 and 750 power units.

BILLY GOAT MV650H Vac Collector

BILLY GOAT MV650H Vac Collector£1,989.99

The new MV650H provides an awesome suction power to professional standards, which features a 30 gallon zipperless bag with an easy in, easy out design .

BCS 100 cm (40 inch) Rotary Lawn Mower

BCS 100 cm (40 inch) Rotary Lawn Mower£2,154.00   £1,995.00

This mower is ideal for more formal lawns and rough cut grassy areas, with a 100cm/40 inch cutting deck. To fit two-wheel tractors.

HUSQVARNA 315X Automower

HUSQVARNA 315X Automower£2,100.00   £1,995.00

A great robotic mower for lawns up to 1600 m², this model has the added benefits of GPS theft-tracking and navigation assistance, LED headlights and special coloured wheel caps, plus all the standard Automower features.

HONDA EM4500S Generator

HONDA EM4500S Generator£1,997.00

The Honda EM4500S offers the user a high output, and a long running time. Featuring electronic ignition, and provides a maximum of 4500 W of power.

CUB CADET LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractor (CC714TE)

CUB CADET LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractor (CC714TE)£1,999.00

This efficient and agile lawn tractor has a 92 cm / 36 inch cutting width, while maintaining a turning radius of just 18 inches. Featuring a step-through design and a large 240 litre grass box.

HONDA MIIMO HRM 520 Robotic Mower

HONDA MIIMO HRM 520 Robotic Mower£2,350.00   £1,999.00

Honda MIIMO 520 is an advanced robotic lawnmower designed for people who want a beautiful lawn without mowing it themselves. Battery power is 3.6Ah.

MOUNTFIELD 1530H 33 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1530H 33 Inch Lawn Tractor£2,149.00   £1,999.00

The 1530H from Mountfield has a 33 inch cutting width, plus the benefit of hydrostatic transmission, while retaining all the other features of this excellent range.

STIGA TORNADO 3108 H Tractor

STIGA TORNADO 3108 H Tractor£1,999.00

A multi-clip lawn tractor that offers both side discharge and mulching as standard. Fitted with a 108 cm / 43 inch cutter deck that makes it ideal for lawns up to 2.5 acres.

HUSQVARNA 440 Automower

HUSQVARNA 440 Automower£2,500.00   £2,030.00

A superb automower with a high working area capacity, making it well-suited to larger areas while still being able to deal with obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up to 45 percent.

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Page 93 of 103:    2,464 Items
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