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MOUNTFIELD 1328H 28 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1328H 28 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,949.00   £1,749.00

The Mountfield 1328H provides a 28 inch cut backed up by a 12.5hp engine, providing a fun and easy ride.

VIKING MB756YC Petrol Lawn Mower

VIKING MB756YC Petrol Lawn Mower£1,769.00

The Viking MB756YC is a 54cm/21.5 inch professional 4 wheeled mower, featuring hydrostatic drive and a powerful Kawasaki FJ180 KAI OHV engine.

CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter

CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter£1,914.00   £1,770.00

The Camon TC07 Turf Cutter is a very capable machine that will cut a strip of turf cleanly and quickly. Powered by a top quality Honda GX160 OHV engine and is self propelled.

CUB CADET LR1 NR76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TA)

CUB CADET LR1 NR76 Ride-On Lawn Mower (CC114TA)£1,799.00

This mini-ride-on lawn mower comes with three-in-one cutting functionality, able to collect, discharge or mulch. It includes a 200 litre collector and enjoys a cutting width of 30 inches.

LAWNFLITE 553HWSP-HST Petrol Lawn Mower

LAWNFLITE 553HWSP-HST Petrol Lawn Mower£1,799.00

This lawn mower features a 21 inch cutting width, which is powered by a robust and reliable Honda GXV160 engine.

MOUNTFIELD 1530M 33 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1530M 33 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,799.00

The Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor is the first double-bladed lawn tractor with a sub-84 cm cutting deck, backed up by its 452 cc OHV four stroke engine.

HUSQVARNA 420 Automower

HUSQVARNA 420 Automower£2,000.00   £1,800.00

Suitable for lawns up to 2,200m², this Automower can also handle steep slopes with inclines as much as 45 percent. An intuitive and user-friendly model, this mower adapts to changing conditions and growth rates.

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer£1,805.00

This 2 man earth auger is a powerful and robust machine, which is the perfect tool for earth drilling work up to a maximum diameter of 40 cm in particularly tough soils. Supplied without drilling tool.


HUSQVARNA TC 38 Tractor£1,950.00   £1,814.00

This 97 cm cut garden tractor has a 220 litre integrated rear collector, allowing you to mow for longer without stopping, and an impressive Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine - perfect for mid-sized gardens.

LAWNFLITE 76RDE OPTIMA LMiniRider Tractor c/w Collector

LAWNFLITE 76RDE OPTIMA LMiniRider Tractor c/w Collector£1,849.00

The 76RDE OPTIMA LMiniRider is a very compact and versatile machine that is easy to manoeuvre, powered by a MTD 420cc single cylinder key start engine. Includes a useful collector.

MOUNTFIELD 1543H-SD Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1543H-SD Lawn Tractor£2,099.00   £1,849.00

This 108 cm cut lawn tractor is ideal for lawns up to 3.5 acres where you don't want to collect the grass clippings as you go. With a mulching plug included and hydrostatic transmission for easy operation.

BCS 728 Two Wheel Tractor

BCS 728 Two Wheel Tractor£1,865.00  -  £1,914.75

Benefiting from additional gear speeds compared to the 710 model, this two wheel tractor can be fitted with a wider range of implements and has two engine options to choose from.

ETESIA  53 LKCGM Petrol Duocut Lawn Mower

ETESIA 53 LKCGM Petrol Duocut Lawn Mower£1,875.00

The Etesia Duocut 53 LKCGM is a very versatile 3 in 1 lawn mower. Features a commercial grade Kawasaki FJ180V OHV engine, and a lightweight 53cm cutting deck.

BCS 85 cm / 33 inch Flail Mower

BCS 85 cm / 33 inch Flail Mower£2,034.00   £1,880.00

The BCS Flail Mower is 85cm, perfect for cutting rough areas of ground, where collection is not required. Features heavy, duty free swinging blades.

PELLENC SOLERION Solar Recharging System

PELLENC SOLERION Solar Recharging System£1,880.00

The Pellenc SOLERION is an advanced solar recharging system for the range of ULiB batteries. Features include an advanced monocrystalline silico photovoltac panel.

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor

BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor£2,046.00   £1,890.00

A Honda-powered two wheel tractor, this model features an all gear drive combined with a single working speed for superbly simple operation, plus boasts compatability with a range of implements and attachments for versatile use.

CUB CADET LT2 NS96 Lawn Tractor

CUB CADET LT2 NS96 Lawn Tractor£1,899.00

This twin-bladed side discharge tractor has a 38 inch cutting deck and is ideal for areas up to the size of a small paddock. Includes a mulching kit as standard for more versatile operation.

DR PRO Stump Grinder

DR PRO Stump Grinder£1,899.00


LAWNFLITE 603RT SMART Tractor£1,899.00

This Lawnflite SMART 603RT tractor has a cutting width of 76cm/30 inch, and a reliable 12. 5hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine.

MOUNTFIELD 1538M 38 Inch Lawn Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 1538M 38 Inch Lawn Tractor£1,899.00

Boasting a 38 inch, twin-bladed cutter deck, the Mountfield 1538M is ideal for larger lawns up to 2.5 acres.

STIGA ESTATE 2084 H Ride-On Mower

STIGA ESTATE 2084 H Ride-On Mower£2,099.00   £1,899.00

This ride-on mower is powered by a single cylinder 7.4 kW STIGA engine, and features hydrostatic transmission, plus a 84 cm twin blade cutting deck with 7 cutting height adjustments.

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor

HUSQVARNA TS 142 Tractor£2,050.00   £1,907.00

This high capacity garden tractor is a side ejection model, with additional versatility available from optional accessories. With a 107 cm air induction deck and powerful Husqvarna Series engine.

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter£1,908.00

The Lawnflite LS550 log splitter is great for splitting hefty logs. 25 tonnes of pressure can be applied to split logs of up to 25 inches in diameter, and includes a robust B&S 650 series engine.

PELLENC TREELION Adaptable Pruning Shears (With ULiB 400 Battery)

PELLENC TREELION Adaptable Pruning Shears (With ULiB 400 Battery)£2,280.00   £1,919.00

RRP £2280, Save £361! Limited stock.

With a length of 900 mm and a powerful revolutionary Pellenc electronic switching motor, this tool offers exceptional speed and cutting power. Supplied complete with ULiB 400 battery.

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