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SWIFT EB137C2 WIDE+ Cordless Lawn Mower

SWIFT EB137C2 WIDE+ Cordless Lawn Mower£199.99  -  £249.99

This cordless lawn mower has a 37 cm cutting width and is packed with the latest technology, making it a pleasure to use while providing simply effortless lawn care.

SWIFT EB137CD2 WIDE Cordless Lawn Mower

SWIFT EB137CD2 WIDE Cordless Lawn Mower£149.99  -  £219.99

Boasting the very latest cordless technology, this 37 cm cut lawn mower is a pleasure to work with and easy to use, while featuring collecting and mulching finishes.

SWIFT EB212D2 Cordless Chainsaw

SWIFT EB212D2 Cordless Chainsaw£99.99  -  £149.99

Boasting increased chain torque and a narrow bar and chain for enhanced efficiency, Swift's cordless 30 cm cut chainsaw is ideal for general cutting jobs in a domestic setting.

SWIFT EB430D2 Cordless Blower

SWIFT EB430D2 Cordless Blower£79.99  -  £129.99

Clear garden leaves and debris out of the way with this powerful cordless blower from Swift. Featuring a high performance axial fan design with a detachable blower tube for easy storage and transport.

SWIFT EB310D2 Cordless Grass Trimmer

SWIFT EB310D2 Cordless Grass Trimmer£79.99  -  £129.99

Able to trim long, wet grass and manicure the best kept lawns, this is a versatile cordless grass trimmer, benefiting from a light weight and wonderfully easy operation.

SWIFT EB518D2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

SWIFT EB518D2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer£99.99  -  £149.99

This is a compact and lightweight cordless hedge trimmer with fantastic balance, backed up by its 45 cm cutting length and rotatable handle for exceptional ease of use.

SWIFT EB608D2 Cordless Pole Saw

SWIFT EB608D2 Cordless Pole Saw£119.99  -  £169.99

Allowing you to prune branches you couldn't otherwise reach, this pole pruner features a 20 cm cutting capacity, a split-shaft for easy transportation and storage, and single lever control for simpler use.

SWIFT EB918D2 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

SWIFT EB918D2 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer£119.99  -  £169.99

This lightweight and easy to use long reach hedge trimmer makes cutting otherwise inaccessible vegetation a breeze, with all the benefits of the latest cordless technology.

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine£480.00

Compatible with all attachments from STIHL's MultiSystem range, this MultiEngine boasts a folding frame for easy transport, a simplified starting sequence and is ideal for a wide range of tasks.

STIHL RMA 2 RT Cordless Lawn Mower

STIHL RMA 2 RT Cordless Lawn Mower£475.00  -  £692.00

This is a robust, cordless mulching mower from STIHL with a 46 cm cutting width, designed to utilise their Pro batteries for extended running time and high levels of power for work on tough grass.

Hayter Harrier 48 Code490J Lawnmower

Hayter Harrier 48 Code490J Lawnmower£832.15

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)£1,032.00

This Extreme Long Life Safety Cable is break resistant, able to withstand impacts from rodents and garden tools, while being coated with green plastic to protect against corrosion. In a 800 metre roll with a 3.8 mm diameter.

KUBOTA RTVX900 Utility Vehicle (Camo)

KUBOTA RTVX900 Utility Vehicle (Camo)£16,099.00  -  £19,459.80

Kubota's all new utility vehicle offers a smoother ride with higher levels of comfort and even better drivability on any terrain. Available with ROPS or Cabin options.

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer£699.00   £559.00

An ultra-lightweight yet highly durable hedge cutter, this model benefits from an easy starting 21.2 cc engine and has a 519 mm cutter head that can be articulated through 90 degrees.

HUSQVARNA 572 XP G Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 572 XP G Chainsaw£912.00  -  £932.00

Boasting all the innovations of Husqvarna's next legendary chainsaw but with the addition of heated handles for use in cold conditions, the 572 XPG is a fantastic choice.


COUNTAX 36 INCH XRD DECK£749.00   £705.00



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Page 1 of 104:    2,490 Items
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