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Mitox 25C-SP Select Grass Trimmer

Mitox 25C-SP Select Grass Trimmer£109.00

Mitox 26L-SP Select Grass Trimmer

Mitox 26L-SP Select Grass Trimmer£129.00

Mitox 2700MTK Pro Multi Tool

Mitox 2700MTK Pro Multi Tool£999.00

Mitox 2700PK Power Unit

Mitox 2700PK Power Unit£399.00

Mitox 280BVX Blower

Mitox 280BVX Blower£199.00

Mitox 5250LRK Pro Long Reach Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 5250LRK Pro Long Reach Hedgetrimmer£549.00

Mitox BA Pro Brushcutter Attachment

Mitox BA Pro Brushcutter Attachment£129.00

Mitox Ex Pro Extension Shaft

Mitox Ex Pro Extension Shaft£139.00

Mitox LHA Hedgtrimmer Attachment

Mitox LHA Hedgtrimmer Attachment£259.00

Mitox PA Pro Pole Pruner Attachment

Mitox PA Pro Pole Pruner Attachment£259.00


STIHL ADVANCE X-SHELL Jacket (Men's)£178.60

This jacket has water-resistant and waterproof sections, numerous pockets, rip protection and reflective piping, and is most of all highly elastic, fast-drying and warm to wear.


STIHL ADVANCE X-SHELL Jacket (Women's)£178.60

The ADVANCE X-SHELL jacket is highly elastic, fast-drying and warm, with breathable, water-resistant and waterproof zones across its surface. Including a breast pocket, inside pocket and rip protection on the shoulders.

STIHL HIFLEX Trousers Class 1 (Design C)

STIHL HIFLEX Trousers Class 1 (Design C)£225.00

Superb quality chainsaw trousers that provide protection to EN 381-5, Class 1. With breathable and water-resistant properties, as well as reinforced knee to ankle patches and an elasticated waist.


HUSQVARNA Rain Jacket£81.76   £65.41

This is a high quality rain jacket made of strong nylon with a yoke of PU/PVC. It is fastened with a long zip protected by a flap and press studs, while the collar boasts Velcro closure for a great fit.

HUSQVARNA Rain Trousers

HUSQVARNA Rain Trousers£70.00   £56.00

These rain trousers from Husqvarna are made of strong nylon at the front and PU / PVC at the back, with 10 cm of mesh material around the waist to improve ventilation, plus an elastic waist.

HUSQVARNA 2-Stroke LS+ Oil

HUSQVARNA 2-Stroke LS+ Oil£2.45  -  £39.50

Husqvarna's Low Smoke+ oil is a mix of mineral and synthetic oil designed to give off very little smoke while providing excellent lubrication qualities on high load engine details.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket (High Viz)

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket (High Viz)£73.00   £58.40

This high visibility jacket benefits from a comfortable design made from high-quality polyester/cotton twill. Meeting the highest standard for visibility, it is fully approved for use at the roadside as well as in the forest.


HUSQVARNA HP 2-Stroke Oil£1.66  -  £9.00

Husqvarna's two-stroke engine oil is designed to meet tough challenges, while being formulated to work well even with low-quality fuels. It suits the entire range of Husqvarna's 2-stroke products.

HUSQVARNA XP 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil

HUSQVARNA XP 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil£3.50  -  £82.00

This is a fully synthetic and biodegradable 2-stroke oil, developed for tough use with high engine speeds and loads. Offering low smoke operation with good lubrication, a cleaner engine and less coating on the piston.

STIGA Collecting Box for SWS 800 G Sweeper

STIGA Collecting Box for SWS 800 G Sweeper£99.00   £79.00

An 80 cm collecting box for the SWS 800 G sweeper that is perfect for collecting leaves, litter and grass trimmings, saving you the time and effort of tidying up.

STIGA SWS 800 G Self-Propelled Sweeper

STIGA SWS 800 G Self-Propelled Sweeper£719.00   £649.00


A versatile, all-season machine, the Stiga SWS 800 G Sweeper is ideal for clearing paths, driveways, car parks and footpaths from leaves, litter, grass trimmings and snow.

ECHO HCAS-236ES-LW Pole Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCAS-236ES-LW Pole Hedge Trimmer£589.00   £447.00


An ultra-lightweight articulating mid-reach hedge cutter, this model features a 21.2cc engine with easy-starting technology, plus a 519 mm cutter that can be rotated through 90 degrees.

STIGA SBC 226 J Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 226 J Brushcutter£149.00   £139.00

An environmentally friendly trimmer/brushcutter from Stiga, witha  25.4 cc 2-stroke engine and featuring a 26 mm straight shaft and loop handle. With a Tap 'n' Go nylon line head and 3-tooth metal grass blade.

STIGA SBC 226 JD Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 226 JD Brushcutter£169.00   £149.00


Suitable for all types of garden jobs, this 25.4cc environmentally friendly bruschutter features a 26mm straight shaft with bike handle control. Supplied with Tap 'n' Go nylon line head and 3-tooth metal grass blade.

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Page 15 of 93:    2,215 Items