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TORO 51563 ULTRA Blower

TORO 51563 ULTRA Blower£123.99

A three-in-one machine capable of functioning as a powerful blower, vacuum and leaf shredder, with a metal impeller for mulching, this is a versatile machine that makes garden cleaning easy.

HONDA HHBE81BE Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

HONDA HHBE81BE Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£165.00

A lightweight and compact cordless blower, this model from Honda is able to clear lawns, paths, patios and driveways of leaves and debris. Supplied as a shell only, with battery and charger sold separately.

HONDA HBC210WB Standard Charger

HONDA HBC210WB Standard Charger£50.00   £39.99

Honda's standard charger for their Lithium-ion batteries, this model is able to charge the 2.0Ah battery in 40 minutes, and the 4.0Ah battery in 80 minutes, so you can get to work more quickly.

HONDA HBC550WB Fast Charger

HONDA HBC550WB Fast Charger£95.00   £72.99

This fast charger from Honda is designed for use with their Lithium-ion batteries, and is able to charge a high capacity 4.0Ah battery in just 30 minutes, for maximum efficiency while working.

HONDA HBP20 AH Battery

HONDA HBP20 AH Battery£110.00   £87.99

This 2.0Ah battery is wonderfully light, so you can work much more comfortably compared to petrol equivalents. With a large surface area for efficient cooling, these batteries also enjoy longer lifespans.

HONDA HBP40 AH Battery

HONDA HBP40 AH Battery£185.00   £142.99

A 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery for use with Honda's cordless garden tool range. This battery has been designed to be lightweight while offering high performance, with an innovative design for longer lifespans.

HONDA HHHE61LE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)

HONDA HHHE61LE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)£165.00

Honda's cordless hedge trimmer weighs under 3 kg, excluding the battery, features laser cut steel blades for smooth, precise operation, able to tackle dense and rough hedges with ease. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

HONDA HHTE38BE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

HONDA HHTE38BE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£185.00

This cordless lawn trimmer from Honda allows you to reach hard-to-access areas without worrying about power cables or petrol fumes. It offers lightweight, precise cutting with variable speed control. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

Cobra S390H Petrol Scarifier

Cobra S390H Petrol Scarifier£519.99

This robust scarifier is powered by a Honda GP160 engine. A 15 inch working width makes it perfect for gardens of all sizes.

ETESIA RK46 Roller Striping Kit

ETESIA RK46 Roller Striping Kit£449.00

This is an easy-to-fit roller striping kit for selected Etesia's 46 cm cut mowers. It will enable you to achieve a fantastic striped finish to your lawn.

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Leather Boots with Saw Protection

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Leather Boots with Saw Protection£166.66

These top quality boots have been updated with a  new heel construction more stable upper sections and a new sole for improved grip. 100 percent waterproof and breathable, they are also comfortable during cold and wet conditions.


HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Protective Boots£147.00   £98.00

These comfortable protective boots feature a composite toe-cap that helps keep their weight low. With 100 percent waterproofing courtesy of a high quality Sympatex membrane. These boots do not have saw protection.


HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Brushcutter Jacket£117.00   £93.60

This jacket has been designed for demanding professional applications with extra padding to make working for long hours with a harness comfortable and strain free.

KUBOTA W819 PRO Petrol Lawn Mower

KUBOTA W819 PRO Petrol Lawn Mower£999.00

A high quality, high performance petrol lawn mower that provides an easy, beautiful finish to your lawn.

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£1,389.00

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£989.00

HUSQVARNA Automower House (310 / 315)

HUSQVARNA Automower House (310 / 315)£150.00   £135.00

Protect your Husqvarna Automower 310 or 315 from the long-term effects of rain and sun exposure with this house. It has a foldable top for easy access during charging and features a cable hatch at the rear.

HUSQVARNA Automower House (420 / 430X / 450X)

HUSQVARNA Automower House (420 / 430X / 450X)£150.00   £135.00

This house for Husqvarna's 400 series of Automowers allows you to protect your machine from the long-term effects of rain and sun exposure. With a cable hatch and foldable top for easy access.

AL-KO T20-105 HDE V2 Garden Tractor

AL-KO T20-105 HDE V2 Garden Tractor£4,199.00

This elite lawn tractor is both powerful and comfortable - tackling the largest of lawns with ease.

HUSQVARNA 310 Automower

HUSQVARNA 310 Automower£1,400.00   £1,139.99

A great robotic mower for use on complicated or larger gardens, this model is designed for areas up to 1000 m² and is able to deal with slopes that have an incline up to 40 percent.

HUSQVARNA Automower Installation Kit

HUSQVARNA Automower Installation Kit£63.00  -  £180.00

This Automower installation kit is required to facilitate installation of Husqvarna's automowers, and includes loop wire, cramps, splicers and connectors in a number of different lengths to best fit your garden.


STIHL DYNAMIC Fleece Jacket£45.90


This is a microfleece jacket with soft, high-stretch properties. Designed in a highly visible orange and black pattern, this is a brethable and quick-drying jacket, perfect as an intermediate layer.

TS Industrie GS/Tiger 25D Chipper-Shredder

TS Industrie GS/Tiger 25D Chipper-Shredder£20,750.00

At just 744kg, the GS/Tiger from TS Industrie is light enough that it can be towed by a driver with a standard (Cat B) driving licence.

STIHL ADVANCE Weather-Proof Jacket

STIHL ADVANCE Weather-Proof Jacket£56.91

This wet weather jacket is produced using polyurethene-coated nylon, meaning it is both water repellent and wind resistant. It has excellent ventilation for increased wearing comfort, and comes with a hood.

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Page 17 of 93:    2,214 Items