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COBRA AIRMOW 51 PRO Lawn Mower£520.00

COBRA CM32E Cylinder Lawn Mower

COBRA CM32E Cylinder Lawn Mower£100.00

COBRA GCT300 Hand Trolley

COBRA GCT300 Hand Trolley£89.99

COBRA MX46SPE Electric Lawnmower

COBRA MX46SPE Electric Lawnmower£259.99   £239.99

COBRA HT62C Petrol Hedge Trimmer

COBRA HT62C Petrol Hedge Trimmer£179.99

COBRA LRH26C Pole Hedge Trimmer

COBRA LRH26C Pole Hedge Trimmer£220.00

COBRA M51SPC Lawnmower

COBRA M51SPC Lawnmower£319.99

COBRA MX515SPBI Lawnmower

COBRA MX515SPBI Lawnmower£574.99

COBRA BV2600 Electric Blower

COBRA BV2600 Electric Blower£45.99

COBRA QS2500 Shredder

COBRA QS2500 Shredder£199.99   £184.99

MOUNTFIELD SPH53 Petrol Lawn Mower

MOUNTFIELD SPH53 Petrol Lawn Mower£429.00   £349.00

A high-wheel 51 cm / 20 inch cut petrol lawn mower from Mountfield, this model benefits from a superb Honda GCV160 engine, giving extra power, reliability and durability.

Cobra LS520H Log Splitter

Cobra LS520H Log Splitter£264.99

Cobra RM4140V Li-ion Lawnmower

Cobra RM4140V Li-ion Lawnmower£384.99

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (1/4 Inch H00)

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (1/4 Inch H00)£22.00

A filing kit that includes a file handle, combination gauge (or file and depth gauge), two round files and one flat file. Ideal for 1/4 inch pitch H00 chains.

KUBOTA L1361 Compact Tractor

KUBOTA L1361 Compact Tractor£16,320.00

This compact utility tractor from Kubota is new for 2017, and boasts a three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, rear rollover protection (ROPS) plus a top speed of 24.5 km/h.

KUBOTA L1361 HST Compact Tractor

KUBOTA L1361 HST Compact Tractor£17,160.00

With a three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and a top speed of 24.6 km/h, this new compact utility tractor from Kubota is a versatile and high performance machine.

STIGA SWP 355 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 355 Push Sweeper£219.00   £199.00

This is a 55 cm wide push sweeper, featuring two 30 cm diameter disk brushes, suitable for use inside and outside, and ideal for removing dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, paper and cans from hard surfaces.

STIGA SWP 475 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 475 Push Sweeper£329.00   £299.00

A straightforward machine to work with, this 75 cm manual sweeper features 41 cm diameter disk brushes, ideal for sweeping up dirt, dust and debris, including papers, leaves and cans.

STIGA SWP 577 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 577 Push Sweeper£439.00   £399.00

Ideal for cleaning large residential and public areas, this is Stiga's most powerful push sweeper, able to effortlessly collect dirt, dust and debris over hard indoor and outdoor surfaces.

HANDY THPLS Leaf Sweeper

HANDY THPLS Leaf Sweeper£139.99

Push lawn sweeper with large capacity hopper

ALPINA SW80-P Sweeper

ALPINA SW80-P Sweeper£649.00

Alpina floor sweeper ideal for clearing driveways, footpath from leaves and litter.Fitted with snow hog tyres ensuring excellent traction.


ROOT ASSASSIN Shovel£59.99

Root Assassin Shovel has unique ability to cut roots quickly and easily whilst digging

Handy THHTA Aerator

Handy THHTA Aerator£29.99

Handy Hollow Tine Aerator with 12-month warranty and quality steel construction.

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Page 7 of 102:    2,432 Items
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