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STIHL SHE 71 Electric Blower / Vacuum Shredder

STIHL SHE 71 Electric Blower / Vacuum Shredder£94.00


A handheld blower and vacuum combined in one superbly versatile electric tool. While being lightweight, the SHE 71 still operates powerfully but quietly.

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box£42.00

A space-saving and safe way to transport your batteries and charger. Also compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system. For two batteries and a charger, of four batteries

STIHL Soil Loosening Earth Auger Bit - 400 mm (BT 360)

STIHL Soil Loosening Earth Auger Bit - 400 mm (BT 360)£235.00

A soil loosening earth auger bit, this attachment for the BT 360 earth auger is ideal for loosening soil and planting applications. With a length of 870 mm and a diameter of 400 mm.


STIHL SPECIAL Helmet Set£38.25


This helmet set from STIHL is a well-established model with a new and improved metal mesh visor system, as well as high noise protection from the ear defenders and an anti-dazzle peak.

STIHL SPECIAL Rubber Chainsaw Boots

STIHL SPECIAL Rubber Chainsaw Boots£80.00

Available in a range of sizes, STIHL's SPECIAL rubber chainsaw boots have rough tread, self-cleaning, non-slip rubber soles, as well as reflective strips and cut resistance Class 3 protection.

STIHL Square Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 55.0 m)

STIHL Square Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 55.0 m)£12.50

Square profile mowing line from STIHL, supplied in a 55 metre roll with a line diameter of 3.0 mm. It is made from a long-lasting, flexible and wear-resistant material.

STIHL SR 450 Backpack Mistblower / Sprayer

STIHL SR 450 Backpack Mistblower / Sprayer£590.00

A petrol-powered backpack mistblower, with 2-in-1 functionality for spraying large areas of liquid as well as dusting and spraying granules. With a spraying distance of up to 14.5 metres.

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves£29.75

With an elastic knitted cuff and leather/textile combination design, these are highly comfortable chainsaw gloves, with cut protection in the back of both. EN Protection Class 0.

STIHL STANDARD Rubber Chainsaw Boots

STIHL STANDARD Rubber Chainsaw Boots£72.50

STIHL's STANDARD rubber chainsaw boots provide a firm and safe foothold with Class 1 cut resistance. They also benefit from rough tread, self cleaning, non-slip soles and an adjustable textile shaft collar.


STIHL STANDARD Safety Glasses£4.25


These safety glasses, also suitable for spectacle-wearers, provide protection while working conforming to EN 166, with 100% UV and side-protection. Ideal for occasional use.

STIHL SynthPlus Chain Oil

STIHL SynthPlus Chain Oil£4.00  -  £61.00

This chain oil offers outstanding protection against wear, while being made from high grade base oils it prevents resinification. Available in 1, 5 or 20 litres volumes.

STIHL Toy Brushcutter

STIHL Toy Brushcutter£23.75

A brilliant toy for enthusiastic children aged 5 and over. Being battery-operated, it includes an authentic clearing saw noise with adjustable volume. Length adjustable from 86 cm to 107 cm.

STIHL Toy Chainsaw

STIHL Toy Chainsaw£23.75

STIHL's battery-operated toy chainsaw, for children aged 3 and over, includes batteries, a revolving rubber chain and authentic chainsaw noises with adjustable volume. Includes batteries.

STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter£620.00

A compact and robust 3.2 kW cut-off saw from STIHL, with a 12 inch / 300 mm cutting wheel, long-life filter system and extremely low vibration levels.

STIHL TS 420 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 420 Disc Cutter£668.00

The TS 420 is a compact and robust 3.2 kW cut-off saw, with a 14 inch / 350 mm cutting wheel. Complete with ElastoStart technology, low vibrations and a high performance engine.

STIHL TS 480i Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 480i Disc Cutter£833.00

Featuring STIHL's unique injection engine technology for perfect running every time, the TS 480i is easy to start, with powerful torque and comes supplied with a 12 inch / 300 mm cutting wheel.

STIHL TS 500i Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 500i Disc Cutter£819.00

An innovative 3.9kW cut-off saw with the added benefit of electronically controlled fuel injection, for reliable and consistent high-performance operation. Supplied with a 14 inch / 350 mm cutting wheel.

STIHL TS 700 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 700 Disc Cutter£970.00

An extremely powerful 5.0 kW cut-off saw that includes STIHL's ElastoStart technology, as well as numerous features to increase operator comfort. Supplied with a 14 inch / 350 mm cutting wheel.

STIHL TS 800 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 800 Disc Cutter£980.00

An extremely powerful 5.0 kW 16 inch / 400 mm cut-off saw, with a long-life air filter system, ElastoStart  and water attachment as standard. Supplied with abrasive cutting wheel.

STIHL TSA 230 Cordless Disc Cutter (Shell Only)

STIHL TSA 230 Cordless Disc Cutter (Shell Only)£355.00

The world's first 9 inch cordless cut-off saw, able to cut swiftly and neatly to a depth of 70 mm. This product is sold as a shell only, with battery and charger available separately.


STIHL UNIVERSAL Work Gloves£3.23

These all-purpose work gloves are made of a canvas material, which combines pig skin with cotton for softness and insulation. They are also lined, increasing comfort further.

STIHL VENT PLUS Arborist Helmet Set

STIHL VENT PLUS Arborist Helmet Set£78.63

This functional helmet comes complete with visor and ear protection, while featuring five large adjustable vents on each side. Approved for arborist work, with a service life of up to 10 years.

STIHL VENT471 High Visibility Jacket

STIHL VENT471 High Visibility Jacket£63.75

This is a light, elastic and breathable high visibility jacket ideal for summer temperatures and intensely physical work. With two breast pockets, reflective strips and an elasticated waste for the best fit.

STIHL Water Tank (FW 20 Cart)

STIHL Water Tank (FW 20 Cart)£105.00

A water container for STIHL's FW 20 cart, this allows you to provide water to your cut-off saw while working. With a 13 litre capacity, plenty even for long jobs.

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Page 93 of 105:    2,505 Items
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