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WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Wooden Handle with Grip (170 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Wooden Handle with Grip (170 cm)£20.69


A hardwood handle made of FSC certified ash, this 170 cm shaft includes an aluminium socket with a PVC grip and hanger, and is compatible with all Wolf-Garten Multi-Change tools.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Yard Broom

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Yard Broom£17.99

This 31 cm width yard broom is part of Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change range, benefiting from tough PVC bristles well-suited to general use tasks in the garden and house. Compatible with your choice of lightweight handle.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Purpose Scissors

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Purpose Scissors£17.99

High quality multi-purpose scissors from Wolf-Garten, these are ideal for use both in the home and the garden, cutting flowers, rope, drapery, wrapping paper and cardboard with ease.

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel£40.50

A plastic snow shovel with a wide, 42 cm head and a 120 cm D-grip handle, this is a great tool for lifting, pushing and moving snow. With a robust construction and cold resistant down to -30 C.

WOLF-GARTEN PP5 Lithium-ion Battery Pack

WOLF-GARTEN PP5 Lithium-ion Battery Pack£69.00

Ideal for use as an extra battery so you can keep working for longer without needing to recharge, this Wolf-Garten power pack is for use with their 18 V range of cordless tools.

WOLF-GARTEN PP6 Lithium-ion Battery Pack

WOLF-GARTEN PP6 Lithium-ion Battery Pack£105.00

This replacement battery designed for use with Wolf-Garten's Power 700 series of cordless tools is also ideal for use as a spare, allowing you to keep working for longer before recharging.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs£40.49

With a robust aluminium handle that makes these secateurs ideal for professional users, you can cut tough, woody vegetation up to a maximum diameter of 25 mm.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)£40.49

A professional quality pair of bypass secateurs, these have a robust aluminium handle with an ergonomically designed blade that allows you to avoid over-extension of your hand.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Grass Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Grass Shears£22.49

These professional grass shears are safe and easy to use, while featuring the added benefit of a collector to prevent clippings from falling for a pristine, perfect finish. With a rotating blade for horizontal or vertical cutting.

WOLF-GARTEN PSA700 Cordless Pole Pruner

WOLF-GARTEN PSA700 Cordless Pole Pruner£212.00

This cordless pole saw benefits from an included 18 V / 3.0 Ah power pack, its 3.5 m/s chain speed and 20 cm cutting length, plus its impressive 2.95 metre telescopic handle.


WOLF-GARTEN Scraper£8.99

A single-handed scraper that makes removing moss and weeds from between slabs and paving easy. With a comfort grip handle for extra support when in use.

WOLF-GARTEN SELECT S3800E Electric Lawn Mower

WOLF-GARTEN SELECT S3800E Electric Lawn Mower£129.00

A lightweight electric lawn mower that's easy to use and provide excellent results. It comes complete with a 40 litre grass bag and 20 metre electric cable as standard.

WOLF-GARTEN Single Handed Grass Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Single Handed Grass Shears£17.99

Ideal for lawn edging and general trimming tasks, these single handed grass shears from Wolf-Garten are great for getting into small areas and benefit from easy operation.


WOLF-GARTEN Small Sweep£8.99

This fixed handle small sweep has a 11.5 cm working width that allows it to work in smaller flower beds or containers. It comes with a comfort grip handle for extra support.

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Anvil Loppers (50 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Anvil Loppers (50 mm)£76.49

These are telescopic anvil loppers that benefit from new cutting head technology and their variable length to make them superbly versatile tools. Able to cut branches up to 50 mm in diameter.

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Bypass Loppers (50 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Bypass Loppers (50 mm)£76.49

These telescopic bypass loppers make the most of new cutting head technology and length adjustable from 650 to 900 mm. They can handle branches up to a maximum diameter of 50 mm.

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Hedge Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Telescopic Hedge Shears£67.49

These are lightweight telescopic hedge shears, ideal for general use as well as cutting hard-to-reach places thanks to the adjustable handle length from 700 to 1000 mm.

WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag

WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag£33.00

This 60 litre scarifier collector bag allows you to effortlessly catch the grass as you scarify, saving you time and hassle while resulting in a fantastic finish.

WOLF-GARTEN Traditional Hedge Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Traditional Hedge Shears£35.99

Traditional hedge shears with attractive wooden handles, this tool also features shock absorbing buffers to help protect your joints plus curved, non-stick coated double-edged blades.

WOLF-GARTEN Variable Hedge Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Variable Hedge Shears£44.99

These adjustable hedge shears boast curved double-edged blades to prevent cut material from falling. With the blade tension being adjustable, the effort required to cut is reduced by 40 percent along the length of the blades.

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife£8.99

A knife specially designed for cutting out deep rooted weeds, this tool also comes with a comfort grip handle that provides extra power & support while pulling with it.

WOLF-GARTEN WPCM Cylinder Lawn Mower

WOLF-GARTEN WPCM Cylinder Lawn Mower£66.50

This manual cylinder mower has a 30 cm / 12 inch five bladed cutting cylinder and a solid steel gear blade drive, giving robust operation and impressive performance.

YALE XTC FIRE 25m Climbing Rope

YALE XTC FIRE 25m Climbing Rope£116.55

The 25 m Yale XTC rope is designed for the professional arborist to increase their visibility in the trees. Constructed of 13mm tight braid.

YALE XTC FIRE 37m Climbing Rope

YALE XTC FIRE 37m Climbing Rope£166.50

The 37 m Yale XTC rope is designed for the professional arborist to increase their visibility in the trees. Constructed of 13mm tight braid.

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Page 95 of 96:    2,293 Items
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