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WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag

WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag£33.00

This 60 litre scarifier collector bag allows you to effortlessly catch the grass as you scarify, saving you time and hassle while resulting in a fantastic finish.

VIKING AFK050 Scarifier Bagger Kit for the LB540

VIKING AFK050 Scarifier Bagger Kit for the LB540£48.00

The Viking collector bag for the LB540 scarifier features a 50 litre capacity, so you don? need to clean up your moss in your garden.

COBRA S32E Electric Scarifier

COBRA S32E Electric Scarifier£119.99

The Cobra S32E is ideal for smaller gardens. Lightweight and compact, the S32E is fitted with a 1300 watt motor, and has a working width of 32cm/13 inches.

COBRA S36E Electric Scarifier

COBRA S36E Electric Scarifier£149.99

The Cobra S36E is ideal for small to medium sized gardens. Lightweight and compact, the S36E is fitted with an 1800 watt motor, and has a working width of 36cm/14 inches.

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier£169.00


This electric scarifier has a 37 cm working width and 3-in-one functionality, able to work as a scarifier, lawn rake and a collector. It comes with a 55 litre collector, ensuring no debris is left on your lawn.

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier£379.00   £349.00

With a 1.3 kW petrol engine, a 37 cm working width and 3-in-1 functionality, this lawn rake, scarifier and collector combi machine can make looking after your lawn a simple task.

HAYTER SP36 Scarifier (Model 110J)

HAYTER SP36 Scarifier (Model 110J)£599.00   £479.00

The Hayter scarifier is a 36cm/14 inch petrol scarifier powered by a Briggs & Stratton Series 550 engine, which allows you to create a perfectly manicured lawn.

MTD OPTIMA 38VO Petrol Scarifier

MTD OPTIMA 38VO Petrol Scarifier£495.00

The MTD OPTIMA 38VO is a lightweight, petrol powered 2 in 1 scarifier and powered by a robust MTD ThorX 55H OHV petrol engine, and has a working width of 38cm/15 inches.

Cobra S390H Petrol Scarifier

Cobra S390H Petrol Scarifier£519.99

This robust scarifier is powered by a Honda GP160 engine. A 15 inch working width makes it perfect for gardens of all sizes.

STIGA SVP 40 B Petrol Scarifier

STIGA SVP 40 B Petrol Scarifier£559.00   £549.00

This is a robust petrol scarifier designed to make looking after your lawn, effortless. It features a Briggs & Stratton engine, comes with a 50 litre collection bag and has a 40 cm working width.

VIKING LB540 Scarifier

VIKING LB540 Scarifier£571.00

The Viking LB540 will remove moss, thatch, and weeds, as a result the ground gets more air and the roots are better supplied with water/nutrients.

CUB CADET XC1 B40 Scarifier

CUB CADET XC1 B40 Scarifier£599.00

This petrol scarifier actually has blades and springs, allowing for two-in-one functionality: aerating and scarifying. You can keep your grass healthy with this machine.

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)£918.00   £849.00

This lawn scarifier uses a 15 fixed-blade cartridge that can be swapped with others to provide excellent versatility and use all-year round. For a fantastic-looking, healthy lawn, CAMON's models are ideal.

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)£966.00   £895.00

Including a cartridge with 30 free-swinging blades that you can swap out for CAMON's LS42 cartridges, this lawn scarifier allows you to achieve excellent removal of moss, thatch and dead grass for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

CAMON LS42R Lawn Scarifier (Spring Rake)

CAMON LS42R Lawn Scarifier (Spring Rake)£1,122.00   £1,038.00

This Honda-powered lawn scarifier with a spring rake cartridge is ideal for allowing all-year round scarification, with 30 durable free-swinging springs to gently clear moss and thatch.

CAMON LS42F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)

CAMON LS42F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)£1,146.00   £1,060.00

This lawn slitter from CAMON comes with a fixed blade cartridge featuring 15 heavy-duty, 2 mm thick blades to not only remove thatch but slit the ground, improving drainage and helping overseeding.

CAMON LS42S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)

CAMON LS42S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)£1,194.00   £1,105.00

A robust, Honda-powered lawn scarifier, with interchangeable cartridges. This model includes a free-swinging blade cartridge ideal for quickly removing large quantities of moss or thatch. With a 42 cm / 17 inch working width.


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