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3D Secure

3D Secure is a security measure for online credit and debit card transactions, to prevent fraudulent activity. Prior to March 2022, not every retailer had to have it implemented, although now it is a requirement. It is something we at Garden Machinery Direct have required for successful payments for some time, although the level of security has also stepped up, with security even tighter to protect both the cardholder and the retailer.

What this does mean is that the processing of some payments is more difficult than before. If you are trying to purchase from our website and you see an error message relating to 3D authentication, or the error code 3377, the first thing to do is to contact your bank to check you have 3D Secure activated on your card, and that your contact details are up to date for you to receive the relevant information to your smart device. If the answer is yes but the bank are still rejecting the payment, you could try using a different card or a different browser (Firefox & Chrome work best), and clear the cache and cookies from your browser. You could choose to make payment with PayPal, instead.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept payments over the phone, as the payments don't go through any security checks and therefore it isn't as safe as paying online.

We understand it can be frustrating if you are having trouble placing an order, it is an inconvenience for us too, but remember this feature is there to protect you, and hopefully if you do encounter an issue then the above recommendations help you place a genuine, successful order.

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