Aeration is a great way to make sure your lawn has that perfect green sheen. By opening the turf to the air by lifting, piercing and shifting it, the soil becomes less compact - letting grass grow longer roots and allowing rainwater to easily pass through.

We stock a range of different types of aerators. A hollow tine aerator, for example, is manually operated and works by pushing the bar into the ground - great for small to medium sized gardens. For larger gardens and professional work, we recommend powered aerators - these machines are powered by an engine and get the job done far quicker.

Whatever method you decide, we're confident you'll end up with the perfect lawn!

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Handy THHTA Aerator

Handy THHTA Aerator£44.99   £39.99

Handy Hollow Tine Aerator with 12-month warranty and quality steel construction.

HANDY THTPA40 Plug Aerator 40''

HANDY THTPA40 Plug Aerator 40"£279.99   £269.99

40" Towed Aerator

HANDY THTPA48 Plug Aerator

HANDY THTPA48 Plug Aerator£299.99   £289.99

Towed 48" Aerator

CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator

CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator£2,394.00   £2,226.00

The Camon LA25 is built to the highest standards and offers outstanding reliability, durability and performance.


BILLY GOAT AE401H Aerator£3,290.00   £3,059.00

This Billy Goat aerator makes professional-level lawncare easily achievable. Powered by a desirable 118 cc Honda petrol engine, with a 19-inch working width.


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