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HUSQVARNA Black Chainsaw Bag

HUSQVARNA Black Chainsaw Bag£49.99   £44.99

A black 48 Litre bag made especially for Husqvarna chainsaws to protect it when on the move and in storage. With numerous pockets for chain files and other items.

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Box

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Box£54.99   £34.09


A tough carrying case designed to carry a chainsaw, lubricants and other accessories, so that you can keep organised and enjoy hassle-free working.

STIHL Chainsaw Case

STIHL Chainsaw Case£47.09   £36.67


The STIHL chainsaw case, is made from strong durable plastic - ideal for protecting your chainsaw whilst being transported. It fits all cordless and petrol chainsaws with bar lengths up to 18 inches / 45 cm.

STIHL Chainsaw Carry Bag

STIHL Chainsaw Carry Bag£41.09   £30.93

A chainsaw bag made from sturdy nylon, for safe storage and transport of all chainsaws with bar lengths up to 18 inches. Also with a small pocket for valuables.

STIHL Saw Chain Storage Case

STIHL Saw Chain Storage Case£4.07   £4.03

This durable yet lightweight plastic storage box in STIHL orange is ideal for storing your saw chains across its two compartments.

EGO Battery Box

EGO Battery Box£79.99

An EGO branded box for efficient transport and storage of up to 5 EGO batteries (of all sizes).


HUSQVARNA Battery Bag£30.00   £24.49

Keep your battery warm in winter and cool in summer with this bag, to ensure efficient performance. With splash waterproof and shock absorption protection.

HUSQVARNA Small Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Small Battery Box£49.99   £38.50

This small battery box helps to facilitate safe transportation and storage of Husqvarna batteries, chargers as well as other accessories. It is also fully compatible with the Systainer Box System.

HUSQVARNA Medium Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Medium Battery Box£72.99   £67.88

A medium-sized battery box with inserts for safe transport and storage of Husqvarna cordless accessories, fitting up to 6 batteries or 4 batteries and 1 charger.

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box£74.99   £65.00

Allowing safe storage and transportation of your Husqvarna batteries and chargers, as well as other accessories, this large box is a robust and durable solution to keep your supplies safe.

STIHL Battery and Charger Carry Bag

STIHL Battery and Charger Carry Bag£25.68   £21.98

This lightweight yet hard-wearing, battery and charger carry bag, makes it ideal for storing and carrying up to 2 STIHL AK/AP System batteries, and 1 charger.

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box

STIHL Small Battery Storage Box£51.36   £42.35

A space-saving and safe way to transport your batteries and charger. Also compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system. For two batteries and a charger, of four batteries

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box£64.20   £52.94

A large storage box for the safe holding and transporting of STIHL AP and AR batteries, and AL chargers. Complete with an anti-slip mat and a convenient carry handle.

STIHL Medium Battery Storage Box

STIHL Medium Battery Storage Box£57.78   £47.99

A medium storage box for the safe holding and transporting of STIHL AP and AR batteries, and AL chargers. Complete with an anti-slip mat and a convenient carry handle.

STIHL Battery Belt Bag

STIHL Battery Belt Bag£22.48   £18.44

An additional bag for STIHL's battery belt, allowing you to carry another AP battery or any other accessories, such as gloves, sunglasses or resin remover spray.


STIHL KM-BAG Carry Bag£47.62   £39.69


This carrying bag is ideal for the transport and the protection of your KombiEngine with a loop handle, along with the KM-FS or KM-HL KombiTools. It is also suitable for the HSA 66, HSA 86, HLA 65, BGA 85 and BGA 100.

STIHL GTA 26 Holster

STIHL GTA 26 Holster£32.10   £27.90

A holster for the GTA 26 garden pruner, that hooks onto your belt and straps to the top of your thigh, for quick access and for safe storage during downtime.

STIHL Harness Tool Bag

STIHL Harness Tool Bag£33.80   £26.16

A tool bag that can be easily attached to the STIHL Universal or Forestry harness range. Featuring two compartments, this is a practical solution to transport your tools.


HUSQVARNA Rope Bag£52.99   £42.39

This 28 Litre rope bag that can hold up to 80cm of 12mm climbing rope. A cinch top closure keeps the rope secure, and there are gear storage loops on the front.



A practical tool bag designed specifically for Husqvarna's Balance X harness, this item clips easily to it and allows you to store your tools for simple access while you work.

ALLET QC Cartridge Stand

ALLET QC Cartridge Stand£108.00

This is the perfect way to safely store up to 3 Allett cassettes, and have them on display. The stand can be free-standing, or wall-mounted to save space.

SCH HDST Storage Stand

SCH HDST Storage Stand£110.00   £99.00

The SCH storage stand keeps all of your attachments safe in one place. Designed to be used with the 40 inch grass care system.


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