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Gardening is a passion that can start from an early age, and whilst giving a 7 year old a lawnmower is a terrible idea, we don't think any budding gardener should be discouraged because of their age!

With this in mind, we stock a great range of toys for children. These are fun to play with, and most importantly, safe. Whether it's pushing around a scaled down lawnmower or riding a child-sized tractor, our toys offer a great way for children who love gardening to play.

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STIHL Children's Balance Bike

STIHL Children's Balance Bike£86.00   £75.70

This child's balance bike is suitable for children from 3-6 years of age and is constructed of birch plywood. With an adjustable seat and a maximum weight of 30 kg.

Husqvarna Toy Automower

Husqvarna Toy Automower£49.99

Husqvarna Toy Lawnmower

Husqvarna Toy Lawnmower£41.00


A great toy for inspiring the imagination of children. Battery operated toy lawnmower, includes batteries.

HUSQVARNA 550XP Toy Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 550XP Toy Chainsaw£30.00

Husqvarna's newest toy chainsaw is modeled on the 550XP, with realistic chainsaw sounds and rotating chain for authenticity. Suitable for children aged 3+ years.

HUSQVARNA Toy Leaf Blower

HUSQVARNA Toy Leaf Blower£29.95

This battery operated leaf blower children's toy is designed to look and act just like a real Husqvarna blower, making a realistic noise and even blowing air through the nozzle when the trigger is pulled.

Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw

Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw£27.99

Husqvarna toy chainsaw kit Toy chainsaw kit, ideal for kids! Saw has rotating chain and makes realistic chainsaw sounds.

HUSQVARNA Toy Hedge Trimmer

HUSQVARNA Toy Hedge Trimmer£27.95

A fantastic children's gift, this battery operated hedge trimmer features realistic noises and even has moving blades to mirror Husqvarna's own hedge trimmer range.

Husqvarna Toy Weed Trimmer

Husqvarna Toy Weed Trimmer£25.00

STIHL Childrens Toy Helmet

STIHL Childrens Toy Helmet£24.50   £21.60


This accurate toy replica of a STIHL professional helmet has a folding visor and detachable ear defenders and is adjustable in size suitable for ages 3+.

STIHL Toy Brushcutter

STIHL Toy Brushcutter£23.00   £21.00

A brilliant toy for enthusiastic children aged 5 and over. Being battery-operated, it includes an authentic clearing saw noise with adjustable volume. Length adjustable from 86 cm to 107 cm.

STIHL Toy Chainsaw

STIHL Toy Chainsaw£23.00   £21.00


Unleash the forester in your child aged 3+ with STIHL's battery-operated toy chainsaw, with a revolving rubber chain and authentic noises. Batteries included.

STIHL Garden Gnome

STIHL Garden Gnome£23.00   £20.20

The eye-catching garden gnome, holding a Stihl chainsaw is an essential for every garden. 

STIHL Forestry Worker Play Figure

STIHL Forestry Worker Play Figure£15.00   £13.20

Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with this toy. The forestry worker has moving arms and legs and is well-equipped with a helmet, jerry can, and chainsaw.

STIHL Childrens Baseball Cap

STIHL Childrens Baseball Cap£12.00   £10.56


A STIHL branded baseball cap for children, featuring orange branded colouring and the STIHL logo. A metal buckle on the back allows for adjustment for a good fit.

STIHL Frog Soft Toy

STIHL Frog Soft Toy£6.70   £5.90

Small and big kids alike will adore this frog soft toy, with his gorgeous green velvet-like fur, cheeky smile, and branded STIHL overalls, he's simply adorable!

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items
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