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STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine Kit

STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine Kit
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STIHL's latest engine unit from their multi-tool system

A strong and capable battery-operated KombiEngine with an AP battery slot for professional working particularly in environments sensitive to noise. It boasts a loop handle which allows for comfortable working in tighter positions, as well as aids precision for a better performance. The KMA 135 R is suitable for use with all KombiTools except the FSB-Km brushcutter; available attachments include other brushcutters, edge and hedge trimmers, pick tines, and a rotary cutting head.

Its design lends to efficient working...

The quick-release coupling means the KombiTools can be swiftly dismantled and re-assembled to the KombiEngine, reducing downtime for fuss-free working and for transport and space-saving storage. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to use, and offers access to the 3-stage speed control and features an in-built LED display to encourage longer running times.

...for many years to come

The KMA 135 R features a brushless electric motor (EC) which is very energy efficient and practically maintenance free. The metal mesh air filter ensures optimum engine cooling and also encourages a long service life by being easy to clean.

Part of STIHL's AP cordless system

The kit is sold comprised of the shell, an AP 300 battery and an AL 500 quick charger. Any other battery from the AP series and the AR L backpack batteries are compatible with the KombiEngine too.

  • Rated voltage: 36 V
  • Sound pressure level: 91 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 104 dB(A)
  • Vibration level left/right: 5.0 / 3.7 m/s2
  • Weight (shell): 3.4 kg
  • Run time* with AP 300 S battery: 50 minutes
  • Run time* with AP 300 battery: 40 minutes
  • Run time* with AP 200 battery: 30 minutes
  • Run time* with AP 100 battery: 16 minutes
  • Run time* with AR 2000 L backpack battery: 160 minutes
  • Run time* with AR 3000 L backpack battery: 240 minutes

*Run times are estimated as they vary depending on running speed and the attachment

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Battery

Part Number:  FA020116800

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  • All machinery is tested by the manufacturer's trained technicians
  • When carrying out servicing and repairs, only genuine STIHL parts & spares are used to ensure quality

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The AP 300 S Battery is a professional 36 Volt Lithium-Ion battery for use with STIHL's AP System. It has a capacity of 281 Wh and features a charge level indicator.

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