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STIGA MULTICLIP 50S AE Cordless Lawn Mower

STIGA MULTICLIP 50S AE Cordless Lawn Mower£689.00   £682.11

An environmentally-friendly self propelled mulching mower powered by an 80V motor with 5Ah lithium-ion battery mounted on a steel chassis that's so easy to use.

CUB CADET XM3-ER53 Petrol Lawnmower

CUB CADET XM3-ER53 Petrol Lawnmower£1,330.00   £1,316.70

A high performance lawnmower with variable speed drive, a 53 cm cutting width, and a reliable Kawasaki petrol engine. Suitable for lawns with slopes up to 30 degrees.

PELLENC D45-900 TREELION ADAPTABLE Pruning Shear  (Shell Only)

PELLENC D45-900 TREELION ADAPTABLE Pruning Shear (Shell Only)£1,401.46

Includes a length of 900 mm and a powerful revolutionary Pellenc electronic switching motor which offers exceptional speed and cutting power. Shell Only.

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer (Unit Only)

STIHL BT 360 Post Hole Borer (Unit Only)£2,190.00   £1,733.50

A powerful and robust 2 man earth auger, the perfect tool for earth drilling up to 40 cm diameter, in particularly tough soils. Supplied without drilling tool.

HUSQVARNA ELITE-CUT S85 12 Inch Diamond Blade

HUSQVARNA ELITE-CUT S85 12 Inch Diamond Blade£224.40   £180.00

An Elite-Cut S85 diamond blade measuring 12 inches, to fit compatible Husqvarna disc cutters. It works best for cutting asphalt and abrasive materials.


HUSQVARNA BLi80 Battery£110.00   £97.96

A 2.1 Ah Lithium-ion battery for Husqvarna battery products including blowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and more. It has a handy 3-LED charge indicator and active cooling.

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)£29.46   £26.08

A selection of wood drill bits for the STIHL BT 45 petrol wood drill. Choose from a 32 cm wood drilling length (13 mm diameter), or a 46 cm wood drilling length (a choice of 19 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm diameters).

STIHL Cut Protection Seatless Trousers & Braces (Design C)

STIHL Cut Protection Seatless Trousers & Braces (Design C)£139.72  -  £144.00

These seatless over-trousers provide cut protection ideal for the occasional chainsaw user. Supplied with a zip fastener and without a belt, these comply with EN 381-5 and offer Class 1 protection.

HUSQVARNA 320iB Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 320iB Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£299.00   £284.00

For demanding domestic use, this cordless blower is lightweight and easy to use. Boost mode enables the vacuuming of wet leaves. Battery and charger sold separately.


HUSQVARNA QC80 Charger£49.99

This is a compact battery charger for efficient and safe charging of Husqvarna's Lithium-Ion batteries. It features a charging indicator LED and is designed for domestic use.

KERSTEN Front Sweeper Attachment (K 1500)

KERSTEN Front Sweeper Attachment (K 1500)£1,680.00   £1,512.00

This 90 cm front sweeping brush is designed for Kersten's K 1500 Two Wheel Tractor. It is perfect for sweeping hard and soft surfaces, as well as artificial sports surfaces.

KERSTEN K 1500 Two Wheel Tractor

KERSTEN K 1500 Two Wheel Tractor£5,700.00   £4,845.00

This is a powerful and robust two-wheel tractor compatible with a wide selection of attachments, including a front sweeper, weedbrush, spreader and knife mower. With a 6.5 hp Honda engine. Sold as the power unit only.

STIHL Childrens Baseball Cap

STIHL Childrens Baseball Cap£10.85   £9.45


A STIHL branded baseball cap for children, featuring orange branded colouring and the STIHL logo. A metal buckle on the back allows for adjustment for a good fit.

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STIHL FS 360 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 360 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw£912.00   £791.60

This petrol brushcutter is fitted with a mighty 2-MIX engine with ErgoStart technology, and features a four point anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue.

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STIHL FS 410 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 410 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw£972.00   £834.26

A professional, powerful 2.0kW brushcutter with a 41.6 cc 2-MIX petrol engine, ErgoStart for ease of use, and an anti-vibration system for comfortable use.

Free Oil
STIHL FS 460 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 460 C-EM Brushcutter/Clearing Saw£1,014.00   £887.00


The FS 460 C-EM is STIHL's most advanced clearing saw ever, thanks to its 45.6 cc 2-MIX engine, the M-Tronic electronic engine management system, bike handle control and a four point anti-vibration system.

Free Oil
STIHL FS 490 C-EM Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 490 C-EM Clearing Saw£1,152.00   £980.00


Thanks to its extraordinary power and robust design, STIHL's FS 490 C-EM clearing saw is a great choice for professionals. The latest technology comes as standard, with the M-Tronic engine management system and ErgoStart innovations.

STIHL Knee Protectors

STIHL Knee Protectors£11.85   £10.21

STIHL's black knee protectors are compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers, designed to be inserted into knee-pad pockets and meeting BS EN 14404.

STIHL RA 82 Surface Cleaner

STIHL RA 82 Surface Cleaner£41.50   £37.37

A splash-free surface cleaner for STIHL pressure washers, for cleaning horizontal surfaces such as patios. Use with STIHL RE 90 - RE 150 PLUS pressure washers.


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