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STIHL HLA 56 Extension Shaft

STIHL HLA 56 Extension Shaft£35.32   £33.64


For when you need even more length to your STIHL HLA 56 long-reach hedge trimmer, this lightweight aluminium 50 cm shaft extension can be easily fitted for the job.

STIGA 226J / JD Extension Shaft Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Extension Shaft Attachment£39.00   £38.61

This is a handy 70 cm extension pole compatible with Stiga brushcutters 226 J/JD, allowing you to reach more out of the way areas with your tools.

STIGA Telescopic Handle and Wheels Attachment

STIGA Telescopic Handle and Wheels Attachment£56.00   £42.00

This telescopic shaft and wheel set for STIGA's Multi-Mate allows you to easily edge around smaller lawns and use the grass blade attachment while standing up.

MITOX EXA Multi-tool Extension Pole

MITOX EXA Multi-tool Extension Pole£69.00   £59.00

A 1 metre aluminium coupling shaft for Mitox split-shaft tools; the extension pole provides additional length when required for maintaining trees and hedges around your property.

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool£109.00   £69.00


The Echo 90cm extension shaft is to be used with the PAS-265ES engine unit, and any of the Echo Multi-Tool Attachments to give you extra reach when required.

STIHL KM-0.5M KombiTool Shaft Extension

STIHL KM-0.5M KombiTool Shaft Extension£86.14   £71.79

The STIHL KM-0. 5M aluminium attachment adds a further 50 cm to reach the tops of tall trees. For use with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools.

EGO Multi-Tool Extension Pole

EGO Multi-Tool Extension Pole£90.00   £77.89

A carbon fibre extension pole for EGO's Power Plus multi-tool range, compatible with the pole pruner and hedge trimmer attachments, providing 78 cm of additional length.

HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)

HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)£79.99   £79.00


This extension attachment is designed to fit the Husqvarna 129LK, 525LK and 535LK combi products, providing an extra reach of 78 cm, with a shaft diameter of 24 mm. 

HONDA SSES-S Versatool Extension Shaft

HONDA SSES-S Versatool Extension Shaft£105.00   £92.50


A 50 cm extension pole for Honda's Versatool system, to allow for access to previously out-of-reach areas. For use with hedge trimmer and pruner attachments.

STIHL Earth Auger Shaft Extension (BT 131)

STIHL Earth Auger Shaft Extension (BT 131)£94.38  -  £95.97

A genuine STIHL shaft extension for the BT 131 earth auger. Used for extending the earth auger bit in deep boreholes. Choose from a 250 mm or 450 mm length.

HONDA SSES-L Versatool Extension Shaft

HONDA SSES-L Versatool Extension Shaft£120.00   £101.30


A 100 cm extension shaft to be used with Honda's hedge trimmer and pruner Versatool attachments, to allow for greater access to otherwise out-of-reach areas.

STIHL KM-1M KombiTool Shaft Extension

STIHL KM-1M KombiTool Shaft Extension£129.00   £107.50


This extension will add an extra metre of length to your KM-HT or KM-HL STIHL KombiTools, allowing you a far greater reach. Made of lightweight carbon fibre with an aluminium outer shaft.

ECHO PP 1.2m Extension Pole Pruner

ECHO PP 1.2m Extension Pole Pruner£175.00   £135.25

A 1. 2 m / 5 ft extension pole for use on the Echo PPT265ES pole pruners.

STIHL Shaft Extensions (BT 360)

STIHL Shaft Extensions (BT 360)£184.90  -  £192.41

These are shaft extensions for STIHL's BT 360 post hole borer, available in a 50 cm or 100 cm extension size. Ideal for adding extra length to your tool.


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