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STIGA Tractor Cover

STIGA Tractor Cover£56.00   £52.99


This is a durable, purpose made cover to fit small to medium sized ride-ons. With a length of 250 cm, width of 125 cm and height of 130 cm, not suitable for machines with front-mounted decks.

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector£59.28   £56.00

Protect your tractor from bumps and scrapes with this metal bumper protector. To be used with the HF 2315 SB, the HF 2315 HM, and the HF 2417 HB range of tractors.

HONDA Ride-On/Lawn Tractor Cover

HONDA Ride-On/Lawn Tractor Cover£63.72   £60.00


Tractor cover for Honda ride on lawnmowers.


HUSQVARNA Rider Cover£84.99   £70.54

A water-resistant nylon cover with ventilation holes and an adjustable drawstring, for keeping your Husqvarna Rider protected from rain and water while not in use.

HUSQVARNA Tractor Cover

HUSQVARNA Tractor Cover£94.99   £81.41

This is a heavy duty tractor cover made from water resistant nylon with an adjustable drawstring and ventilation holes. It is designed to fit the TC 138, TC 342, TS 242 and TS 346 series models.

GP EGVT01 Tractor Front Lift

GP EGVT01 Tractor Front Lift£103.24   £89.09

A simple way to service or maintain your garden tractor. The EGVT01 front lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 130kg.

HUSQVARNA Rider Straight Loading Ramps (450 kg)

HUSQVARNA Rider Straight Loading Ramps (450 kg)£111.41  -  £127.99

These straight loading ramps have a maximum total load of 450 kg and are constructed of sea-water resistant aluminium with a slip-resistant surface for a secure grip even in wet and slippery environments. Sold in pairs.

HUSQVARNA Rider Wheel Weight (Single)

HUSQVARNA Rider Wheel Weight (Single)£129.99   £112.00

This is a single wheel weight for Husqvarna Rider / Lawn Tractors, compatible with the 11C, 13HC, 15C, 16H, 155, 175 and 15-V2. This is for one wheel weight. Two are required per machine.

HUSQVARNA Tractor Curved Loading Ramps (450 kg)

HUSQVARNA Tractor Curved Loading Ramps (450 kg)£134.99  -  £179.99

Made of sea-water resistant aluminium and with a slip resistant surface, these curved loading ramps give a secure grip and are well-suited for trailers with a height up to 700 mm, with a maximum load of 450 kg. Sold in pairs.

HONDA Tractor Side Lift

HONDA Tractor Side Lift£145.50   £138.00


With this simple to use tractor side lift, access is easy to help you maintain and inspect your tractor. Designed to be used with all Honda tractors and ride-on mowers.

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Small - C / B Series Post-2014)

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Small - C / B Series Post-2014)£150.00   £142.50

A ventilated tractor cover that prevents condensation to help keep your machinery in the best condition and ideal for Countax C and B Series tractors manufactured since 2014.

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Large - A/K Series)

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Large - A/K Series)£160.00   £152.00


This large tractor cover is intended for Countax's A and K series tractors, with a ventilated design that helps prevent condensation to keep your machine in top condition.

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Small - C Series Pre-2014)

COUNTAX Tractor Cover (Small - C Series Pre-2014)£160.00   £152.00

This small tractor cover is ventilated to help prevent condensation, thus keeping your tractor in top condition. It covers the whole tractor, even with the powered grass collector attached.

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit£165.00

This arm rest kit is for Kubota's Z122R, adding to your comfort and allowing you to reduce fatigue while operating.

STIGA Mulching Plug Kit

STIGA Mulching Plug Kit£179.00

A mulching plug kit approved by STIGA containing a mulching plug and blades compatible with STIGA Estate 599 petrol garden tractor ideal for mulching and finely shredding the grass to use as a natural fertiliser.

COUNTAX Chevron Tyres 18 inches

COUNTAX Chevron Tyres 18 inches£295.00   £280.94

Chevron 18 inch tyres give an increased grip, which is especially good on slippery ground.

COUNTAX  Chevron Tyres 23 inches

COUNTAX Chevron Tyres 23 inches£395.00   £376.20

Chevron 23 inch tyres provide extra grip, which is especially good on slippery ground.

COUNTAX Mounted Snowblade

COUNTAX Mounted Snowblade£465.00   £442.00

Countax Tractor Mounted Snowblade easy to fit snowblade is designed to be used with the C/A/D Series tractors.

Ariens APEX Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) Kit

Ariens APEX Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) Kit£525.00

Added Protection for APEX Zero Turn Mowers
HUSQVARNA 94 cm Combi Deck (200 Series)

HUSQVARNA 94 cm Combi Deck (200 Series)£949.00   £813.43

A 94 cm cutting deck for use with Husqvarna R 214T and R 261T AWD ride-on mowers. Featuring 3 blades for BioClip (mulching) and rear ejection cutting modes.

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