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STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge

STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge£6.76  -  £11.85

STIHL's plastic felling wedges are impact-resistant even at low temperatures and boast a polyamide, textured surface to prevent the wedge from slipping out. Available in three sizes.

STIHL Eco Marker Spray

STIHL Eco Marker Spray£9.20   £7.18

An effective, long-lasting tree marking spray with a visible luminous orange pigment. It is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, and almost scent free.

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge£7.34  -  £14.21

This felling wedge is available in three different sizes and is made of high impact ABS plastic. They are designed to help the tree fall in the right direction when felling, providing a safer, cleaner working experience.

STIHL Sharpening Stone & Whetstone

STIHL Sharpening Stone & Whetstone£14.45   £11.26

This sharpening stone & whetstone is ideal for all manner of sharpening/whetting tasks. It is a two-sided tool with coarse and fine grain, for use with oil or water.

HUSQVARNA Throw Weight

HUSQVARNA Throw Weight£15.79

An abrasion-resistant throw weight for arborists, with improved durability and high tensile strength, featuring a steel ring and transfer loop attachments.

STIHL Wood Moisture Gauge

STIHL Wood Moisture Gauge£20.65   £16.05


STIHL's wood moisture gauge is the ideal tool for measuring the amount of water present in a piece of wood. Includes batteries and instructions.



HUSQVARNA Carabiner£16.58  -  £18.26

Choose from an oval, D-shape, and HMS carabiner for trained arborists. All are constructed from forged aluminium for maximum strength whilst also being lightweight. 

STIHL Aluminium Felling Wedge

STIHL Aluminium Felling Wedge£20.37  -  £29.90

These felling wedges are ideal for forestry and tree-felling work, made from a high quality aluminium allow with narrow blades to effectively penetrate the wood. Available in three sizes for different trunk diameters.

HUSQVARNA Aluminium Felling Wedge

HUSQVARNA Aluminium Felling Wedge£21.59  -  £31.04

Husqvarna's aluminium felling wedges are made of tough, high quality aluminium alloy and allow you to help ensure the tree you are cutting falls in the right direction.

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)£27.99   £24.99

A four way splitting wedge, this attachment is designed to fit easily over the existing splitting wedge on your Handy THLSV-6, THPLS7TE or THPLS7TP, to increase your splitting efficiency.

HUSQVARNA Twisted Splitting Wedge

HUSQVARNA Twisted Splitting Wedge£34.49   £31.04

This twisted splitting wedge from Husqvarna is designed for splitting older, tougher wood, with a curved design to create maximum splitting.  To be used with a sledge or sledge axe.


HUSQVARNA Throwline£39.99   £31.59

The throwline is used to pull climbing ropes up into the trees and through the canopy. It has a urethane coating which makes it resistant to abrasion and knots.


HUSQVARNA Rope Bag£49.99   £39.99

This 28 Litre rope bag that can hold up to 80cm of 12mm climbing rope. A cinch top closure keeps the rope secure, and there are gear storage loops on the front.

MITOX Horizontal Cross Wedge

MITOX Horizontal Cross Wedge£44.00   £40.98

A 4-way log splitting wedge for splitting logs twice as fast. Compatible with horizontal Mitox log splitters.

MITOX Vertical Cross Wedge

MITOX Vertical Cross Wedge£44.00   £40.98

A 4-way log splitting wedge for splitting logs twice as fast. Compatible with vertical Mitox log splitters.

HUSQVARNA Folding Throwline Cube

HUSQVARNA Folding Throwline Cube£60.99

A 40cm x 40cm cube that keeps the throwline clean and tangle-free. With 2 interior pockets, an interior hook-and-loop strap and D-ring, and 2 exterior corner loops.

GTM Rattle Wedge Splitter

GTM Rattle Wedge Splitter£219.00   £195.00

A lightweight aluminium rattle wedge splitter for arborists, to help to control the wood with minimal effort for a safe and superb felling experience.


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