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STIHL Harness for Leaf Blowers

STIHL Harness for Leaf Blowers£7.66   £6.72

Harness suitable for these blowers only: BG56CE, SH56CE, SH86CE, SHE71, BGE71, BG86CE

STIHL Cordless Harness

STIHL Cordless Harness£9.36   £6.96


A single strap harness with an attachment clip, for more comfortable operation of STIHL FSA 60 R, FSA 65, FSA 85, FSA 86 R, FSA 90 R, HLA 56, and HLA 66 machines.

STIHL Chest strap

STIHL Chest strap£9.31   £7.35


A chest belt for the STIHL ADVANCE universal harness and backpack blowers, that ensures the shoulder straps of the harness are securely positioned.

STIHL Quick Release Bracket for Telescopic Shaft Harness

STIHL Quick Release Bracket for Telescopic Shaft Harness£11.42   £8.75

Designed to allow you to more easily handle your pole pruner or hedge trimmer when used with a basic shoulder strap or STIHL RTS harness.

STIHL Basic Harness

STIHL Basic Harness£14.12   £11.15


This basic STIHL harness ensures less-tiring and safer operation of their tools. It is provided as standard with most STIHL brushcutters, and is designed for the FS 38, FS 40, FS 50, HL and HT.

STIHL Battery Belt Bag

STIHL Battery Belt Bag£22.48   £18.44

An additional bag for STIHL's battery belt, allowing you to carry another AP battery or any other accessories, such as gloves, sunglasses or resin remover spray.

STIHL Harness With Carrying Strap (BGA 85)

STIHL Harness With Carrying Strap (BGA 85)£26.75   £19.36

A harness for STIHL's BGA 85, which makes carrying the blower even easier. Its adjustable strap facilitates greater balance when used with either AP or AR batteries. Additional pads are required for AR backpack batteries.

STIHL Support Cushion Set

STIHL Support Cushion Set£23.53   £20.68

A genuine STIHL support cushion set with a belt adapter for securing the support cushion to the carrying system, battery belt, or hip belt of an AR backpack battery.

HUSQVARNA Standard Double Harness

HUSQVARNA Standard Double Harness£34.49   £26.90

This double harness from Husqvarna is designed for lighter brushcutters and trimmers. It boasts adjustable padded shoulder straps and a simple and effective quick release clip on the chest.

ECHO Backpack Blower Hip Belt (Fits PB580 & PB770)

ECHO Backpack Blower Hip Belt (Fits PB580 & PB770)£32.00   £29.00

Hip belt, fitting the PB580 & PB770 ECHO blowers.

STIHL FS Support Cushion

STIHL FS Support Cushion£34.92   £31.43

A support cushion with a belt adapter that allows you to attach it to the carrying system and hip belt of AR backpack batteries. Retrofittable to all FS harnesses in the Advance series.

STIHL Hip Belt for Backpack Blowers

STIHL Hip Belt for Backpack Blowers£43.33   £39.00

Hip belt for Stihl BR350, BR430, and BR450 Backpack blowers

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness£39.95  -  £48.60


The STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness is designed to be used with the STIHL range of strimmers and brushcutters, ranging from the FS 50 to the FS 550. Features an extremely ergonomic design.

STIHL Double Shoulder Harness

STIHL Double Shoulder Harness£47.96  -  £53.29

A double shoulder harness with soft padding for comfortable working during prolonged periods. Compatible with STIHL FS 55-560, FSA 90, FSA 130, and FSA 135.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 35 Harness£62.99   £50.39

This ergonomic harness allows you to spread the load of heavy equipment across your shoulders, back and chest, for reduced strain. With a wide back plate, wide padded straps and a shock absorbing hip pad.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 35B Harness£62.99   £50.39

This ergonomic harness from Husqvarna is designed for their battery range of trimmers, distributing the load optimally between your chest, back and shoulders, for reduced strain while working.

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness£67.84   £50.99

An extremely light and comfortable harness, with the added addition of a quick release system for fast connection and disconnection of brushcutters. Suitable for models from the FS 50 to the FS 560.

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness£53.09  -  £58.98

This forestry harness features freely suspended leg protection to provide excellent freedom of movement. Ideal for forestry use with circular saw blades and suitable for STIHL models FS 100 to FS 550.


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 55 Harness£72.99   £60.58

This is an ergonomic harness ideal for distributing load between your shoulders, chest and back. With a shock-absorbing hip pad, wide, padded straps and a wide back plate.

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)£73.30   £62.52

This harness is a highly effective addition to reflective clothing when mowing in hazardous areas, suitable for models FS 50 to FS 560. An ergonomic and comfortable harness.

STIHL AP Carrying Rucksack

STIHL AP Carrying Rucksack£79.72   £64.51

A lightweight rucksack for reducing the weight of your cordless power tools. Store two AP System batteries within the carrying system, one in use and one spare.

STIHL Battery Belt & Harness

STIHL Battery Belt & Harness£80.26   £71.51

This ergonomic and comfortable harness and belt package helps provide weight distribution across your hips and shoulders, while reducing weight in the hand when using battery tools.

STIHL BGA 200 Comfort Carrying System

STIHL BGA 200 Comfort Carrying System£80.78   £75.94

A comfort carrying system for the BGA 200 blower, to enable it to be used as a handheld or quickly switched into a slot on the side of the operators body.

STIHL RTS Super Harness

STIHL RTS Super Harness£114.92   £85.00


This harness is designed for STIHL's long reach hedge trimmers, and transfers the machine's weight to your hips, resulting in a dramatic reduction in back stress while not compromising on freedom of movement.

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