Log Saws and Splitters

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LAWNFLITE 4 Way Log Splitter for the LS80P

LAWNFLITE 4 Way Log Splitter for the LS80P£30.00

Using this cross shaped wedge in conjunction with the Lawnflite LS80P log splitter means the logs can be split into four making them smaller for burning. Features a B&S 8hp engine.

HANDY Stand for THLS-4 Log Splitter

HANDY Stand for THLS-4 Log Splitter£39.99

This stand makes your Handy log splitter even easier to use. It is designed for the THLS-4 splitter, and brings it up to waist height, while also including transport wheels fore easy transportation.

HANDY Stand for THLS-6 Log Splitter

HANDY Stand for THLS-6 Log Splitter£39.99

Able to fit the THLS-6 log splitter from Handy, this stand raises it to your waist height for improved ergonomics and comfort. Transport wheels are also provided to make manoeuvrability simple.

HANDY THLS-4 Electric Log Splitter

HANDY THLS-4 Electric Log Splitter£229.99

With a 1500 watt electric motor, this log splitter benefits from 4 ton splitting force, yet is compact enough to fit easily in your shed or garage.

LAWNFLITE LS5220EH Electric Logsplitter

LAWNFLITE LS5220EH Electric Logsplitter£315.00

5 Tonne Electric logsplitter with 230Volt engine.


HANDY THSBENCH Electric Log Saw£319.99

This is a powerful yet easy to use firewood saw bench, complete with a range of safety features and the ability to cut branches and timber up to 140 mm in diameter.

MITOX LS65X Log Splitter

MITOX LS65X Log Splitter£349.00

The LS65x model improves further upon the specification of the LS40 with a more powerful 2200w motor, providing up to 6.5 tonnes of reliable splitting power.

LAWNFLITE LS72300EH Electric Logsplitter

LAWNFLITE LS72300EH Electric Logsplitter£350.00

Horizontal electric logsplitter with 7 Tonne splitting force.

HANDY THSV6 Vertical Electric Log Splitter (6 Ton)

HANDY THSV6 Vertical Electric Log Splitter (6 Ton)£499.99   £479.99

Thanks to its powerful 2700 watt electric motor, this log splitter can produce six tonnes of splitting force, tackling logs up to 107 cm long and 30 cm thick.

LAWNFLITE LS8300EV Electric Logsplitter

LAWNFLITE LS8300EV Electric Logsplitter£599.00   £509.00

Powerful electric log splitter with a splitting force of 8 tonnes. Capable of holding a log from 80 - 300cm in length and with a diameter of 30 cm.

WESSEX LS100 Tractor Mounted Log Splitter

WESSEX LS100 Tractor Mounted Log Splitter£740.00

The tractor mounted hydraulic log splitter makes your jobs a pleasure. Using the tractors hydraulic system, the LS100 is strong, and yet features a simplistic design.

MITOX LS700BS Petrol Log Splitter

MITOX LS700BS Petrol Log Splitter£1,099.00   £899.00

The versatile Mitox LS700BS, is a petrol powered vertical log splitter with a maximum splitting force of 7 tonnes, giving you the added freedom to work away from a power supply.

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter

LAWNFLITE LS550 Log Splitter£2,150.00

The Lawnflite LS550 log splitter is great for splitting hefty logs. 25 tonnes of pressure can be applied to split logs of up to 25 inches in diameter, and includes a robust B&S 650 series engine.


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