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STIHL MultiTool Cultivator Blade

STIHL MultiTool Cultivator Blade£17.50   £16.00

This attachment for the MM-BF and MM-BK allows you to vary the working depth and speed when cultivating the soil with your STIHL MultiSystem.

HANDY THMT26EXT Extension Bar (To Fit THMT26)

HANDY THMT26EXT Extension Bar (To Fit THMT26)£24.99

This extension bar is designed to fit Handy's THMT26 Petrol Multi-Tool, specifically to extend your reach while using the pole pruner and hedge trimmer attachments.

STIGA Grubber Multi-Mate Attachment

STIGA Grubber Multi-Mate Attachment£39.00   £30.00

A 3 pointed grubber attachment for compatible Multi-Mate tools suitable for weeding soil in flowerbeds. It is assisted by forward and backward movements.

STIGA 226J / JD Extension Shaft Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Extension Shaft Attachment£33.06

This is a handy 70 cm extension pole compatible with Stiga brushcutters 226 J/JD, allowing you to reach more out of the way areas with your tools.

STIHL MM-FC MultiTool Edge Trimmer

STIHL MM-FC MultiTool Edge Trimmer£40.00   £36.00

This attachment for STIHL's MultiTool system creates clean edges, cutting deep into the roots. It is also ideal for cutting out patches of lawn to be transplanted. 


STIHL KM-BAG Carry Bag£41.50   £37.00


This carrying bag is ideal for the transport and the protection of your KombiEngine with a loop handle, along with the KM-FS or KM-HL KombiTools. It is also suitable for the HSA 66, HSA 86, HLA 65, BGA 85 and BGA 100.

STIGA Pruning Cutter Multi-Mate Attachment

STIGA Pruning Cutter Multi-Mate Attachment£49.00   £40.00

A pruning disc attachment for compatible SGM 72 AE and SGM 102 AE Multi-Mate tools suitable for trimming hedges and shrubs with branches up to 3.6 cm in diameter.

STIGA Telescopic Handle and Wheels Attachment

STIGA Telescopic Handle and Wheels Attachment£49.00   £40.00

This telescopic shaft and wheel set for STIGA's Multi-Mate allows you to easily edge around smaller lawns and use the grass blade attachment while standing up.

STIHL KM-0.5M KombiTool Shaft Extension

STIHL KM-0.5M KombiTool Shaft Extension£75.00   £60.00

The STIHL KM-0. 5M aluminium attachment adds a further 50 cm to reach the tops of tall trees. For use with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools.

HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)

HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)£74.99   £61.00


This extension attachment is designed to fit the Husqvarna 129LK, 525LK and 535LK combi products, providing an extra reach of 78 cm, with a shaft diameter of 24 mm. 

STIGA 226J / JD Hedge Trimmer Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Hedge Trimmer Attachment£79.00   £67.28

This is a hedge trimmer attachment for the Stiga SBC 226J and SBC 226JD split shaft brushcutters, helping you to keep tall hedges neat and tidy from ground level.

STIGA 226J / JD Pruner Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Pruner Attachment£79.00   £67.28

Pruner attachment for Stiga SBC 226J and SBC 226JD MB2801J split shaft brushcutters - prune those tree branches safely and easily from the ground.

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines£75.00   £68.00


An attachment for STIHL's MultiSystem, these pick tines are able to break up hard or heavy clay soil easily and loosely, making them ideal for recultivation, loosening the soil or compact planting.

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines£75.00   £68.00

This bolo tine attachment for STIHL's MultiTool system helps to prepare the soil for planting. It is ideal for spreading fine, sandy soil, for marking rows, or for crumbling large sods of earth.

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator£75.00   £68.00

Uniformly perforate the surface of your lawn with this aerator MultiTool for STIHL's MultiSystem. Recommended for use with the wheel kit accessory, it has a working width of 20 cm.

EGO STA1500 Multi-tool Line Strimmer

EGO STA1500 Multi-tool Line Strimmer£85.00   £75.00

A 2.4 mm line trimmer attachment is for use with the EGO multi-tool power head. The attachment comes with the Rapid Reload head which makes reloading the line easy.

STIHL FSB-KM KombiTool Brushcutter

STIHL FSB-KM KombiTool Brushcutter£100.00   £80.00

The FSB-KM is a KombiTool brushcutter attachment for use with compatible STIHL KombiEngines. It has a bent shaft and is ideal for trimming in restricted spaces.

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool£105.00   £82.95


The Echo 90cm extension shaft is to be used with the PAS-265ES engine unit, and any of the Echo Multi-Tool Attachments to give you extra reach when required.

HONDA SSES-S Short VersaTool Extension Shaft

HONDA SSES-S Short VersaTool Extension Shaft£100.00   £85.00


HONDA SSES-S 50cm extension shaft is designed to be used with the VersaTool Pruner and the Hedgetrimmer Attachments to provide extra reach.

STIHL KM-1M KombiTool Shaft Extension

STIHL KM-1M KombiTool Shaft Extension£112.50   £90.00


This extension will add an extra metre of length to your KM-HT or KM-HL STIHL KombiTools, allowing you a far greater reach. Made of lightweight carbon fibre with an aluminium outer shaft.

STIHL KombiTool Angled Gearhead (KM-HT / HT 101 / HT 131)

STIHL KombiTool Angled Gearhead (KM-HT / HT 101 / HT 131)£100.00   £90.00

This angled gearhead is for use with the KM-HT attachment, HT 101 and HT 131, allowing for an improved working angle for tricky sections.

STIHL RTS Super Harness

STIHL RTS Super Harness£100.00   £90.00


This harness is designed for STIHL's long reach hedge trimmers, and transfers the machine's weight to your hips, resulting in a dramatic reduction in back stress while not compromising on freedom of movement.

HONDA SSES-L Long VersaTool Extension Shaft

HONDA SSES-L Long VersaTool Extension Shaft£115.00   £98.00


The HONDA SSES-L 100cm extension shaft is for the VersaTool system, and can be easily fitted to both the UMC 425 and the UMC 435.

HUSQVARNA TA850 Trimmer Attachment (129LK / 525LK)

HUSQVARNA TA850 Trimmer Attachment (129LK / 525LK)£119.99   £98.00

This trimmer attachment is equipped with a combination guard and a T35 Tap 'n' Go trimmer head, allowing you to trim grass effortlessly. It can be fitted with a blade in conjunction with a J handle kit.

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