Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is essential for trade work. With tools designed to cut, split, chop and many more painful sounding verbs - protection is important.

We stock the best safety equipment from world leading manufacturers - these are highly professional products that are ideal for a commercial use. Everything from gloves, to jackets and hard-hats - robust clothing made to keep you safe.

When it comes to PPE, we've got you covered - literally.


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These waterproof STIHL gloves are made from nylon with closed cuffs. They are designed for mechanics to wear, offering high grip in wet conditions and are available in three sizes.


STIHL UNIVERSAL Work Gloves£3.40

These all-purpose work gloves are made of a canvas material, which combines pig skin with cotton for softness and insulation. They are also lined, increasing comfort further.

STEIN 3 Tool Clips

STEIN 3 Tool Clips£4.00

Three blue Stein large tool clip, with snap gate carabiners, are deal for saw attachments, throwline kits, or any other climbing duty. Constructed of very strong aluminium.

STEIN Retrieval Ball

STEIN Retrieval Ball£4.00


The Stein retriever ball is fitted with a 32mm plastic ball, and a 6mm heavy duty bungee cord, which is 11cm in length.


STIHL STANDARD Safety Glasses£4.25


These safety glasses, also suitable for spectacle-wearers, provide protection while working conforming to EN 166, with 100% UV and side-protection. Ideal for occasional use.



These universal work gloves use a PES knit to the back of the hand and fingers, with a heavy-duty latex coating on the palm. This makes them breathable while still being suited to use in wet conditions.

STEIN 28mm aluminium Ring

STEIN 28mm aluminium Ring£6.00

The gold Stein arborist aluminium ring is 46mm in diameter, and 12mm walls, with a rating of 25kn.

STEIN Anchor Plate for VEGA Harness

STEIN Anchor Plate for VEGA Harness£7.00

The Stein anchor plate is designed to be used with the Vega harness. Just simply thread onto the accessory cord used to make the gear loops on the harness.

STEIN Kask Euro Adaptor

STEIN Kask Euro Adaptor£7.77

The Kask euro adaptors are to be used with the helmet mount ear defenders. They're required to mount ear defenders to the plasma and super plasma Stein helmets.

Husqvarna metal mesh visor

Husqvarna metal mesh visor£10.00   £8.50

Husqvarna metal mesh visor

STEIN 46mm Aluminium Ring

STEIN 46mm Aluminium Ring£9.00

The blue Stein arborist aluminium ring is 46mm in diameter, and 12mm walls, with a rating of 25kn.

STEIN Bent Gate Carabiner

STEIN Bent Gate Carabiner£9.00

The Stein bent gate carabiner is designed for securing tools and equipment. Constructed of anodised aluminium, which is 100% tested and inspected.

STEIN Figure 8 - Small

STEIN Figure 8 - Small£9.00

The Stein figure 8 is constructed of strong aluminium, with a minimum breaking point of 25kn, and designed to take rope diameter of 9mm - 13mm.

STEIN Orbit Orange Safety Glasses

STEIN Orbit Orange Safety Glasses£9.00

The safety glasses are specially designed with flexi-shape technology for great comfort, and versatility. Available in orange or yellow.

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Clear

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Clear£9.00

The Stein orbit safety glasses have been specially designed with flexi-shape technology for increased comfort for the user, with a colour option of clear, or dark.

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Dark

STEIN ORBIT Safety Glasses - Dark£9.00

STEIN Orbit Yellow Safety Glasses

STEIN Orbit Yellow Safety Glasses£9.00

The yellow safety glasses are specially designed with flexi-shape technology for great comfort, and versatility.

STEIN Throw Line Pouch

STEIN Throw Line Pouch£9.18

Stein Throw Line Pouch Medium sized storage bag with draw string top,internal volume - 3.8 litres
Husqvarna nylon mesh visor

Husqvarna nylon mesh visor£11.00   £9.35

Husqvarna nylon mesh visor

STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors

STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors£9.35

The STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors have an adjustable head band allowing the you to position the ear defenders in a comfortable position. They can protect your ears from noise up to 103 dB(A).

STIHL Knee Protectors

STIHL Knee Protectors£9.35

STIHL's black knee protectors are compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers, designed to be inserted into knee-pad pockets and meeting BS EN 14404.


STIHL ASTROSPEC Safety Glasses£9.78

These safety glasses, available in tinted and clear varieties, feature an adjustable and replaceable visor, as well as adjustable arms and side protection. With 100% UV protection and conforming to EN 166.

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Gloves

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Gloves£9.99

STIHL LEATHER universal five fingered work gloves are made from cowskin leather and provide a good comfortable fit, designed for universal use. Available in S, M, L, or XL.

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£13.00   £11.05

These protective glasses boast non-scratch, clear lenses that can be angled to suit you, as well as frames that can be extended for a perfect fit.

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