Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is essential for trade work. With tools designed to cut, split, chop and many more painful sounding verbs - protection is important.

We stock the best safety equipment from world leading manufacturers - these are highly professional products that are ideal for a commercial use. Everything from gloves, to jackets and hard-hats - robust clothing made to keep you safe.

When it comes to PPE, we've got you covered - literally.


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Stihl Function SensoTouch Gloves

Stihl Function SensoTouch Gloves£4.50

Knitted with nitrile dipping to provide excellent handling, these protective gloves have an elasticated cuff. There's no need to take them off to use a smartphone.

STIHL Function Universal Gloves

STIHL Function Universal Gloves£4.50

Made from cow skin leather and cotton (canvas), these STIHL gloves are lined and feature knuckle protection. One size fits most.


STIHL STANDARD Safety Glasses£5.50

These safety glasses, also suitable for spectacle-wearers, provide protection while working conforming to EN 166, with 100% UV and side-protection. Ideal for occasional use.

HANDY Rocwood Safety Glasses

HANDY Rocwood Safety Glasses£5.74

Universal safety glasses suitable for grass trimmer operators, with clear, anti-fog lenses and a neck strap ensures secure wear. A protective cloth bag is supplied.

Stihl Function Durogrip Gloves

Stihl Function Durogrip Gloves£6.50

Stihl Function ThermoGrip Gloves

Stihl Function ThermoGrip Gloves£7.50

STIHL Knee Protectors

STIHL Knee Protectors£9.35

STIHL's black knee protectors are compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers, designed to be inserted into knee-pad pockets and meeting BS EN 14404.

Husqvarna metal mesh visor

Husqvarna metal mesh visor£10.00


Husqvarna metal mesh visor

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit£11.00

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA Functional Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA Functional Hygiene Kit£11.00

HUSQVARNA Functional Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA nylon mesh visor

HUSQVARNA nylon mesh visor£11.00

Husqvarna nylon mesh visor

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£11.05

These protective glasses boast non-scratch, clear lenses that can be angled to suit you, as well as frames that can be extended for a perfect fit.

Stihl Concept 23 Ear Protectors

Stihl Concept 23 Ear Protectors£11.50

The STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors have an adjustable head band allowing the you to position the ear defenders in a comfortable position. They can protect your ears from noise up to 103 dB(A).


STIHL ASTROSPEC Safety Glasses£12.00

These safety glasses, available in tinted and clear varieties, feature an adjustable and replaceable visor, as well as adjustable arms and side protection. With 100% UV protection and conforming to EN 166.

Stihl Dynamic Duro Gloves

Stihl Dynamic Duro Gloves£12.00

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles£13.40

These protective goggles from Husqvarna have been developed to be well-suited to people who wear eyeglasses. Anti-fog coated lenses and a soft inside ensure these are comfortable to wear.

STIHL Chin Strap

STIHL Chin Strap£13.50

Keep your protective helmet secure whatever the task at hand with this STIHL chin strap, suitable for the advance series of STIHL helmets.

HUSQVARNA Classic Light Gloves

HUSQVARNA Classic Light Gloves£16.00   £13.60

These slim fitting, comfortable gloves have a goat leather palm with jersey fabric to the back. With good protection against moisture, making them suitable for demanding jobs.

Stihl Concept 24 Ear Protectors

Stihl Concept 24 Ear Protectors£13.60


The STIHL CONCEPT 24 ear defenders are housed on a robust metal headband, featuring holes to maintain good air circulation. They block out noises of up to 104 dB(A) to protect your hearing.

HUSQVARNA perspex visor

HUSQVARNA perspex visor£14.00

Husqvarna perspex visor


STIHL CONTRAST Safety Glasses£14.00


These safety glasses from STIHL are available in four colours, for varying levels or light and operations. They are complete with 100% UV protection, side protection and padded earpieces.

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses£14.50

Ideal for use in sunny conditions, these tinted protective glasses boast non-scratch, angle-able lenses that protect your eyes while also benefiting from UV protection.

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses£14.50

These yellow tinted protective glasses give you excellent visibility even when working in dark conditions. They have frames that can be extended and lenses you can angle to suit your needs.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors£15.35

This is a basic pair of Husqvarna earmuffs, featuring standard ear protectors with an extra wide headband, providing a secure and comfortable fit with less pressure on the head.

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