Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is essential for trade work. With tools designed to cut, split, chop and many more painful sounding verbs - protection is important.

We stock the best safety equipment from world leading manufacturers - these are highly professional products that are ideal for a commercial use. Everything from gloves, to jackets and hard-hats - robust clothing made to keep you safe.

When it comes to PPE, we've got you covered - literally.


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HUSQVARNA Rain Jacket£60.00   £51.00

This is a high quality rain jacket made of strong nylon with a yoke of PU/PVC. It is fastened with a long zip protected by a flap and press studs, while the collar boasts Velcro closure for a great fit.

STEIN SCE 3 m Lanyard  c/w SNAP

STEIN SCE 3 m Lanyard c/w SNAP£51.00

The Stein SCE lanyard with snap is 3m in length, and is a work positioning device, used in conjunction with an approved climbing system, or as a stand alone positioning device.

STIHL ADVANCE Long Sleeve Base Layer

STIHL ADVANCE Long Sleeve Base Layer£52.70

Designed to maintain an optimum body temperature, this long sleeve top base layer also has very good moisture-handling and quick-drying properties. With padded sections for extra support.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket£69.00   £58.65

This jacket is perfect for occasional outdoor tasks like chopping firewood, with its high quality polyester/cotton twill allowing you to work in comfort, with hi-viz and reflective sections adding safety.

STIHL FS PROTECT Brushcutter Protective Trousers

STIHL FS PROTECT Brushcutter Protective Trousers£59.50

These robust brushcutter trousers boast breathable impact protection, long ventilation openings on the rear and compatibility with FS braces and leg protection accessories.

HUSQVARNA Functional 24 Rubber Chainsaw Boots

HUSQVARNA Functional 24 Rubber Chainsaw Boots£70.83   £60.21

Designed to keep your feet warm and dry while offering approved saw protection with extra reinforcements to the sole and upper sections, plus steel toe caps and cotton lining.

STIHL VENT471 High Visibility Jacket

STIHL VENT471 High Visibility Jacket£65.88

This is a light, elastic and breathable high visibility jacket ideal for summer temperatures and intensely physical work. With two breast pockets, reflective strips and an elasticated waste for the best fit.

HUSQVARNA Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Boots

HUSQVARNA Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Boots£79.17   £67.29

These handmade boots boast numerous reinforcements to make them strong and durable enough for tough applications. With approved saw protection, steel toe caps and a canvas lining.

STIHL FS PROTECT471 Clearing Saw Protective Trousers

STIHL FS PROTECT471 Clearing Saw Protective Trousers£70.13

These high visibility trousers are designed for brush cutting and clearing work, featuring hard-wearing outer fabric, large ventilation openings and compatibility with the patented FS leg protection system.

STEIN 3 m Flipline with Snap

STEIN 3 m Flipline with Snap£71.00

The Stein 3.0 m wire-core lanyard features stainless steel thimbles, with a 3 way swivel snap.

STIHL High Visibility Jacket

STIHL High Visibility Jacket£72.25

A high quality, high visibility jacket in bright orange with reflective stripes, meeting BS EN 471. With three pockets, a semi-elasticated waist and rear ventilation.



This green and high visibility orange jacket is made from durable materials and features elastic inserts, ventilation panels, two breast pockets, reinforced elbows and reflective strips.

HUSQVARNA Technical Forest Helmet

HUSQVARNA Technical Forest Helmet£75.00


A newly designed lightweight yet sturdy protective helmet from Husqvarna, this also features hearing protectors and a visor, plus optional FM radio. With an innovative ventilation design.

STIHL STANDARD Rubber Chainsaw Boots

STIHL STANDARD Rubber Chainsaw Boots£75.00

STIHL's STANDARD rubber chainsaw boots provide a firm and safe foothold with Class 1 cut resistance. They also benefit from rough tread, self cleaning, non-slip soles and an adjustable textile shaft collar.

STEIN Accessory Kit

STEIN Accessory Kit£80.58

The Stein accessory kit is designed for positioning lanyards, and contains a skywalker pulley, 2 oval carabiners, a copious TAC, and 2 retention rubbers.

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest High Viz Jacket

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest High Viz Jacket£95.00   £80.75

This high visibility jacket benefits from a comfortable design made from high-quality polyester/cotton twill. Meeting the highest standard for visibility, it is fully approved for use at the roadside as well as in the forest.

STIHL SPECIAL Rubber Chainsaw Boots

STIHL SPECIAL Rubber Chainsaw Boots£82.00

Available in a range of sizes, STIHL's SPECIAL rubber chainsaw boots have rough tread, self-cleaning, non-slip rubber soles, as well as reflective strips and cut resistance Class 3 protection.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Trousers 20A

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Trousers 20A£97.50   £82.88

Husqvarna have designed these Class 1 protection waist trousers for occasional chainsaw users. They allow you to work in safety, while visible and with robust, durable construction.

STIHL FS 3PROTECT Brushcutter Trousers

STIHL FS 3PROTECT Brushcutter Trousers£83.30

These are triple function brushcutter trousers, providing protection against impacts, thorns and water. An array of pockets give plenty of storage for your tools and mobile phone, while ventilation zips on the back of the things are also included.

STIHL HS MULTI-PROTECT Hedge Trimmer Protective Trousers

STIHL HS MULTI-PROTECT Hedge Trimmer Protective Trousers£83.30

These trousers are designed for hedge trimming jobs, featuring 3 pockets for various additional protectors, durable and comfortable material, as well as legs that can be zipped off to three quarters length.

HUSQVARNA Technical Brushcutter/Trimming Trousers

HUSQVARNA Technical Brushcutter/Trimming Trousers£99.00   £84.15

Designed for professionals, these robust, top-quality trousers include water resistant sections to the lower legs, additional reinforcement at the front, plus pre-bent knees and ventilation zippers.

STIHL WORKER S3 Laced Safety Boots

STIHL WORKER S3 Laced Safety Boots£85.00

These STIHL safety boots benefit from upper material made of high quality full grain leather, breathable textile lining, a steel midsole and an oil and fuel resistant rubber / EVA sole.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps 20A

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps 20A£106.00   £90.10

These chaps are easy to pull on and take off, ideal for providing occasional chainsaw users with high-quality, reliable protection. With a tough polyester/cotton twill and a full length zipper at the back.

STEIN Invert-A-Wrap

STEIN Invert-A-Wrap£90.78

The Stein invert-a-wrap is a lightweight and compact rope friction device, which is designed to be used in either orientation, and has a working load limit of 750kg.

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