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HUSQVARNA 415X Automower

HUSQVARNA 415X Automower
Our Price:  £2,349.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£1,957.50 Exc. VAT)


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A robotic mower designed for medium-sized lawns with some complexity

Automower® 415X is a grey-coloured robotic mower with a four wheel platform, designed for medium-sized lawns around 1500 m2 with some slopes up to 40%. It has automatic passage handling and triple search function which facilitates navigation through complex areas, too. Automower® 415X replaces a medium to large pedestrian lawnmower. Automower® requires its charging station to be installed nearby an electricity power source, but the machine itself is battery-powered.

A fully automatic cutting system with excellent results

The robot mower can be set to run at any time to suit; it is safe to operate around pets and children, and should it come up against any obstacles it will simply stop, turn around, and continue on its way. Automower® uses 3 pivoting blades to cut the surface of the lawn very little and often - you won't be able to see the clippings - and in turn creates a noticeably different, beautifully finished lawn. Automower® 415X has a cutting width of 22 cm and a height of cut adjustable 20-50 mm

It will mow for 24 hours a day, if you like

Automower® 415X is fueled by battery power and has a typical mow time of 50 minutes before it needs to recharge, where it will take itself back to its charging station and fully recharge in around 60 minutes. Its mowing schedule is fully customisable to suit personal requirements, and can work as much or as little as desired. The robotic mower operates quietly and can be put to work during the night; it has a sound level of 62 dB(A) which is similar to normal conversation and background noise. With an index of IPX5 it is also suitable for use in wet conditions, but not torrential rainfall.

Have total control over Automower®

The mower features a monochrome graphical display, but for even more insights the Automower® Connect app has a plethora of information. Using a smart device and a Bluetooth connection, the Automower® Connect app - available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store - can be used to start/stop the mower, adjust its settings, and receive vital information about the running of it. Automower® 415X can even be integrated with your smart home system, such as Amazon Alexa. 

Safety and security is ensured

The aforementioned application can be used to access the exact GPS location of the robot mower, giving you piece of mind wherever you are in the world. Automower® 415X includes an anti-theft alarm that will sound whenever it is carried away, requiring your unique PIN to deactivate it. If Automower® is lifted off the ground or tips over, the blades - which are located in the middle of the machine, far from the edge of the mower - will automatically stop.

What is included with purchase and what is required

Included with the purchase is Automower® 415X itself including a charging station and a 10 metre long voltage cable for plugging it in, as well as a spare pack of 6 blades. An installation kit is not included but is required; the size needed depends on the size and topography of the lawn.

Installation is necessary, ideally by a trained installer

Whilst Automower® can be fitted by a competent individual we strongly recommend a trained professional installs it for you, to ensure its proper performance and to prevent any issues which may void any warranty. Garden Machinery Direct are a specialist Automower® dealer for our area, and our trained installers usually fit Automower® within 100 miles of Worcestershire. Please feel free to contact us to discuss installation.


  • Working area: 1500 m2 +/- 20%
  • Maximum slope performance inside installation: 40%
  • Maximum slope performance at boundary: 15%
  • Charging system: automatic
  • Search system: Triplesearch
  • Follow guide: 1
  • Area capacity per hour: 63 m2
  • Maximum active time: 24 hours

Cutting system

  • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting height: 20-50 mm
  • Cutting width: 22 cm
  • Cutting height adjustment: electric
  • Skid plate: yes 

Safety and security

  • GPS theft tracking: yes
  • PIN code: yes
  • Alarm: yes
  • Lift sensor: yes
  • Tilt sensor: yes

Product data

  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Product size: 61 x 45 x 24 cm
  • Colour: grey
  • Sound level perceived: 62 dB(A)
  • Protection index (IP code): IPX5
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 2.0 Ah
  • Charging current: 1.3 A
  • Typical mow time on one charge: 50 minutes
  • Typical charging time: 60 minutes
  • Mean energy consumption at maximum use: 10 kWh


  • User interface: keypad and display/App
  • Display: monochrome graphical display 2,8"
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, cellular
  • App controlled: Automower® Connect
  • Smart home integration: yes
  • Firmware update: FOTA

Included with purchase

  • Extra blades: 6 pieces
  • Charging station: yes
  • Low voltage cable: 10 metres


Part Number:  970471703

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  • All machinery is tested by the manufacturer's trained technicians
  • When carrying out servicing and repairs, only genuine Husqvarna parts & spares are used to ensure quality

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