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HUSQVARNA 440 Automower

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2.7mm Safety  Cable (500 m) for robotic mowers2.7mm Safety Cable (500 m) for robotic mowers
HUSQVARNA Automower Installation KitHUSQVARNA Automower Installation Kit

A revolutionary robotic mower that can take on some of the toughest challenges.

The Automower 440 is designed for working areas up to 4000 m² and can handle slopes up to 45 percent.

For a carpet-like finish thanks to clever mowing

The ideal scenario when mowing lawns is to cut them little and often. This results in the healthiest possible grass and the lushest finish. With automowers able to cut auonomously all day, every day, achieving this is now a reality. The 440 gently cuts the grass in all directions so that it grows strong and moss growth is effectively prevented. The blades are razor-like and made of strong carbon steel, while the free movement pattern this mower uses results in the beautiful, carpet-like appearance

The latest intelligent mowing technology

The Automower 440 can automatically sense narrow passages and is able to find its way through even the smallest gaps. It knows to vary its route in these situations so as to avoid wearing the grass down. This model also has a spot cutting mode, allowing you to move garden furniture out of the way and to have the automower quickly mow a limited area of longer grass. The mower then mows in tight spirals before resuming automatic cutting when finished. 

If the battery begins to get low, the Automower 440 knows when to return to the docking station, which it does automatically and without human interaction. This model also uses dual guide wires, reducing searching times for particularly complex gardens. The Automowers are designed for the Nordic climate, so are perfectly capable not only of mowing around the clock, but in all weathers.

A machine with the outstanding quality you would expect from Husqvarna

Offering excellent levels of reliability combined with a beautiful finish to your lawn, Husqvarna's automowers also require minimal user interaction and maintenance. They produce no direct emissions and benefit from low energy consumption, operating at a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional mowers. The 440 is superbly quiet, able to operate around the clock without an issue. With a customisable anti-theft alarm, PIN code lock and lift and tilt sensors, security and safety are also taken care of.

Electric cut height adjustment is a further hallmark of this model's quality, changed simply using the machine's settings menu. You can also customise working times and many other settings in this way.

Please note: For installation you will need a Husqvarna installation kit in addition to this machine.

  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Typical charging time: 60 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge: 290 min
  • Mean energy consumption at maximum use: 20 kWh
  • Mean energy consumption at maximum use: 4000 m²
  • Power consumption during cutting: 30 W
  • Working area capacity (±20): 4000 m²
  • Charging system: Automatic
  • Maximum incline within the working area: 24 °
  • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting width: 24 cm
  • Cutting height max: 60 mm
  • Cutting height min: 20 mm
  • Colour: Granite Grey
  • Weight: 12.9 kg
  • Product size height: 31 cm
  • Product size length: 72 cm
  • Product size width: 56 cm
  • Keypad: 19 buttons
  • Display: Large LCD display
  • Timer: Yes
  • Handle type: Integrated
  • Alarm: Yes
  • PIN code: Yes
  • Installation lock: Yes
  • Time lock: Yes
  • GPS Theft tracking: Optional
  • Lift sensor: Yes
  • Tilt sensor: Yes
  • Ultrasonic sensor: No
  • Extra blades: 9 pcs
  • Loop wire: 0 ft
  • Loop wire: 0 m
  • Staples: 0 pcs
  • Sound level: Measured 56 dB(A)

Power Source:  Battery

Part Number:  440
SKU: H3-440AM

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  • All machinery is put through a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by trained technicians
  • When carrying out servicing and repairs, only genuine Husqvarna parts & spares are used to ensure quality

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