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MITOX 2-Stroke Engine Oil

MITOX 2-Stroke Engine Oil£1.99  -  £6.95

This high quality 2-stroke engine oil from Mitox is a semi-synthetic lubricant giving unrivalled engine protection in all conditions, ideal for use in injection systems or as a pre-mix at recommended ratios.

MITOX 25C SELECT Grass Trimmer

MITOX 25C SELECT Grass Trimmer£139.00


MITOX 25C-SP SELECT Strimmer£139.00   £99.00

This is an ideal entry level trimmer for light domestic use, supplied complete with an auto bump nylon line trimmer head and featuring an easy to use split-shaft design.

MITOX 260BX Petrol Blower

MITOX 260BX Petrol Blower£179.00

A petrol blower designed for home and landowners, with great features.


MITOX 26B-SP SELECT Blower£129.00

The 26B-SP blower is an entry level performance leaf blower suitable for the homeowner wanting value for money.

MITOX 26L SELECT Brushcutter

MITOX 26L SELECT Brushcutter£209.00

The 26L is a quality trimmer / brushcutter with nylon cutting head and 3-tooth metal blade.

MITOX 26L-SP SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 26L-SP SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£169.00   £129.00

This brushcutter and strimmer represents fantastic value, being supplied with both a pre-loaded nylon trimmer head and a three-tooth metal grass blade. Ideal for versatile yet easy operation.

MITOX 26LH-SP SELECT Hedge Trimmer

MITOX 26LH-SP SELECT Hedge Trimmer£219.00   £159.00


A long reach hedge trimmer ideal for domestic use at a great price, this model has an overall length of over 2.2 metres and 40 cm dual reciprocating blades for superior trimming.

MITOX 26MT-SP 4 in 1 Multi Tool

MITOX 26MT-SP 4 in 1 Multi Tool£199.00

MITOX 26U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 26U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£229.00   £179.00

Boasting Auto-Choke, plus supplied with both a three-tooth metal grass blade and an auto bump nylon line head, this domestic brushcutter is ideal as a great all round machine.

MITOX 2700LK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 2700LK PRO Brushcutter£399.00

MITOX 2700MTK PRO Multi Tool

MITOX 2700MTK PRO Multi Tool£999.00

MITOX 2700PK Power Unit

MITOX 2700PK Power Unit£389.00

MITOX 2700UK PRO Bruschutter

MITOX 2700UK PRO Bruschutter£429.00

MITOX 270LX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 270LX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£249.00   £219.00

This is a top quality straight shaft strimmer and brushcutter, with a powerful 1 kW output ideal for working on thicker grass and weeds. Supplied with a nylon line head and metal tri-blade.

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

Mitox's premium bike handle brushcutter that's an ideal choice for more demanding domestic users or landowners. Supplied with a nylon line head and three tooth metal tri-blade.

MITOX 280BVX Blower

MITOX 280BVX Blower£199.00

MITOX 28BV-SP SELECT Blower Vacuum

MITOX 28BV-SP SELECT Blower Vacuum£169.00   £129.00

The 28BV-SP is an entry level performance leaf blower & vacuum suitable for the homeowner wanting value for money.

MITOX 28LH-A SELECT Hedge Trimmer

MITOX 28LH-A SELECT Hedge Trimmer£269.00   £199.00

This is a highly versatile long reach hedge trimmer that allows you to cut the tops of hedges without a ladder. It boasts a 58 cm double sided blade and a split-shaft design for easy storage.

MITOX 28MT SELECT 5 in 1 Multi Tool

MITOX 28MT SELECT 5 in 1 Multi Tool£299.00

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter£499.00

MITOX 3500UK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 3500UK PRO Brushcutter£539.00

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£299.00   £269.00

This brushcutter is a premium model boasting an impressive 36.3cc petrol engine, providing higher power with lower emissions. Supplied with a nylon bump feed cutter head and metal blade.

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

This is a more powerful petrol brushcutter that is a great fit for domestic users looking for a higher capacity machine. Supplied with a grass trimmer head and a metal tooth blade, with Auto-Choke for easier starting.

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