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ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool£105.00   £82.95


The Echo 90cm extension shaft is to be used with the PAS-265ES engine unit, and any of the Echo Multi-Tool Attachments to give you extra reach when required.

ECHO Backpack Blower Hip Belt (Fits PB580 & PB770)

ECHO Backpack Blower Hip Belt (Fits PB580 & PB770)£30.00   £27.00

Hip belt, fitting the PB580 & PB770 ECHO blowers.

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit£72.00   £58.00

The Echo Gutter Cleaning Kit is designed to easily fit the PB-250, PB265ESL, PB-500, ES-250ES range of Echo blowers. The kit helps you reach high gutters with minimum effort.

ECHO Brush Attachment

ECHO Brush Attachment£410.00   £328.00

Attaches onto the PAS2620ES for efficient sweeping.


Echo CS-2511TES Top Handle Chainsaw

Echo CS-2511TES Top Handle Chainsaw£495.00   £406.00

Echo's lightest top handle chainsaw with 3/8 oitch roller sprocket bar

Echo CS-2511TESC Chainsaw

Echo CS-2511TESC Chainsaw£540.00   £432.00

Echo's lights top handle chainsaw with 1/4 pitch carving bar.

Echo CS-2511WES Chainsaw

Echo CS-2511WES Chainsaw£420.00   £336.00


Echo's lightest rear handle chainsaw with a 3/8 oitch roller sprocket bar

Echo CS-2511WESC Chainsaw

Echo CS-2511WESC Chainsaw£445.00   £356.00

Echo's lightest rear handle chainsaw with a 1/4 pitch carving bar.

ECHO CS-281WES Chainsaw

ECHO CS-281WES Chainsaw£300.00

Ultra lightweight at only 3.1 kg, compact professional saw with +18% torque.

ECHO CS-310ES Chainsaw

ECHO CS-310ES Chainsaw£196.00  -  £202.50

Entry level saw fitted with easy start - professional build quality.

ECHO CS-3510ES 14 Inch Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS-3510ES 14 Inch Petrol Chainsaw£335.00   £285.00

A lightweight chainsaw with a 35 cm bar and chain. For homeowner use such as pruning and cutting firewood. Featuring a new 34.4 cc engine with 15% more power.

Echo CS-361WES Chainsaw

Echo CS-361WES Chainsaw£289.00

Lightweight, easy start saw features slimline body for extra manoeuvrability.

Echo CS-362TES Top Handle Chainsaw

Echo CS-362TES Top Handle Chainsaw£476.00  -  £488.00

Echos most powerful top handle chainsaw fitted with easy start.

Echo CS-390ESX Chainsaw

Echo CS-390ESX Chainsaw£524.00  -  £528.00

Superior power to weight ratio, heavy duty professional chainsaw.

ECHO CS-420ES Chainsaw

ECHO CS-420ES Chainsaw£387.00  -  £400.00

Powerful commercial saw, fitted with easy start.

Echo CS-4510ES Chainsaw

Echo CS-4510ES Chainsaw£424.00  -  £444.00

Powerful commercial chainsaw, fitted with easy start.

ECHO CS-501SX Chainsaw

ECHO CS-501SX Chainsaw£604.00  -  £620.00

Heavy duty professional saaw, high torque and superior power to weight ratio.

ECHO CS-7310SX Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS-7310SX Petrol Chainsaw£880.00  -  £912.00

ECHO's newest professional chainsaw is its largest to date! Lightweight and ergonomic design with a powerful 73.5 cm3 2-stroke petrol engine. Choose your bar length.
ECHO ES-250ES Blower

ECHO ES-250ES Blower£305.00   £229.00


The shred 'n' vac blower from Echo, powerful and compact.

ECHO GT-222ES Petrol Strimmer

ECHO GT-222ES Petrol Strimmer£239.00   £191.00


A lightweight but robust petrol strimmer for domestic use. The loop handle and bent shaft lend to working in tighter spaces. Easy to start and a pleasure to use.

ECHO HC-2020 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HC-2020 Petrol Hedge Trimmer£325.00   £260.00


A lightweight and manoeuverable hedge trimmer, designed for clean cutting for domestic and small professional tasks. Built with reliable Japanese technology.

ECHO HC-2020R Petrol Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HC-2020R Petrol Hedge Trimmer£370.00   £296.00

A lightweight and easy to use petrol hedge trimmer, designed for clean cutting for homeowners and light-use professionals. Featuring reliable Japanese technology.

ECHO HC-2320 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HC-2320 Petrol Hedge Trimmer£410.00   £328.00

A superior hedge trimmer for the domestic gardener with reliable, quality Japanese technology. With extra-long laser-cut blades for sharpness and a cleaner cut.

ECHO HC2810ESR Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HC2810ESR Hedge Trimmer£570.00   £456.00

High performance, double sided hedge trimmer and rotating blade.


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