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ECHO  PPT2620ES Pole Pruner

ECHO PPT2620ES Pole Pruner£725.00   £595.00

The Echo PPT-265ES pole pruners are for the toughest applications. Features a mounted 12 inch chainsaw head on a telescopically adjustable rigid shaft..

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool

ECHO 90cm Extension for Multi-Tool£99.00   £79.00

The Echo 90cm extension shaft is to be used with the PAS-265ES engine unit, and any of the Echo Multi-Tool Attachments to give you extra reach when required.

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit

ECHO Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit£58.00

The Echo Gutter Cleaning Kit is designed to easily fit the PB-250, PB265ESL, PB-500, ES-250ES range of Echo blowers. The kit helps you reach high gutters with minimum effort.

ECHO Chainsaw Bag

ECHO Chainsaw Bag£39.99   £35.00

Echo Practical carrying bag made from tough 600d polyester provide long lasting protection from the elements.

ECHO CS-281WES Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS-281WES Petrol Chainsaw£284.00  -  £292.00

This Echo CS-281WES chainsaw has a powerful 26. 9cc low emissions engine, which is easy to start. Comes with an option of a 10 inch or 12 inch bar and chain.

ECHO CS-310ES Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS-310ES Petrol Chainsaw£199.00  -  £215.00

This Echo CS-310ES-14inch chainsaw is a high quality entry level chainsaw powered by a 30. 5cc engine. Comes with an option of a 14 inch bar and chain.

ECHO CS-352ES Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS-352ES Petrol Chainsaw£239.00  -  £247.00

This Echo CS-352ES chainsaw has a powerful stage 2 compliant low emission 34cc engine. Comes with an option of a 12 inch or 14 inch bar and chain.

Echo CS-361WES Chainsaw

Echo CS-361WES Chainsaw£319.00  -  £335.00

The CS-361WES is a lightweight petrol chainsaw with a slimline body for extra manoeuvrability. It has a 35.8cc low emission engine and Easy Start for almost effortless starting.

ECHO CS-501SX Chainsaw

ECHO CS-501SX Chainsaw£580.00  -  £604.00

ECHO CS-8002 Chainsaw

ECHO CS-8002 Chainsaw£828.00  -  £879.00

ECHO CS370ES Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS370ES Petrol Chainsaw£351.00  -  £364.00

This lightweight, well-balanced saw features an easy starting system, and a powerful, low vibration 35. 8 cc engine. Available in a 13 inch or 15 inch bar and chain.

ECHO CS420ES Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS420ES Petrol Chainsaw£383.00  -  £399.00

A true commercial grade saw with excellent balance. Powered by a robust two stroke 40. 2 cc engine, and is available in a 15 inch or 17 inch chain and bar.

ECHO CS450 Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS450 Petrol Chainsaw£463.00  -  £487.00

The Echo CS-450 is a powerful 45cc professional all-round chainsaw, which is lightweight so is very easy to handle at 5kg. Available in 15/18/20 inches.

ECHO CS550 Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS550 Petrol Chainsaw£559.00  -  £572.00

The Echo CS-550 is a Chainsaw fitted with a powerful 54. 1cc engine and a decompression valve for easier starting. Available in 18 or 20 inches.

ECHO CS680 Petrol Chainsaw

ECHO CS680 Petrol Chainsaw£751.00

The Echo CS-680 chainsaw is aimed at the professional user who does a lot of tree felling. It has a powerful 66. 8cc 2-stroke engine.

ECHO ES-250ES Blower

ECHO ES-250ES Blower£236.00

The ES-250ES will quickly clear loose leaves, twigs, dirt and debris from lawns and hard surfaces with the bare minimum of hassle.

ECHO GT-222ES Strimmer and Brushcutter

ECHO GT-222ES Strimmer and Brushcutter£245.00   £196.00

The Echo GT-222ES strimmer and brushcutter is lightweight, so it can be started effortlessly, eliminating kick back and making starting easier.

ECHO HC-1501 Hedgetrimmer

ECHO HC-1501 Hedgetrimmer£335.00   £249.95

The Echo HC-1501 hedgetrimmer is lightweight, making it ideal for homeowners. It features laser cut double reciprocating blades for long lasting sharpness.

ECHO HC-156ES Hedgetrimmer

ECHO HC-156ES Hedgetrimmer£335.00

Powered by a 21. 2cc professional quality 2-stroke engine for extended life. Featuring an easy-start system for effortless use, and a 63.9cm laser cut twin blade system.

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer£699.00   £559.00

An ultra-lightweight yet highly durable hedge cutter, this model benefits from an easy starting 21.2 cc engine and has a 519 mm cutter head that can be articulated through 90 degrees.

ECHO HCA265ES-HD Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCA265ES-HD Long Reach Hedge Trimmer£799.00   £595.00

This Echo, 25.4cc long-reach hedge trimmer is an ideal solution suitable for trimming tall and wide hedges.

ECHO HCAA-2402A Hedgetrimmer Attachment

ECHO HCAA-2402A Hedgetrimmer Attachment£345.00   £276.00

The Echo PP-HCAA2402A pole pruner attachment easily convert the PPT265ES/PPT2400 pole pruners into a double articulating blade hedge trimmers.

ECHO HCAA-2403A Hedgetrimmer Attachment

ECHO HCAA-2403A Hedgetrimmer Attachment£276.00

The Echo HCAA2403A Hedge Trimmer attachment easily converts the SRM220/222/HCA2400/2500/265 brushcutters into a double articulating blade hedge trimmer.

ECHO HCAA-2404A Hedgetrimmer Attachment

ECHO HCAA-2404A Hedgetrimmer Attachment£224.00

The Echo HCAA-2404A is an 18 inch reciprocating hedge trimmer attachment that can be used with the SRM265/2655 brushcutters.

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