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ELIET C550 ZR Petrol Scarifier

ELIET C550 ZR Petrol Scarifier£3,998.40   £3,761.01

A self-propelled scarifier with 30% more efficient forward rotating blades and a rubber roller for achieving lawn stripes. Run by a Honda GX200 petrol engine.

ELIET E401 PRO Petrol Scarifier (GP160)

ELIET E401 PRO Petrol Scarifier (GP160)£1,257.60   £1,146.67

The Eliet E401 Petrol Scarifier is Commercial Quality machine ideal for small and medium sized gardens. Its robust design means it is built to perform.

ELIET KS 240 STD Petrol Edge Cutter

ELIET KS 240 STD Petrol Edge Cutter£933.00  -  £1,095.00

An edge cutter for perfecting the edges of your lawn and for creative cutting. Designed for precise and comfortable use. Choose from a Briggs & Stratton or a Honda petrol engine.

ELIET KS 300 PRO Petrol Edge Cutter

ELIET KS 300 PRO Petrol Edge Cutter£1,337.00  -  £1,583.00

The Eliet KS300 PRO includes robust construction that gives you perfect control of the blade. Comes fitted with a reliable and robust commercial grade Honda OHV engine.

Free Oil

ELIET MAESTRO CITY Garden Shredder£1,284.00   £1,183.05


This is a Briggs & Stratton powered petrol shredder, able to take a timber diameter of 40 mm, with 12 ELIET RESIST knives and a 60 litre collecting bag provided as standard.

Free Oil

ELIET MAESTRO COUNTRY Garden Shredder£1,660.80   £1,529.55

Powered by a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, able to shred timber up to 40 mm in diameter and featuring an 80 litre collecting bag, this is a capable and robust garden shredder.

ELIET MAESTRO Shredding Screen

ELIET MAESTRO Shredding Screen£145.62   £138.00

The multi-purpose shredding screen is fitted when you're shredding damp material and leaves. Designed for the Eliet Maestro City and Country models.

ELIET MAJOR 4S Garden Shredder

ELIET MAJOR 4S Garden Shredder£3,850.80   £3,546.18

The Eliet Major 4S is powered by a top quality Honda GX270 9. 0hp OHV Commercial Grade Engine. Fitted with 20 razor-sharp blades, which are reversable.

ELIET MAJOR Garden Shredder - PTO Driven

ELIET MAJOR Garden Shredder - PTO Driven£3,255.60   £3,028.00

The Eliet Major is aimed at the demanding homeowner or professional user, who wants a powerful machine to use all year round. Includes a PTO driving system.

ELIET MINOR 4S GX200 Garden Shredder

ELIET MINOR 4S GX200 Garden Shredder£2,680.80   £2,469.06


Eliet Minor 4S Petrol Shredder with a Honda 6.5HP GX200 OHV Engine

ELIET NEO 2 Garden Shredder

ELIET NEO 2 Garden Shredder£817.20   £761.00


With the World's first transparent cutting chamber, the Eliet NEO 2 garden shredder allows the user to follow the shredding process.

ELIET NEO Garden Shredder

ELIET NEO Garden Shredder£783.60   £729.00

The Eliet Neo garden shredders are the World's first shredders to feature a transparent shredding room. Comes with 1.2 inch Shredder with 2500 W.

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