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HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Inch Mini)

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Inch Mini)£21.50

Representing an easy way to get the best from your chainsaw, this filing kit has all you need to ensure maximum performance and safety from your existing chain. For 3/8 inch pitch Mini chains.

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Inch)

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Inch)£21.50

A great value kit containing all that you need to effectively and efficiently file your Husqvarna chainsaw chain, this pack includes a file handle, combination file gauge, two round files and one flat file.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Mini H37)

Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit (3/8 Mini H37)£22.00

HUSQVARNA Classic 20 chainsaw Leather Boots

HUSQVARNA Classic 20 chainsaw Leather Boots£140.00  -  £149.00

These protective leather boots boast overlapping saw protection of 20 m/s, reinforced lower parts and heel areas, with microfibre reinforcements and polyester mesh lining.

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet£36.91


This helmet is completely equipped for both forestry and garden work with hearing protectors that are ergonomically designed and a mesh visor that gives good visibility without sacrificing protection.

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest High Viz Jacket

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest High Viz Jacket£95.00

This high visibility jacket benefits from a comfortable design made from high-quality polyester/cotton twill. Meeting the highest standard for visibility, it is fully approved for use at the roadside as well as in the forest.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket£69.00

This jacket is perfect for occasional outdoor tasks like chopping firewood, with its high quality polyester/cotton twill allowing you to work in comfort, with hi-viz and reflective sections adding safety.

HUSQVARNA Classic Light Gloves

HUSQVARNA Classic Light Gloves£16.00   £13.60

These slim fitting, comfortable gloves have a goat leather palm with jersey fabric to the back. With good protection against moisture, making them suitable for demanding jobs.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps 20A

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps 20A£106.00

These chaps are easy to pull on and take off, ideal for providing occasional chainsaw users with high-quality, reliable protection. With a tough polyester/cotton twill and a full length zipper at the back.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Kit Basic

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Kit Basic£129.99

This protective kit gives you the basics for operating a chainsaw in safety. It has chaps with saw protection Class 1, gloves with class 0 protection and a forest helmet.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Trousers 20A

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Trousers 20A£97.50

Husqvarna have designed these Class 1 protection waist trousers for occasional chainsaw users. They allow you to work in safety, while visible and with robust, durable construction.

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£11.05

These protective glasses boast non-scratch, clear lenses that can be angled to suit you, as well as frames that can be extended for a perfect fit.

HUSQVARNA Clearing Axe

HUSQVARNA Clearing Axe£49.00

This clearing axe from Husqvarna has a hickory shaft with a replaceable blade on both faces, ideal for quickly removing vegetation from your path.

HUSQVARNA Combi Fuel / Oil Can

HUSQVARNA Combi Fuel / Oil Can£34.43

Featuring a clever design that allows for easy refuelling without splashing or wastage, this combi can has two containers adjusted to achieve an optimal ratio for fuel and chain oil.

HUSQVARNA Complete Tool Belt

HUSQVARNA Complete Tool Belt£134.09

This is a complete tool belt kit containing two holsters, a lifting hook, a lifting tong, a rear tool carrier and a 15 metre measuring tape, perfect for serious forestry personnel.

HUSQVARNA DT600 Scarifier

HUSQVARNA DT600 Scarifier£319.00

The DT600 scarifier attaches to combi products, excelling at providing a healthier lawn. 

HUSQVARNA ECA850 Edger (Curved)

HUSQVARNA ECA850 Edger (Curved)£111.99

The curved ECA850 Edger allows a manicured finished to be added to the garden, flowerbeds and pathways.
Husqvarna Elite Cut Diamond Blade

Husqvarna Elite Cut Diamond Blade£169.93

HUSQVARNA ESA850 Edger (Straight)

HUSQVARNA ESA850 Edger (Straight)£119.99

The straight ECA850 Edger allows a manicured finished to be added to any garden, flowerbed and pathway.
HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)

HUSQVARNA EX780 Extension Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)£70.00   £56.00


This extension attachment is designed to fit the Husqvarna 129LK, 525LK and 535LK combi products, providing an extra reach of 78 cm, with a shaft diameter of 24 mm. 

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge£7.86  -  £12.54

This felling wedge is available in three different sizes and is made of high impact ABS plastic. They are designed to help the tree fall in the right direction when felling, providing a safer, cleaner working experience.

Husqvarna Flat Nozzle

Husqvarna Flat Nozzle£10.00

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit£11.00

HUSQVARNA FM Radio Hygiene Kit

HUSQVARNA Folding Throwline Cube

HUSQVARNA Folding Throwline Cube£54.99

A 40cm x 40cm cube that keeps the throwline clean and tangle-free. With 2 interior pockets, an interior hook-and-loop strap and D-ring, and 2 exterior corner loops.

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