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HANDY 2-Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle

HANDY 2-Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle£7.15


A 1 Litre capacity 2-stroke fuel mixing bottle, with clearly visible ratio markings for correct mixing of oil and fuel.

HANDY HP-100 Lawn Mower Starter Kit

HANDY HP-100 Lawn Mower Starter Kit£12.99

This lawn mower starter kit contains everything you need to get up and running, including oil, a petrol can and a funnel to avoid any mess when filling up.

HANDY HP-101 Chainsaw Starter Kit

HANDY HP-101 Chainsaw Starter Kit£39.99   £39.35

Get everything that you need to start using your new chainsaw in safety and keep it running smoothly, including a chainsaw helmet, gloves, a fuel mixing bottle, filter funnel, engine oil and chain oil.

HANDY HP-102 Trimmer Starter Kit

HANDY HP-102 Trimmer Starter Kit£19.99   £19.79

Keep your trimmer running smoothly and work in safety courtesy of Handy's starter kit, supplied with a visor, ear muffs, gloves, a mixing bottle, filter funnel and 500 ml of 2 stroke oil.

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit£89.99

This kit lets you work in safety and at a great price, supplied with chainsaw chaps, a helmet and visor, ear muffs, and gloves - perfect for everyday chainsaw operation.

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)£27.99   £24.99

A four way splitting wedge, this attachment is designed to fit easily over the existing splitting wedge on your Handy THLSV-6, THPLS7TE or THPLS7TP, to increase your splitting efficiency.


HANDY THBSH Saw Horse£24.99   £19.99

This lightweight saw horse is made from galvanised steel, ensuring its strength while protecting against rusting. Able to hold wood up to 30 cm in diameter.

HANDY THDLGT Deluxe Large Garden Trolley

HANDY THDLGT Deluxe Large Garden Trolley£199.99   £189.99

Luxury garden trolley

HANDY THDM Towed Drag Mat

HANDY THDM Towed Drag Mat£94.99   £89.95

The Handy THDM is a lightweight drag mat is designed to be towed behind your garden tractor or quad to flatten soil or gravel.

HANDY THDS Drop Spreader (27.3 kg)

HANDY THDS Drop Spreader (27.3 kg)£79.99   £74.99

A great spreader for applying fertiliser or seeds quickly and effortlessly, thanks to its 56 cm width and 60 litre hopper. With adjustable feed control and handlebar-mounted spreader-gate control.

HANDY THET Electric Tiller / Cultivator (30 cm)

HANDY THET Electric Tiller / Cultivator (30 cm)£99.99   £85.00

This is a powerful 800 watt electric tiller, allowing you to till along narrow rows, raised beds or fences. Compact enough to be easy to manoeuvre and store, it also weighs just 9 kg.

HANDY THET1400 Electric Tiller / Cultivator (43 cm)

HANDY THET1400 Electric Tiller / Cultivator (43 cm)£179.99   £169.99

This 1400 watt electric tiller gives you the power you need for tough tilling tasks, with a 43 cm working width and a maximum depth of 20 cm. It has 6 hardened rotors that can be adjusted to only use 2 or 4 instead.

HANDY THEV2600 Blower Vac

HANDY THEV2600 Blower Vac£54.99   £52.99

Handy 2600W Electric Blower Vac with variable speed

HANDY THEV3000 Electric Blower / Vacuum

HANDY THEV3000 Electric Blower / Vacuum£64.99   £59.99

Not only is this machine a great all-purpose blower and vacuum shredder, but it also features variable speed control so that you can get just the right level of power for the job at hand.

HANDY THFST Heavy Duty Folding Sack Truck

HANDY THFST Heavy Duty Folding Sack Truck£99.99   £94.99

Allowing you to easily and safely move heavy objects, this folding sack truck weighs just 12 kg and can be simply folded down, while still holding up to 200 kg.


HANDY THGR Roller£99.99   £89.09

The Handy THGR is a 20 inch / 50 cm steel garden roller, fitted with a soft grip handle for comfort, and a built in scraper bar for keeping it clean and easy to roll.

HANDY THGSS Battery Shrub Shears

HANDY THGSS Battery Shrub Shears£29.99   £27.71

A lightweight garden tool.

HANDY THGT Large Garden Trolley

HANDY THGT Large Garden Trolley£189.99   £179.99

Easily transport heavy loads around your garden.

HANDY THGT Small Garden Trolley

HANDY THGT Small Garden Trolley£129.99   £119.99

This small version of the Handy garden trolley has a load capacity of 200 kg, and is ideal for taking the strain out of all your gardening tasks.

HANDY THGT500 Towed Steel Tipping Trailer

HANDY THGT500 Towed Steel Tipping Trailer£229.99   £209.99


The towed Handy THGT500 is an excellent value powder coated steel trailer designed to be towed behind your garden tractor. Features include a 500 lb / 225 kg capacity.

HANDY THGT750 Towed trailer

HANDY THGT750 Towed trailer£289.99   £269.99

750lb Garden towed tipping trailer. With folding sides, hitch pin included.

HANDY THHM Cylinder Lawn Mower

HANDY THHM Cylinder Lawn Mower£64.99   £59.99

An eco-friendly way to get a fantastic finish to a smaller lawn, without the worry or hassle of electrical cables and petrol, and boasting wonderful ease of use.

Handy THHTA Aerator

Handy THHTA Aerator£44.99   £39.55

Handy Hollow Tine Aerator with 12-month warranty and quality steel construction.

HANDY THISWB Electric Impact Shredder

HANDY THISWB Electric Impact Shredder£169.99   £146.75

This impact shredder from Handy features an impressive 2500 watt motor and comes complete with a 40 litre collection box that allows you to dispose of the resulting chippings with ease.

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