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EGO 5.0 Ah Battery

EGO 5.0 Ah Battery£199.00   £189.00

EGO EGBA2800E, 56V, 5.0Ah Li-ion battery

EGO ADB1000 Power Adaptor

EGO ADB1000 Power Adaptor£39.99   £34.99

Adaptor for BAX1300 allows other EGO batteries to be fit.
EGO BA1400 2.5AH Battery

EGO BA1400 2.5AH Battery£99.99   £89.00

The BA1400 2.5 Ah battery offers you 40% more power than your leading 40 V battery. 

EGO BA2240E 4.0 Ah Battery

EGO BA2240E 4.0 Ah Battery£159.00   £149.00

EGO battery 4Ah for use with EGO Cordless range

EGO BA3360E 6.0 Ah Battery

EGO BA3360E 6.0 Ah Battery£239.00   £229.00

Ego 6.0AH Li-ion Battery

EGO BA4200E 7.5 Ah Battery

EGO BA4200E 7.5 Ah Battery£299.00   £269.00

Large 7.5Ah Li-ion EGO battery to be used with EGO equipment

EGO BAX1300 Backpack Battery

EGO BAX1300 Backpack Battery£879.00   £799.00

Power through a Full day's work with a BAX1300 backpack battery. 
EGO BAX1500 Commercial Backpack Battery

EGO BAX1500 Commercial Backpack Battery£999.00   £969.00

Amazing Performance and A Smarter Way Of Working.

The BAX1500 Commercial Backpack Battery is the perfect tool to use in noise sensitive areas. 

EGO BAX1501 Commercial Backpack Battery

EGO BAX1501 Commercial Backpack Battery£1,069.00   £999.00

The BAX1501 is a very comfortable and easy backpack to use and comes with the AFH1500 frame and harness and ADB1000 adapter. 

The commercial backpack battery is a robust tool ideal for working in all weather conditions.

EGO BC1500EF Cordless Grass  Line Trimmer (Shell only)

EGO BC1500EF Cordless Grass Line Trimmer (Shell only)£199.00   £179.00

The EGO BC1500E-F grass line trimmer is powerful and efficient with a 38 cm cutting width. 
EGO BC3800E Cordless Brushcutter (shell only)

EGO BC3800E Cordless Brushcutter (shell only)£279.00   £269.00

The EGO BC3800E 38 cm Brushcutter has an innovative design, EGO have used a ‘bike handle’ design which is fitted on the straight shaft, this is to make it more steady and comfortable to use. 
EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter

EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter£79.99   £69.99

The BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter attachment is a powerful and versatile tool.  With a 30 cm cutting width and a three-sided metal blade. 
EGO BCS1000 Chainsaw Bag

EGO BCS1000 Chainsaw Bag£56.00

This durable chainsaw bag from EGO is perfect for protecting your EGO CS1400E or CS1600E chainsaw, and helps make transporting them a breeze.

EGO BCX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)

EGO BCX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)£369.00   £349.00

The BCX3800 line trimmer is built with a 2kw motor which offers you the power of its petrol equivalent. The brushcutter can handle even the roughest of ground.
EGO BH1001 Backpack Harness

EGO BH1001 Backpack Harness£99.99   £89.99

The BH1001 Backpack Harness is a very useful product. It is compatible with every tool including the commercial range.
EGO BMH 1000 Multi-Tool Bag

EGO BMH 1000 Multi-Tool Bag£64.00

This handy Multi-Tool bag allows you to easily protect and transport your EGO Multi-Tool Kits. Featuring wheels for even easier transport.

EGO CH2100E Standard Battery Charger

EGO CH2100E Standard Battery Charger£49.99   £44.99

EGO POWER standard charger

EGO CH5500E Rapid Battery Charger

EGO CH5500E Rapid Battery Charger£74.99   £69.99

Rapid battery charger for EGO power batteries

EGO CHT2001E Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears - Kit

EGO CHT2001E Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears - Kit£79.99   £74.99

The powerful EGO CHT2001E are a powerful set of shears.

Designed with you in mind, they are compact, lightweight and have blades with a precise cut.  These shears are ideal for the hard to reach areas within your garden that a standard mower can’t reach.

EGO CHX5500E Commercial Charger

EGO CHX5500E Commercial Charger£119.00   £109.99

The CHX5500E commercial charger is a innovative and powerful charger ideal for the longer tasking jobs. 
EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£189.00   £159.99

This powerful 35cm chainsaw is completely cordless - no more fumes!

EGO CS1401E Cordless Chainsaw (Kit)

EGO CS1401E Cordless Chainsaw (Kit)£299.00   £279.00

This powerful 35cm chainsaw is completely cordless - no more fumes! Supplied with a 2.0Ah battery and standard Ego charger.

EGO CS1600E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell only)

EGO CS1600E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell only)£219.00   £184.99

The CS1600E 40 cm Chain Saw is the perfect tool for cutting trunks, logs and branches. 
EGO CTA9500 Multi-Tool Cultivator

EGO CTA9500 Multi-Tool Cultivator£149.00   £139.00

The CTA9500 Multi-Tool Cultivator attachment is the perfect tool for preparing the soil for planting.
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