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AL-KO GT 36 Li Cordless Grass Trimmer

AL-KO GT 36 Li Cordless Grass Trimmer£99.00   £79.00

COBRA GT3024V Cordless Grass Trimmer

COBRA GT3024V Cordless Grass Trimmer£79.99   £74.99

This is a high performance cordless grass trimmer from Cobra, coming with a 24v Lithium-ion battery and charger, providing speedy cutting with a 30 cm width and a 90 degree tilting cutter head.

CUB CADET LH3 ET Cordless Strimmer

CUB CADET LH3 ET Cordless Strimmer£159.00  -  £349.00

A high-performance line trimmer from Cub Cadet, this powerful and reliable machine with a 30cm cutting width can achieve a variety of goals while the inclusion of a lockable mulch cover ensures an exceptional finish during every use.

EGO BC1500EF Cordless Grass  Line Trimmer (Shell only)

EGO BC1500EF Cordless Grass Line Trimmer (Shell only)£199.00   £179.00

The EGO BC1500E-F grass line trimmer is powerful and efficient with a 38 cm cutting width. 
EGO BC3800E Cordless Brushcutter (shell only)

EGO BC3800E Cordless Brushcutter (shell only)£279.00   £269.00

The EGO BC3800E 38 cm Brushcutter has an innovative design, EGO have used a ‘bike handle’ design which is fitted on the straight shaft, this is to make it more steady and comfortable to use. 
EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter

EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter£79.99   £69.99

The BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter attachment is a powerful and versatile tool.  With a 30 cm cutting width and a three-sided metal blade. 
EGO BCX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)

EGO BCX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)£369.00   £349.00

The BCX3800 line trimmer is built with a 2kw motor which offers you the power of its petrol equivalent. The brushcutter can handle even the roughest of ground.
EGO ST1301E Cordless Trimmer Kit

EGO ST1301E Cordless Trimmer Kit£229.00   £209.00

The ST1300E string trimmer is the perfect tool for cutting your garden to a very high standard.

The battery power management maximises an  impressive battery life allowing you to work harder for longer. 

EGO ST1500E-F Cordless Trimmer (shell only)

EGO ST1500E-F Cordless Trimmer (shell only)£149.00

Powerful Cordless trimmer with choice of 56V batteries to fit

EGO ST1510E Cordless Trimmer (shell only )

EGO ST1510E Cordless Trimmer (shell only )£199.00   £179.00

EGO’s Groundbreaking Powerload ™ Technology Has Created a Truly Revolutionary Tool.

EGO ST1511E Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit

EGO ST1511E Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit£279.00   £259.00

EGO ST1511E Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit powerful and precise. Supplied with a 2.5 Ah battery and charger. 
EGO ST1530E Cordless Trimmer  (shell only)

EGO ST1530E Cordless Trimmer (shell only)£229.00   £199.00

The ST1530E 38 cm Loop Handled Line Trimmer is ideal for tough jobs around the garden. 

Powered by the 56 v Arc Lithium battery provides you with 40% more power than the leading 40 V battery.

EGO STX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)

EGO STX3800 Commercial Line Trimmer / Brushcutter (shell only)£329.00   £299.00

The STX3800 Commercial line trimmer / brushcutter is a perfectly balanced tool designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.  
HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Kit)£250.00   £220.00

This cordless grass trimmer from Husqvarna benefits from lightweight and comfortable operation, perfect for easy trimming of lawn edges. It is supplied here in a kit with a BLi10 battery and QC80 charger.

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£165.00   £145.00

A lightweight and comfortable cordless grass trimmer, this machine from Husqvarna is a pleasure to work with, allowing you to effortlessly trim lawn edges. Supplied as a shell only with battery and charger sold separately.

HUSQVARNA 315iC Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 315iC Trimmer£230.00   £202.00

The HUSQVARNA 315iC trimmer is designed for the demanding jobs within the garden. It has two power modes normal and savE™ allowing you to get maximum power in any condition.

HUSQVARNA 336LiC Cordless Strimmer (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 336LiC Cordless Strimmer (Kit)£410.00   £361.00

A Tap 'n' Go cordless grass trimmer from Husqvarna, this model has curved shaft, loop-handled operation for comfortable and efficient trimming, It is supplied as a kit including BLi20 battery and QC80 charger.

HUSQVARNA 336LiC Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 336LiC Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£230.00   £202.00

This is a powerful curved shaft loop-handled cordless trimmer, ideal for demanding, part-time use. It features a Tap 'n' Go line head for efficient trimming. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

HUSQVARNA 520iLX Cordless Strimmer

HUSQVARNA 520iLX Cordless Strimmer£273.00  -  £540.00

Cordless trimmer with loop handle and 2-way rotation head.

HUSQVARNA 520iRX Cordless Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 520iRX Cordless Brushcutter£271.00  -  £538.00

Husqvarna cordless brushcutter with blade and nylon TAP and go head.

HUSQVARNA 536LIRX Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 536LIRX Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)£605.00   £532.00

This is a professional battery brushcutter from Husqvarna, offering lightweight operation with high-performance. Supplied with a BLi200 battery and QC330 charger as standard.

MOUNTFIELD MB48Li Cordless Brushcutter

MOUNTFIELD MB48Li Cordless Brushcutter£159.00

This brushcutter matches the power and the speed of petrol models but without the fumes, starting problems or the hassle of refilling the tank. Does not include battery or charger.

MOUNTFIELD MT48Li Cordless Grass Trimmer

MOUNTFIELD MT48Li Cordless Grass Trimmer£99.00

A lightweight and ergonomic grass trimmer with an easily adjustable head angle and front handle position. An easy to use tool to suit all gardeners.

PELLENC EXCELION 1200 Brushcutter (Shell Only)

PELLENC EXCELION 1200 Brushcutter (Shell Only)£625.00

The Pellenc EXCELION is a powerful multipurpose brushcutter, which can be used for finishing work as well as for trimming long thick grass. Comes with a 1200 watt motor.

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