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AL-KO LB 36 Li Cordless Blower

AL-KO LB 36 Li Cordless Blower£99.00   £79.00

CUB CADET LH3 EB Cordless Blower

CUB CADET LH3 EB Cordless Blower£159.00  -  £349.00

An extremely powerful leaf blower from Cub Cadet, this reliable machine includes an axial fan for maximum effectiveness and efficiency and different size nozzles which can be used to meet different requirements in different situations.

EGO LB5300E Cordless Blower (Shell only)

EGO LB5300E Cordless Blower (Shell only)£139.00   £129.00

The EGO LB5300E blower offers a powerful airflow.
EGO LB5301E Cordless Leaf Blower Kit

EGO LB5301E Cordless Leaf Blower Kit£229.00   £209.00

The LB5301E Cordless Leaf Blower is a real joy to use, no worries of falling over cables you have the freedom to work anywhere.
EGO LB5750E Blower (shell only)

EGO LB5750E Blower (shell only)£169.00   £149.00

The LB5750E Blower is the perfect compact and lightweight tool for clearing leaves and debris from your garden.
EGO LB5800E Blower (shell only)

EGO LB5800E Blower (shell only)£169.00   £159.00

The LB5800E Blower has a powerful brushless motor and jet turbine technology which will allow you blow more debris and leaves away in no time at all.
EGO LB6000E Backpack Blower (shell only)

EGO LB6000E Backpack Blower (shell only)£229.00   £199.00

The LB6000E Backpack Blower is made for ease of use. 

It is compatible with all EGO batteries, we recommend the BA2800 5.0Ah Battery and the CH2100E Standard Charger for maximum performance.

EGO LB6002E Backpack Blower Kit

EGO LB6002E Backpack Blower Kit£369.00   £349.00

The LB6002E Backpack Blower is made for ease of use and is the most powerful blower on the market. 
HUSQVARNA 320iB Battery Blower

HUSQVARNA 320iB Battery Blower£290.00   £255.00

Comes with a high performance battery and a boost power mode which gives the blower extra power for wet leaves or stuck debris.

HUSQVARNA 525iB Cordless Blower (Shell only)

HUSQVARNA 525iB Cordless Blower (Shell only)£334.00

Husqvarna 525IB Blower , low weight and cruise control

HUSQVARNA 530iBX Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 530iBX Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£420.00   £370.00

With the latest technology packed into a lightweight and easy to use shell, this cordless blower also boasts improved boost and cruise control functionality. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

MOUNTFIELD MBV48Li Cordless Blower Vacuum

MOUNTFIELD MBV48Li Cordless Blower Vacuum£159.00

This is a highly portable and powerful tool cordless blower vac, with a 48 V Lithium-ion powered battery. Perfect for tidying away leaves and debris.

PELLENC AIRION Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

PELLENC AIRION Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£749.00

PELLENC AIRON High Performance Professional Battery Powered Blower

STIGA SAB 500 AE Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

STIGA SAB 500 AE Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£109.00   £99.00

This cordless blower is powered by an innovative 48V battery that gives high performance, an impressive air flow and yet zero emissions with low noise and maintenance. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

STIGA SAB 80 AE Cordless Blower / Vacuum (Shell Only)

STIGA SAB 80 AE Cordless Blower / Vacuum (Shell Only)£179.00   £149.00

The most enjoyable and easiest way of cleaning the garden, providing top performance with very comfortable operation. Supplied as a shell only with battery and charger sold separately.

STIGA SBL 24 AE Cordless Blower

STIGA SBL 24 AE Cordless Blower£159.00   £139.00

Enjoy the lightness, manoeuvrability and silence of a battery powered machine with this 24V lithium-ion battery powered leaf blower, ideal for an easy, quick and noiseless cleaning.

STIGA SBV 48 AE Cordless Blower / Vacuum (Shell Only)

STIGA SBV 48 AE Cordless Blower / Vacuum (Shell Only)£179.00   £159.00

Powered by the top, long lasting 48V 5 Ah Lithium battery, the Stiga SBV 48 AE blower is equipped with digital brushless motor for higher efficiency, low noise and less vibrations.

STIHL BGA 100 Cordless Blower

STIHL BGA 100 Cordless Blower£296.00  -  £1,120.00

This professional-standard hand held blower is ideal for gardeners and contractors, allowing you to effortlessly clear leaves and debris from large areas. Designed to be used with STIHL's AR backpack batteries.

STIHL BGA 45 Cordless Blower

STIHL BGA 45 Cordless Blower£99.00   £94.00

Offering light, handheld blowing power, this cordless machine boasts up to 10 minutes of runtime with a maximum air speed of 44 m/s. It comes with an integrated 18 V Lithium-Ion battery.

STIHL BGA 56 Cordless Blower

STIHL BGA 56 Cordless Blower£174.12  -  £215.70


Superb blowing force from this powerful yet light cordless blower. A well balanced, length adjustable design, produced with comfort in mind.

STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Blower (Kit)

STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Blower (Kit)£455.00  -  £538.00

This blower has no need for cables and no exhaust emissions, while still coming packed with the power to get the job done. Includes a AP300 battery, and a AL300 quick charger.

STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Blower (Shell Only)

STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Blower (Shell Only)£242.00

With no need for cables or exhaust emissions, the 36 V Lithium-ion battery of this blower gives powerful and quiet performance. Please note: Shell only, battery & charger sold separately.

SWIFT EB430D2 Cordless Blower

SWIFT EB430D2 Cordless Blower£59.99  -  £109.99

Clear garden leaves and debris out of the way with this powerful cordless blower from Swift. Featuring a high performance axial fan design with a detachable blower tube for easy storage and transport.

WOLF-GARTEN BA700 Cordless Leaf Blower

WOLF-GARTEN BA700 Cordless Leaf Blower£148.00

This is an 18V Lithium-Ion powered cordless leaf blower, compatible with Wolf-Garten's exchangeable battery system and boasting an air speed up to 200 km/h while weighing just 1. 5 kg. Includes Lithium-Ion power pack.

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