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LAWNFLITE Tow Bar Attachment  for GTS1300L Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE Tow Bar Attachment for GTS1300L Petrol Chipper£145.00

The tow bar attachment is perfect for the GTS1300L petrol garden wood chipper.

COBRA QS2500 Shredder

COBRA QS2500 Shredder£199.99

Quiet drum Shredder is powered by a 2500W motor and is ideal for shredding garden waste up to 40mm in diameter. Supplied with a practical plunger for increased throughput on heavier loads.

STIHL GHE105 Electric Shredder

STIHL GHE105 Electric Shredder£289.00   £266.00

The GE 105 electric chipper takes care of branches up to 35mm diameter. It is fitted with a powerful motor, a multi-cut blade system and two feed openings.

STIHL GHE150 Electric Chipper

STIHL GHE150 Electric Chipper£409.00   £376.00

The GE 150 electric chipper takes care of branches up to 35mm diameter. It is fitted with a powerful motor, a multi-cut blade system and two feed openings. The multi-blade system has reversible cutting blades for added longevity.


STIHL GHE250 Electric Chipper/Shredder

STIHL GHE250 Electric Chipper/Shredder£459.00   £422.00

The GHE 250 electric chipper/shredder takes care of high shredding tasks such as flower cuttings, vegetables, leaves, bushy twigs and branches with a thickness of approx. 35 mm.

STIHL GHE355 Electric Shredder/Chipper

STIHL GHE355 Electric Shredder/Chipper£609.00   £560.00

The powerful GEH 355 is easy to feed, with a large chute and opening. It is ideal for thick branches and large quantities of soft garden material.

ELIET NEO Garden Shredder

ELIET NEO Garden Shredder£712.30   £662.00

The Eliet Neo garden shredders are the World's first shredders to feature a transparent shredding room. Comes with 1.2 inch Shredder with 2500 W.

ELIET NEO 2 Garden Shredder

ELIET NEO 2 Garden Shredder£743.00   £692.00

With the World's first transparent cutting chamber, the Eliet NEO 2 garden shredder allows the user to follow the shredding process.

HANDY THPDS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder

HANDY THPDS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder£899.99   £799.99

This Briggs & Stratton powered chipper shredder uses four drum mounted blades to enable it to process garden waste up to 50 mm in diameter.

Cobra CHIP650L Wood Chipper and Shredder

Cobra CHIP650L Wood Chipper and Shredder£699.00  -  £829.00

Expertly designed to cater for the changing conditions of the British lawn. It can be shipped fully assembled and tested, or purchased where assembly is required.

STIHL GH 370 S Chipper

STIHL GH 370 S Chipper£915.00   £851.00

Perfect for shredding branches up to 45 mm into chippings in a fast and efficient manner, featuring a Series 850 EXi OHV RS engine. 

STIHL GH370 Petrol Shredder

STIHL GH370 Petrol Shredder£915.00   £851.00

The STIHL GH370s shredder will take care of the green material to help create essential space within your garden. No more wasted weekends cramming branches and leaves into garden waste bags!

BEAR CAT SC2170 Chipper Shredder

BEAR CAT SC2170 Chipper Shredder£1,150.00   £920.00

The Bearcat SC2170 is a compact but powerful 5cm Chipper Shredder, making it an ideal choice for the discerning gardener or homeowner. Powered by a Subaru 170cc OHV engine.

Cobra CHIP650LE Wood Chipper

Cobra CHIP650LE Wood Chipper£799.00  -  £929.00

6.5hp Wood Chipper & Shredder with electric start. It is small and compact but powerful enough to easily shred branches up to 80mm / 3 inch diameter.

LAWNFLITE GTS600L Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE GTS600L Petrol Chipper£999.00   £929.00

The Lawnflite wood chippers offer excellent value, high quality, and superb performance, with a powerful 163cc engine.

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£989.00

MASPORT 6.5XL Chipper Shredder

MASPORT 6.5XL Chipper Shredder£1,119.00   £1,019.00

The Masport 6.5XL is a petrol powered garden chipper shredder, powered by a robust 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, and features a belt system to protect the crank shaft of the engine.


ELIET MAESTRO CITY Garden Shredder£1,165.94   £1,084.00


This is a Briggs & Stratton powered petrol shredder, able to take a timber diameter of 40 mm, with 12 ELIET RESIST knives and a 60 litre collecting bag provided as standard.

CAMON Chipper C50I (HONDA GX200)

CAMON Chipper C50I (HONDA GX200)£1,271.00


The CAMON C50i is a tough, compact all-in one garden chipper. Powered by a commercial quality Honda GX200 engine.

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£1,389.00


ELIET MAESTRO COUNTRY Garden Shredder£1,508.24   £1,403.00

Powered by a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, able to shred timber up to 40 mm in diameter and featuring an 80 litre collecting bag, this is a capable and robust garden shredder.

STIHL GH460 Petrol Shredder

STIHL GH460 Petrol Shredder£1,729.00   £1,608.00

The STIHL GH460 multi shredder is a fantastic machine designed to process soft garden waste as well as branches with a thickness of up to 60 mm.

LAWNFLITE GTS900L V3-Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE GTS900L V3-Petrol Chipper£2,349.00   £2,185.00


The Lawnflite wood chippers offer excellent value, high quality, and superb performance, with a powerful 302cc engine.

ELIET MINOR 4S GX200 Garden Shredder

ELIET MINOR 4S GX200 Garden Shredder£2,410.91   £2,242.00


Eliet Minor 4S Petrol Shredder with a Honda 6.5HP GX200 OHV Engine

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