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STIHL Brushcutter and Strimmer Blade Fit Kit (FS55/FS56/FS70/FS94/FS-KM)

STIHL Brushcutter and Strimmer Blade Fit Kit (FS55/FS56/FS70/FS94/FS-KM)£14.14   £13.50

A set of 3 products for fitting a metal blade to compatible STIHL FS-model brushcutters and strimmers. Includes a thrust washer, left-hand nut, and ride plate.

STIHL Blade Guard (FS55/FS56/FS70 Strimmer)

STIHL Blade Guard (FS55/FS56/FS70 Strimmer)£17.50

A genuine STIHL guard for protecting metal blades on STIHL FS55, FS56, and FS70 strimmers. Safely transport and store your machine with the orange plastic guard.

STIHL FSE 31 Electric Strimmer

STIHL FSE 31 Electric Strimmer£79.00   £64.00

Perfect for cutting the tricky areas that your mower can't reach, the FSE 31 has a 240 mm cutting width and a 245 Watt motor, plus a Tap 'n' Go trimmer head.

STIGA SGM 72AE Multi Functional Battery Tool

STIGA SGM 72AE Multi Functional Battery Tool£89.00   £69.00

7.2V Battery cordless shrub shear with an 8 cm grass blade and 18 cm shrub blade. 

EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter

EGO BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter£79.99   £69.99

The BCA1200 Multi-Tool Brush Cutter attachment is a powerful and versatile tool.  With a 30 cm cutting width and a three-sided metal blade. 

WOLF-GARTEN GTE840 Strimmer£79.99   £74.00

Boasting versatile control and operation, this electric strimmer has two handles plus both trimming and edging functions. It weighs just 1.9 kg, making it suitable for all ages and builds.

COBRA GT3024V Cordless Grass Trimmer

COBRA GT3024V Cordless Grass Trimmer£79.99   £74.99

This is a high performance cordless grass trimmer from Cobra, coming with a 24v Lithium-ion battery and charger, providing speedy cutting with a 30 cm width and a 90 degree tilting cutter head.

Tanaka EXT300 Extension Kit

Tanaka EXT300 Extension Kit£89.00   £77.00

Tanaka EXT300 extension kit for Loop handle and straight shaft Tanaka brushcutters.

AL-KO GTE 350 Classic Grass Trimmer

AL-KO GTE 350 Classic Grass Trimmer£89.00   £79.00

STIHL Shredding Blade Starter Kit

STIHL Shredding Blade Starter Kit£90.00   £85.50

A shredding blade starter pack comprising of a blade, a 270 mm blade guard, and a ring guard. Compatible with STIHL FS360, FS410, and FS460 C-EM/L model clearing saws only.


WOLF-GARTEN GTE845 Strimmer£94.99   £88.00

A 450 W twin line trimmer from Wolf-Garten, this model has two hand grips for stable and consistent operation, plus a trim and edge function and wheels for easier use.

AL-KO GTE 450 Comfort grass trimmer

AL-KO GTE 450 Comfort grass trimmer£99.00   £89.00

STIGA SGT 100 AE Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit)

STIGA SGT 100 AE Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit)£99.00   £89.00

Powered by the included 2 Ah Lithium-ion battery, this grass trimmer from Stiga benefits from all the advantages of cordless power.

STIHL FSE 52 Electric Strimmer

STIHL FSE 52 Electric Strimmer£105.00   £90.00

A powerful yet lightweight 500 Watt trimmer that offers well-balanced, ergonomic control. This model uses an AutoCut 2-2 mowing head, perfect for all garden trimming.

STIHL FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer

STIHL FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer£109.00   £98.99


The ideal tool for keeping your lawn edges looking their best, the STIHL FSA 45 grass trimmer has an integrated 18 Volts Lithium-Ion battery and operates with ease.

STIGA SGT 48 AE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

STIGA SGT 48 AE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£109.00   £99.00

This noiseless tool is ideal for cutting the grass in every corner of your garden, and it gives the garden expert a fully adaptable experience, allowing users of every height to have a fast and good result.

STIGA SGT 500 AE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

STIGA SGT 500 AE Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£119.00   £99.00

This impressive cordless strimmer is ideal for cutting grass and lawn edges, while featuring a class leading 48V Lithium-Ion battery. Supplied as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

ALKO GTE550 Electric Trimmer

ALKO GTE550 Electric Trimmer£109.00

ALKO GTE550 Electric trimmer. With 550W motor.


MITOX 25C-SP SELECT Strimmer£139.00   £109.00

This is an ideal entry level trimmer for light domestic use, supplied complete with an auto bump nylon line trimmer head and featuring an easy to use split-shaft design.

STIGA SGT 226 J Strimmer

STIGA SGT 226 J Strimmer£139.00   £119.00

With a 26 mm bent shaft and loop-handled control, the SGT 226 J is ideal for neatening up your garden edges. Powered by a 25.4cc 2-stroke engine producing 0.7kW.

Cobra BC260C Petrol Brushcutter

Cobra BC260C Petrol Brushcutter£134.99   £119.99

HUSQVARNA 122C Grass Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 122C Grass Trimmer£159.00   £127.00


This grass trimmer features a 22 cc 0.6 kW low-noise engine, which contains easy-to-use functions such as Smart Start and a Tap 'n Go semi-automatic feed line-head.

STIHL FSA 57 Cordless Grass Trimmer Shell

STIHL FSA 57 Cordless Grass Trimmer Shell£149.00   £131.00

A cordless grass trimmer ideal for largescale use, using their versatile AK system. This is the shell only but a battery and charger can be purchased separately.

MITOX 25C SELECT Grass Trimmer

MITOX 25C SELECT Grass Trimmer£159.00   £139.00

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