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HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Strimmer (Kit)£250.00   £220.00

This cordless grass trimmer from Husqvarna benefits from lightweight and comfortable operation, perfect for easy trimming of lawn edges. It is supplied here in a kit with a BLi10 battery and QC80 charger.

HUSQVARNA 129RJ Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 129RJ Brushcutter£275.00   £220.00


This is a lightweight petrol brushcutter supplied with a Tap 'n' Go line head as well as a metal grass blade. It features a J-handle for increased versatility, plus Husqvarna's Smart Start technology.

STIHL FS 55 R Brushcutter

STIHL FS 55 R Brushcutter£285.00   £228.00

A great brushcutter for anyone seeking an entry point into these petrol tools, complete with a loop handle that makes it best suited for difficult terrain and confined conditions.

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

Mitox's premium bike handle brushcutter that's an ideal choice for more demanding domestic users or landowners. Supplied with a nylon line head and three tooth metal tri-blade.

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

This is a more powerful petrol brushcutter that is a great fit for domestic users looking for a higher capacity machine. Supplied with a grass trimmer head and a metal tooth blade, with Auto-Choke for easier starting.

STIGA SBC 242 D Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 242 D Brushcutter£269.00   £229.00


A 42.7cc 2-stroke engine produces 1.25kW of power for this environmentally brushcutter, which excels at all types of garden jobs. Includes a Tap 'n' Go nylon line head and a 3-tooth metal grass blade.

TANAKA TBC2390 Strimmer

TANAKA TBC2390 Strimmer£309.00   £239.00


A high-quality straight-shaft grass trimmer from Tanaka, with strain-free starting, a low-emission two-stroke engine and a Tap & Go line head to make feeding new line easy and hassle-free.

SHINDAIWA C243S Strimmer and Brushcutter

SHINDAIWA C243S Strimmer and Brushcutter£399.00   £249.00

A high performance, lightweight brushcutter - perfect for everyday use.

STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter£310.00   £257.00

This entry level, lightweight petrol STIHL FS 55 strimmer and brushcutter has a straight shaft with a bike handle design, and can be used in conjunction with a harness.

HONDA UMS 425 LN Strimmer and Brushcutter

HONDA UMS 425 LN Strimmer and Brushcutter£365.00   £259.00


HONDA UMS 425 LN is a professional and robust brushcutter that can handle any task, with a 25cc OHC four-stroke engine.

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£299.00   £269.00

This brushcutter is a premium model boasting an impressive 36.3cc petrol engine, providing higher power with lower emissions. Supplied with a nylon bump feed cutter head and metal blade.

STIGA SBC 252 D Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 252 D Brushcutter£329.00   £269.00

A comfortable, environmentally friendly brushcutter from Stiga, with a 42.7cc engine producing 1.25kW. Supplied with a Tap 'n' Go nylon line head and 2-tooth metal grass blade.

HUSQVARNA 536LILX Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 536LILX Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£310.00   £273.00

This is a battery powered high-performance grass trimmer designed for professional users. Featuring a two-way rotation trimmer head and loop-handle control. Battery and charger sold separately.

HUSQVARNA 129R Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 129R Brushcutter£345.00   £276.00


An easy-starting, lightweight brushcutter with high power, and supplied with a combination guard, trimmer head, grass blade and controlled with a bullhorn handle for maximum comfort.


MOUNTFIELD BK27E Strimmer£279.00

The Mountfield BK27E is a quality straight shaft brushcutter, fitted with a Kawasaki 27cc 2-stroke engine for reliability and power, and includes a loop handle.

COBRA BC270KB Strimmer and Brushcutter

COBRA BC270KB Strimmer and Brushcutter£279.99

The Cobra BC270KB is a very robust Brushcutter designed for the serious gardener. Powered by a 26.3cc Kawasaki 2 stroke engine with recoil start.

STIHL FS 56 RC-E Brushcutter

STIHL FS 56 RC-E Brushcutter£280.00

A versatile loop-handled petrol brushcutter, ideal for working in tight spaces without having to compromise on power. Featuring ErgoStart technology and a reduced-emission 2-stroke engine.

HUSQVARNA 536LIRX Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 536LIRX Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)£325.00   £286.00

A lightweight and ergonomic brushcutter with bullhorn handle, ideal for professional use by gardeners, landscapers and contractors. Supplied with a comfortable harness. Battery and charger sold separately.

STIHL FSA 90 R Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)

STIHL FSA 90 R Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)£288.00

A professional battery powered brushcutter, featuring loop-handle control and an AutoCut 25-2 mowing head. Supplied as a shell only - you will need to purchase a battery and charger separately.

HONDA UMK 425 LE Strimmer and Brushcutter

HONDA UMK 425 LE Strimmer and Brushcutter£405.00   £289.00


The Honda UMK 425 LE is a lighweight brushcutter that uses D-loop handles to give you total control.

COBRA BC270K Strimmer and Brushcutter

COBRA BC270K Strimmer and Brushcutter£294.99

The Cobra BC270K is a very robust Brushcutter designed for the serious gardener. Powered by a BC270K26.3cc Kawasaki 2-stroke engine, and features a a Tri-Blade.

HONDA UMK 425 UE Strimmer and Brushcutter

HONDA UMK 425 UE Strimmer and Brushcutter£425.00   £295.00


The Honda UMK 425 UE features bike handles for better grip and more convinient use.

HUSQVARNA 525RJX Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 525RJX Brushcutter£370.00   £296.00

This is a professional J-handled brushcutter supplied with a trimmer head and grass blade. With the lowest vibration in its class, it is a pleasure to work with.

MITOX 460UVX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 460UVX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£369.00   £299.00

This is a powerful petrol brushcutter with a 46.5cc two-stroke engine as well as a whole host of features that enables it to be comfortable and efficient to work with. Comes with a nylon bump feed head and a metal grass blade.

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