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MITOX 2700LK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 2700LK PRO Brushcutter£399.00

MOUNTFIELD BK53ED Strimmer and Brushcutter

MOUNTFIELD BK53ED Strimmer and Brushcutter£449.00   £399.00

A heavy duty brushcutter, the BK53ED is powered by a extremely powerful 53.2cc Kawasaki 2-stroke engine and boasts a 28 mm diameter straight shaft, bike handles and anti-vibration system. 

SHINDAIWA C3410 Strimmer and Brushcutter

SHINDAIWA C3410 Strimmer and Brushcutter£495.00   £399.00

The C3410 has been designed to be manoeuvrable and lightweight, making it perfect for navigating complex gardens, featuring a mighty powerful 34cc two-stroke petrol engine.

STIHL FSA 85 Cordless Strimmer (Kit)

STIHL FSA 85 Cordless Strimmer (Kit)£403.75

A powerful yet light and quiet cordless grass trimmer, complete with easy to use AutoCut C 4-2 nylon line mowing head and sold as a kit with battery and charger.

COBRA BC450K Strimmer and Brushcutter

COBRA BC450K Strimmer and Brushcutter£414.99

The Cobra BC450K is a robust brushcutter and is powered by a 45cc Kawasaki 2 stroke engine. Features include a bike handle design and comfort controls for the operator.

HONDA UMR 435 LE Strimmer and Brushcutter

HONDA UMR 435 LE Strimmer and Brushcutter£555.00   £428.00


The UMR 435 LE is a professional and robust brushcutter that can handle any task, with a 35cc OHC four-stroke engine.

STIHL FS 91 R Brushcutter

STIHL FS 91 R Brushcutter£522.00   £428.00

This powerful brushcutter benefits from an Autocut mowing head, single strap harness and comes complete with a metal blade ideal for tougher jobs.

MITOX 2700UK PRO Bruschutter

MITOX 2700UK PRO Bruschutter£429.00

SHINDAIWA C2510 Strimmer and Brushcutter

SHINDAIWA C2510 Strimmer and Brushcutter£429.00

The C2510 has been designed to be manoeuvrable and lightweight, making it perfect for navigating complex gardens. Includes a reliable 24.5cc two-stroke petrol engine.

STIHL FS 90 R Brushcutter

STIHL FS 90 R Brushcutter£429.00

A powerful petrol brushcutter with 4-MIX engine and loop handle, ideal for working on areas of tough grass, as well as tight control in confined spaces.

HUSQVARNA 535LK Combi Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 535LK Combi Trimmer£550.00   £440.00

This combi trimmer from Husqvarna is a heavy duty, high-powered machine benefiting from a quick connection system that's compatible with existing Husqvarna attachments, plus a reliable X-Torq engine.

HUSQVARNA 135R Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 135R Brushcutter£560.00   £448.00

A versatile brushcutter supplied with a Tap 'n' Go line head and a three-tooth metal grass knife, this is an ideal tool for homeowners. Also featuring easy-starting technology and an economical yet powerful engine.

STIHL FS 91 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 91 Brushcutter£448.00

A petrol brushcutter from STIHL, provided with an Advance Universal Harness, metal blade and Autocut mowing head as standard.

SHINDAIWA T310XS Strimmer and Brushcutter

SHINDAIWA T310XS Strimmer and Brushcutter£449.00

The Shindaiwa T310XS is a proven performer designed for the professional landscaper, powered by a durable 28.9cc 2-stroke engine.

STIHL FS 100 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 100 Brushcutter£636.48   £449.00

The STIHL FS 100 petrol brushcutter features impressive anti-vibration technology, a powerful 28.4cc 4-MIX engine, and bike handles, for easier, more comfortable use.

STIHL FS 90 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 90 Brushcutter£450.00

A powerful 0.95 kW petrol bruschutter with 4-MIX STIHL engine, anti-vibration, automatic decompression and bike handle control, perfect for areas of tough grass.

SHINDAIWA T3410 Strimmer and Brushcutter

SHINDAIWA T3410 Strimmer and Brushcutter£476.00

The Shindaiwa T3410 is a proven performer designed for the professional landscaper, powered by a reliable 34cc 2-stroke C4 engine.

TANAKA TBC4200DX Strimmer and Brushcutter

TANAKA TBC4200DX Strimmer and Brushcutter£599.00   £479.00

The ultra low vibration Tanaka TBC4200DLV professional strimmer and brushcutter has a bike handle and an angled head. Includes a robust 40 cc two stroke engine.

ECHO SRM3020TESL Strimmer / Brushcutter

ECHO SRM3020TESL Strimmer / Brushcutter£615.00   £492.00

The ECHO SRM-3020TESL strimmer and brushcutter is a professional quality loop handle model, which sports ultra-low vibration levels, and features a two stroke 30.5cc engine.

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 3500LK PRO Brushcutter£499.00

ECHO SRM3020TESU Strimmer / Brushcutter

ECHO SRM3020TESU Strimmer / Brushcutter£625.00   £500.00

A professional-grade strimmer / brushcutter from ECHO, this model has the power and torque to tackle thick vegetation without an issue. This is the U or bike handled version of the machine.

HONDA UMK 425 LE Multi-Tool Package

HONDA UMK 425 LE Multi-Tool Package£645.48   £504.00


An impressively versatile package, this include Honda's UMK 425 LE loop-handled brushcutter, along with the hedge trimmer attachment, giving you superb flexibility for your garden jobs.

STIHL FS 111 R Brushcutter

STIHL FS 111 R Brushcutter£624.00   £512.00

This loop-handled brushcutter boasts STIHL's impressive 1.05 kW 4-MIX engine, giving easier starting and smooth performance. Supplied with an AutoCut mowing head as well as a single shoulder harness as standard.

HUSQVARNA 536LiLX Cordless Strimmer (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 536LiLX Cordless Strimmer (Kit)£590.00   £519.00

A cordless grass trimmer powered by a Lithium-ion battery. With a two-way rotation trimmer head for excellent ease-of-use, and a long-lasting brushless motor. Includes battery and charger.

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