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HANDY THET Electric Tiller / Cultivator (30 cm)

HANDY THET Electric Tiller / Cultivator (30 cm)£89.99

This is a powerful 800 watt electric tiller, allowing you to till along narrow rows, raised beds or fences. Compact enough to be easy to manoeuvre and store, it also weighs just 9 kg.

STIGA SRC 48 AE Cordless Tiller (Shell Only)

STIGA SRC 48 AE Cordless Tiller (Shell Only)£169.00   £149.00

Lightweight, easy to use and simple to store, this machine is the perfect expression of the power of li-ion battery technology. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

HANDY THET1400 Electric Tiller / Cultivator (43 cm)

HANDY THET1400 Electric Tiller / Cultivator (43 cm)£149.99

This 1400 watt electric tiller gives you the power you need for tough tilling tasks, with a 43 cm working width and a maximum depth of 20 cm. It has 6 hardened rotors that can be adjusted to only use 2 or 4 instead.

MOUNTFIELD MR48Li Cordless Tiller

MOUNTFIELD MR48Li Cordless Tiller£159.00

Ideal for weeding between crop rows, preparing seed beds or using in raised beds, a fantastic mechanical hoe for general weeding.

HANDY THPMT Petrol Mini Tiller / Cultivator

HANDY THPMT Petrol Mini Tiller / Cultivator£219.99

A lightweight and easy to use petrol tiller, the Handy THPMT is also compact enough to be easy to store and transport. Boasting a 30 cm tilling width and a 20 cm tilling depth.

STIGA SRC 36 G Petrol Tiller

STIGA SRC 36 G Petrol Tiller£299.00   £279.00

This tool helps make preparing the ground for planting easy and effortless, thanks to its 100cc engine and four 245 mm diameter rotors. With a 36 cm working width and a 22 cm maximum cultivating depth.

COBRA T40B Petrol Cultivator

COBRA T40B Petrol Cultivator£289.99

Cobra T40B, petrol powered cultivator.

LONCIN LC360 Tiller

LONCIN LC360 Tiller£370.00   £319.00

Loncin's LC360 petrol tiller represent fantastic value, while boasting low fuel consumption and easy operation. It is designed to be well suited for small, awkward flower beds and allotments, with a 35 cm cutting width.

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine£345.60

Compatible with all attachments from STIHL's MultiSystem range, this MultiEngine boasts a folding frame for easy transport, a simplified starting sequence and is ideal for a wide range of tasks.

AL-KO MH 350-4 Tiller

AL-KO MH 350-4 Tiller£429.00   £349.00

This powerful 14 inch petrol tiller is perfect for tilling, even on heavy clay soil.

HANDY THTILL3.5 Petrol Tiller / Cultivator (38 cm)

HANDY THTILL3.5 Petrol Tiller / Cultivator (38 cm)£349.99

This Briggs & Stratton-powered petrol tiller takes the hard work out of tilling an allotment, with is 38 cm working width and 25 cm working depth ensuring large areas can be covered in no time.


HUSQVARNA T300RH COMPACT PRO Tiller£460.00   £368.00

This versatile petrol front tine tiller is perfect for maintaining smaller gardens, flower beds and allotments. It is powered by a 25cc Honda engine and is compatible with a wide range of attachments.

STIGA SRC 550 RB Petrol Tiller

STIGA SRC 550 RB Petrol Tiller£449.00   £409.00

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 450E Series engine the SRC 550 RB is a powerful cultivator that can easily prepare your garden for vegetables even if you have the hardest of soils.

HONDA FG110 Tiller

HONDA FG110 Tiller£509.00   £412.00


The Honda FG110 are lightweight, easy to use, and can be used with three other attachments, making them versatile. Powered by Honda's GX25 mini 4-stroke OHC engine.


HUSQVARNA TF 325 Tiller£610.00   £488.00


This is a great cultivator for domestic and landowner use on larger areas. It has a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine and includes a reverse gear for easier operation. With a working width of 60 cm and a working depth of 30 cm, plus a transport wheel included on this model as standard.

HONDA FG201 Tiller

HONDA FG201 Tiller£609.00   £493.00


The Honda micro tillers are for gardening tasks in smaller areas. The maximum tilling width is 12 inches, and it's powered by a Honda GXV50 OHV mini 4-stroke engine.

STIGA SRC 775 RG Petrol Tiller

STIGA SRC 775 RG Petrol Tiller£559.00   £509.00

The SRC 775 RG Cultivator is a powerful tiller perfect for preparing the soil for new seeding and planting, even with the hardest of soils.

HANDY THTILL6.5 Petrol Tiller / Cultivator (50 cm)

HANDY THTILL6.5 Petrol Tiller / Cultivator (50 cm)£529.99

Handy's most powerful tiller, this model is built to cope with even the toughest tasks, thanks to its Briggs & Stratton 900 Series engine and oil lubricated gearbox.

LONCIN LC750 Tiller

LONCIN LC750 Tiller£599.00   £539.00

Representing excellent value, this front tine tiller is highly maneouvrable, yet still provides an 85 cm working width, a robust chain drive and a high specification Loncin engine.

MASPORT- Gardener Multi-Tool Cultivator

MASPORT- Gardener Multi-Tool Cultivator£599.00   £569.00

HONDA FG320 Tiller

HONDA FG320 Tiller£715.00   £579.00

This is a 4-stroke petrol tiller that enjoys quiet operation, adjustable control, durable design and excellent power. It boasts a maximum tilling width of 800 mm and is ideal for cultivation of small gardens.

HONDA FG205 Tiller

HONDA FG205 Tiller£719.00   £582.00


The Honda FG205 is suited to cultivating tasks, due to its slower drive speed, and wider tilling width of 18 inches. Powered by a Honda GXV50 OHV mini 4-stroke engine.

STIHL MH445 Petrol Tiller

STIHL MH445 Petrol Tiller£679.00   £618.00

A compact tiller with a powerful Briggs and Stratton 550 series EX OHV RS engine suitable for working in confined areas. 
STIHL MH445R Petrol Tiller

STIHL MH445R Petrol Tiller£699.00   £636.00

The STIHL MH 445 R tiller is designed with user convenience and comfort in mind.

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