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HANDY THLC Log Cart£39.99   £34.99

A practical log cart of sturdy steel construction, you can hold up to 100 kg of logs with this model. Also benefiting from 20 cm (10 inch) rubber tyres for easy manoeuvrability.


HANDY THST Sack Truck£39.99   £34.99

A P-handled sack truck, this model benefits from a 200 kg maximum capacity, tubular steel frame and puncture proof wheels with roller bearings, for easy manoeuvrability whatever its cargo.

HANDY THWB Wheelbarrow

HANDY THWB Wheelbarrow£49.99   £39.99

Ideal for a variety of tasks, this is a robust traditional style wheelbarrow with a weight capacity of 100 kg and a volumetric capacity of 65 litres, boasting a puncture proof tyre.

HANDY THFST Heavy Duty Folding Sack Truck

HANDY THFST Heavy Duty Folding Sack Truck£59.99   £49.99

Allowing you to easily and safely move heavy objects, this folding sack truck weighs just 12 kg and can be simply folded down, while still holding up to 200 kg.

HANDY THWB90 Wheelbarrow

HANDY THWB90 Wheelbarrow£69.99   £59.99

This is a 90 litre wheelbarrow with a powder-coated heavy duty welded tubular frame, also benefiting from an ergonomically designed tipping nose and a puncture proof tyre.

COBRA GCT200P Hand Trolley

COBRA GCT200P Hand Trolley£73.00   £67.99

The GCT200P is both lightweight, strong. Fitted with dual purpose handles that can be pushed/pulled/ attached to a garden tractor. Maximum carrying capacity is 200kg.


HANDY QGPGC Poly cart£69.99

Handy Poly cart

COBRA GCT300 Hand Trolley

COBRA GCT300 Hand Trolley£89.99   £84.99

BELLE LIMEX 100L Capacity Wheelbarrow

BELLE LIMEX 100L Capacity Wheelbarrow£99.99   £89.99

This strong and durable wheelbarrow is ideal for home and garden, and construction usage. Featuring a galvanised tray with a 100 litre capacity and puncture-proof tyres as standard.

HANDY THGT Small Garden Trolley

HANDY THGT Small Garden Trolley£89.99

This small version of the Handy garden trolley has a load capacity of 200 kg, and is ideal for taking the strain out of all your gardening tasks.

COBRA  GCT320HD Hand Trolley

COBRA GCT320HD Hand Trolley£100.00   £94.99

The Cobra GCT320HD Garden trolley has a load capacity of 320kg. is constructed of steel, and has hinged drop sides. It features large 13 inch diameter pneumatic wheels.

HANDY THLGT Large Garden Trolley

HANDY THLGT Large Garden Trolley£130.00   £119.99

This large version of the Handy garden trolley has a load capacity of 350 kg, and is ideal for taking the strain out of all your gardening tasks.

HANDY THPDC Poly Body Garden Trolley

HANDY THPDC Poly Body Garden Trolley£129.99   £119.99

Able to be pushed or towed depending on your requirements, this poly bodied garden trolley has a maximum capacity of 200 kg, complete with tipping facility for easy emptying.

SCH GDTX Extension Sides

SCH GDTX Extension Sides£148.00

The SCH GDTX extension sides are designed to be used with the 500kg trailer models (the GDTT/GDTT-GALV), to increase your capacity of your load.

Cobra GTT450 Trailer

Cobra GTT450 Trailer£160.00   £149.99

HANDY THGT500 Towed Steel Tipping Trailer

HANDY THGT500 Towed Steel Tipping Trailer£169.99   £159.99

The towed Handy THGT500 is an excellent value powder coated steel trailer designed to be towed behind your garden tractor. Features include a 500 lb / 225 kg capacity.

HANDY THTPDC Poly Body Towed Dump Cart

HANDY THTPDC Poly Body Towed Dump Cart£179.99   £169.99

With a maximum carrying capacity of 295 kg, this is a tough and durable poly bodied dump trailer from Handy, ideal for manual pushing or towing by a lawn tractor or ATV.

SCH GWTX10 Extension Sides

SCH GWTX10 Extension Sides£182.40   £170.00

The GWTX10 features four easily removable heavy duty extension sides to fit the SCH GWTS10 tipping trailer to increase your carrying load.

HANDY THMPC Multi Purpose Garden Trolley

HANDY THMPC Multi Purpose Garden Trolley£199.99   £179.99


The Handy THMPC is a universal metal trailer, with a plastic liner, and a 300kg carrying capacity. It can be pushed or towed to suit your requirements.

TONDU TSC500 Towed Tipping Trailer

TONDU TSC500 Towed Tipping Trailer£189.00

The Tondu TSC500 is a great value tipping tractor that can be towed by most manufacturer's machines. Ideal for transporting with its removable sides and tailgate.97cm x 71.5cm 30cm - bed size 97cm x 71.5cm 30cm

AGRI-FAB 45-0303 Trailer

AGRI-FAB 45-0303 Trailer£208.00

The Agri-Fabs heavy duty dump carts make extremely light work of heavy loads. Contains a carrying capacity of 159kg.

AGRI-FAB 45-0348 Trailer

AGRI-FAB 45-0348 Trailer£215.00

HANDY THGT750 Towed trailer

HANDY THGT750 Towed trailer£269.99   £229.99

750lb Garden towed tipping trailer. With folding sides, hitch pin included.

AGRI-FAB 45-0345 Trailer

AGRI-FAB 45-0345 Trailer£236.00

The Agri-Fab's heavy duty dump carts make light work of heavy loads, with a load capacity of 226kg. Suitable to fit most ride on mowers.

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