Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is essential for trade work. With tools designed to cut, split, chop and many more painful sounding verbs - protection is important.

We stock the best safety equipment from world leading manufacturers - these are highly professional products that are ideal for a commercial use. Everything from gloves, to jackets and hard-hats - robust clothing made to keep you safe.

When it comes to PPE, we've got you covered - literally.


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STIHL MS ERGO Forestry Gloves

STIHL MS ERGO Forestry Gloves£16.15


Made from full grain leather with textile backing, the MS ERGO forestry gloves are ideal for forestry professionals. Featuring padded interior surfaces for excellent comfort.

STIHL Orange Metal Clip Braces

STIHL Orange Metal Clip Braces£16.95  -  £21.50


These fluorescent orange braces are designed to keep your trousers securely in place while you work, available in 110 cm and 130 cm lengths. Provided with metal clips and plastic inserts.

STEIN Basic Rope Bag

STEIN Basic Rope Bag£17.00

This bag will hold 45m of 13mm of rope. Can be used as great throw-ling storage.

STEIN MONGOOSE Supersafe Carabiner

STEIN MONGOOSE Supersafe Carabiner£17.00

The Stein HMS supersafe carabiner has a gate opening of 25mm, and has a 3 way action. Constructed of anodised aluminium, which is 100% tested and inspected.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors£17.95

This is a basic pair of Husqvarna earmuffs, featuring standard ear protectors with an extra wide headband, providing a secure and comfortable fit with less pressure on the head.

STEIN X25 Orange Ventout Work Shirt

STEIN X25 Orange Ventout Work Shirt£18.36

The high visibility Stein X25 ventout work shirt is specially designed to offer full stretch for comfort, rapid drying, and breathable. Available in S, M, L, XL, or XXL.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Light Gloves£18.50

These slim fitting, comfortable gloves have a goat leather palm with jersey fabric to the back. With good protection against moisture, making them suitable for demanding jobs.

STEIN Copious Cool

STEIN Copious Cool£19.00

The Stein copious cool is 75cm in length, with an 8 mm diameter, and is made from silversteak cool.

STIHL CONCEPT 24 F Hearing Protectors

STIHL CONCEPT 24 F Hearing Protectors£19.13

STIHL's CONCEPT 24 F ear protectors are fully foldable for convenient, compact storage, while still protecting your ears from loud noises of up to 104 dB(A).

STIHL CONCEPT 28 Ear Protectors

STIHL CONCEPT 28 Ear Protectors£19.13


These ear defenders from STIHL are able to protect your hearing up to 108 dB(A), while being housed on a robust metal frame with good air circulation and comfortable soft pads.

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces£20.00

This pair of Husqvarna braces feature strong metal clips to attach to your chainsaw trousers or chaps, as well as extra wide straps with an adjustable length.


STIHL FS Braces£21.25

These orange braces are designed to be used with the FS and FS 3PROTECT trousers. They are designed with elasticated braces and velcro, and prevent chafing from the harness.

STIHL Orange Button Braces

STIHL Orange Button Braces£21.50


These simple STIHL orange braces will attach to your safety trousers with button couplings and keep them safely in place. Orange in colour, they also provide increased visibility.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protector Helmet Set

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protector Helmet Set£22.00

This hearing protector set is designed to fit Husqvarna's Classic, Functional and Arborist helmets. They are intended to provide optimal ergonomics ideal for prolonged use.

HUSQVARNA Leather Strap Braces

HUSQVARNA Leather Strap Braces£22.00

This pair of Husqvarna braces feature high quality leather straps to allow the user to tie them onto their trousers, rather than clamping them on with metal clips. They are extra wide with adjustable length.

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)£28.00   £22.40

The perfect t-shirt for carrying out tough jobs in hot weather, with quick drying material that draws moisture away from your body to keep you cool and dry. With a zipper front and easy-access pocket.


HUSQVARNA Work Shirt£28.00   £22.50

Equally well-suited for work or leisure, this work shirt from Husqvarna is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton for softness and comfort, with a good range of motion enabled.

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Mesh Visor (Short)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Mesh Visor (Short)£24.23

This short face protecting nylon mesh visor includes a double headband and four ear plugs in the box. The mesh is flexible, reducing the risk of breakage and increasing service life.

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Short)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Short)£24.65

This short face protection with plastic visor offers 100% UC protection, with a double adjustable headband and four earplugs included in the box.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Visor

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Visor£32.00   £24.95

These are ideal for use when performing light trimmer work, courtesy of their extra wide headband for a secure and comfortable fit, plus the polycarbonate plastic visor that protects your face from flying debris.


STEIN Copious TAC£26.00

The Stein technical accessory cord is 75cm in length, with a 8mm diameter, and is made from polyurethane coated dyneema SK75.


STEIN SKYWALKER Twin Pulley£26.00

The blue Stein skywalker is a double-attachment swing plate pulley, which is designed for efficient work. To be used single handedly.

STIHL Function Helmet

STIHL Function Helmet£26.00


STIHL's AERO LIGHT helmet set includes a large visor and vents on both sides in the top part of the crest. With a high-quality nylon mesh and rain gutter, this helmet meets EN 352, EN 397 and EN 1731 standards.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband£26.35

Lightweight and flexible, you can adjust these ear protectors to suit your own preferences, giving optimal ergonomics perfect for prolonged use. With a unique polyurethane insert to give maximum space for the ear.

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