Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is essential for trade work. With tools designed to cut, split, chop and many more painful sounding verbs - protection is important.

We stock the best safety equipment from world leading manufacturers - these are highly professional products that are ideal for a commercial use. Everything from gloves, to jackets and hard-hats - robust clothing made to keep you safe.

When it comes to PPE, we've got you covered - literally.


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HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband£26.35

Lightweight and flexible, you can adjust these ear protectors to suit your own preferences, giving optimal ergonomics perfect for prolonged use. With a unique polyurethane insert to give maximum space for the ear.

STIHL ECONOMY Face/Ear Protection

STIHL ECONOMY Face/Ear Protection£26.35


This visor and ear defender set provides essential protection by shielding your face and ensuring loud noises are blocked from damaging your ears.

STEIN Deluxe Rope Bag

STEIN Deluxe Rope Bag£26.52

This deluxe stein rope bag has been designed with an internal covered sprung wire-core, which keeps the bag upright and ridged.

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)£34.00   £27.20

This is a light and cool long-sleeved shirt with a zipper front and extended back, perfect for use in warmer weather, transporting moisture away from the body and drying quickly.




With a goat leather palm providing protection from moisture, plus comfortable seams and double thumb stitching that follows the hand shape, these gloves are made for a tight fit and to provide high manoeuvrability.

HUSQVARNA FUNCTIONAL Gloves with Saw Protection

HUSQVARNA FUNCTIONAL Gloves with Saw Protection£29.50

These saw protection gloves are made with a goat leather double palm and foam laminated spandex on the back, with nylon neoprene knuckles. With knitted wrists making them comfortable and easy to put on.

STEIN Climbers Bag / Rucksack

STEIN Climbers Bag / Rucksack£29.58

The Stein Cimbers Rucksack will accommodate up to 100m of climbers line. Includes a chest strap with an emergency whistle connector.

STEIN Folding Cube

STEIN Folding Cube£29.70

The Stein folding cube is a storage cube, designed to store your weights and hard wear, with one large external pocket, and two smaller internal pockets.

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves£29.75

With an elastic knitted cuff and leather/textile combination design, these are highly comfortable chainsaw gloves, with cut protection in the back of both. EN Protection Class 0.

STEIN Friction Saver - Aluminium Rings

STEIN Friction Saver - Aluminium Rings£31.00

Stein Friction SaverFriction Saver/Cambium Saver 90cm,fitted with ISC tested aluminium rings

STEIN Work positioning lanyard

STEIN Work positioning lanyard£31.00  -  £41.00

The Stein SCE lanyard is 3m in length, and is designed as a work positioning device, used in conjunction with an approved climbing system, or as a stand alone positioning device.

STIHL Face/Ear Protection With Nylon Mesh Visor (Enlarged)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection With Nylon Mesh Visor (Enlarged)£32.73


This protective set features a safety nylon mesh visor to guard your face, while a forehead protector and comfortable ear defenders ensure you can operate in comfort without a worry.

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Enlarged)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Enlarged)£33.15

This set offers combined protection that is essential when working with power tools. This polycarbonate visor provides good ventilation, low overall weight, and is easily movable.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Helmet£33.22


This helmet is completely equipped for both forestry and garden work with hearing protectors that are ergonomically designed and a mesh visor that gives good visibility without sacrificing protection.

ENGLISH BRAIDS ALLIANCE Rigging Sling (Orange) 5m x 12mm

ENGLISH BRAIDS ALLIANCE Rigging Sling (Orange) 5m x 12mm£33.30

The English Braids Alliance is a 5m orange rigging sling, with a diameter of 12mm. Designed to the highest standards, offering one of the best average breaking strengths in its class.


HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Hi-Viz)£42.00   £33.60

Allowing you to be seen & stay safe, while working in comfort, this work t-shirt from Husqvarna is a great choice when performing hard work in hot conditions. Approved to ISO EN 20471 (Class 2).

STIHL DYNAMIC Chainsaw Gloves

STIHL DYNAMIC Chainsaw Gloves£34.00

Ideal for forestry and arborist work, these premium chainsaw gloves offer Class 1 cut protection and have an ergonomic, curved design for better grip, higher comfort and reduced fatigue.


STIHL DYNAMIC LIGHT Climbing Helmet Set£34.00

A light safety helmet made of polycarbonate, designed for working in trees and on the ground. It has integrated retractable safety glasses, ear plugs with cord and excellent levels of adjustment.


STIHL EXPERT Helmet Set£38.25


STIHL's EXPERT helmet set includes an adjustable ratchet and metal mesh V5 visor system. It incorporates good ventilation and noise reduction, as well as a UV indicator.


STIHL SPECIAL Helmet Set£38.25


This helmet set from STIHL is a well-established model with a new and improved metal mesh visor system, as well as high noise protection from the ear defenders and an anti-dazzle peak.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Mesh Visor & Head Cover

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Mesh Visor & Head Cover£39.00

This set includes comfortable hearing protectors with adjustable pressure, plus a mesh visor to protect your face while providing high visibility and a cover between the visor and headband.

STEIN Forestry Helmet

STEIN Forestry Helmet£40.00


The STEIN orange forestry helmet features a 6 point polyethylene harness, with three levels of height adjustment for added comfort.

STEIN Micrograb Bolted

STEIN Micrograb Bolted£40.00

The Stein micrograb is a mini rope grab designed for the professional user. Constructed of aluminium, which is of high quality and proof inspected.

STIHL ADVANCE Base Layer Trousers

STIHL ADVANCE Base Layer Trousers£42.50

Designed for outdoor work and offering a combination of protection and optimum body temperature, these trousers also boast good moisture-handling and quick-drying properties.

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