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Stein Aerodynamic Throw Weights

Stein Aerodynamic Throw Weights£12.24

STEIN Deluxe ThrowbagStong Latex Pouch,aerodynamic design,nickel plated ring. Weight - 340g

STEIN Arborist Rescue Knife

STEIN Arborist Rescue Knife£12.24


The Stein rescue knife is designed to be attached to a carabiner whilst climbing. Features include an impressive half serrated stainless steel blade, with a round tip.

STIHL 12 Inch PMM3 Chainsaw Chain 3/8 1.1 mm (44 Links)

STIHL 12 Inch PMM3 Chainsaw Chain 3/8 1.1 mm (44 Links)£12.25

Designed to fit many 12 inch STIHL chainsaw models, the Picco Micro Mini 3 chains allow for low-vibration, high convenience and high quality cutting performance, perfect for occasional users or wood carving.

MANTIS Debris Bag (1822-00-14)

MANTIS Debris Bag (1822-00-14)£12.49

The Mantis debris bag can strap conveniently to the back of the tiller's handles, which is great for holding garden debris, or tools you may need during gardening.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.0 mm x 123 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.0 mm x 123 m)£12.50

This 133 metre long reel of 2.0 mm diameter mowing line is a genuine STIHL product, perfect for replacing worn line on your STIHL mowing heads.

STIHL Square Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 55.0 m)

STIHL Square Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 55.0 m)£12.50

Square profile mowing line from STIHL, supplied in a 55 metre roll with a line diameter of 3.0 mm. It is made from a long-lasting, flexible and wear-resistant material.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Close-Toothed Rake

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Close-Toothed Rake£12.59

This close-toothed rake has curved teeth that are easily pulled through soil and gravel, while being made of durable zinc chrome plate with a lacquer finish. With a working width of 19 cm.

STEIN Bungee Tool Strop

STEIN Bungee Tool Strop£12.76

The Stein bungee tool strop is designed to be used for attaching tools by arborists whilst working in trees.

HANDY THS5LTR  5 LITRE Garden Sprayer

HANDY THS5LTR 5 LITRE Garden Sprayer£12.99

The Handy THS5LTR is a 5 litre sprayer designed for small spraying jobs around the home. Features include a 5 litre capacity.

MANTIS Oil-6 Pack

MANTIS Oil-6 Pack£12.99

The Mantis 2-stroke engine oil is supplied in 6 plastic 100 litre bottles.

STEIN Mini-Reach Retriever

STEIN Mini-Reach Retriever£13.26

The Stein mini-reach retriever is a very clever tool designed to assist the arborist or climber, to retrieve rigging lines which are out of reach.

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles£13.40

These protective goggles from Husqvarna have been developed to be well-suited to people who wear eyeglasses. Anti-fog coated lenses and a soft inside ensure these are comfortable to wear.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Branch Hook

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Branch Hook£13.49

Allowing you to easily reach into trees to remove cut branches, while also being useful for shaking and propping fruit trees as necessary, this branch hook is a great tool to have at your disposal.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Dutch Hoe

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Dutch Hoe£13.49

This dutch hoe from Wolf-Garten uses a traditional Y-shaped blade to remove weeds with a simple thrusting motion, more easily than non-specialised tools. It can be used with your choice of lightweight handles.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Hand Fork

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Hand Fork£13.49

This Multi-Change hand fork from Wolf-Garten is designed for planting and transplanting jobs and can be fitted with your choice of lightweight handle from the Multi-Change range.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Hand Trowel

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Hand Trowel£13.49

This 8 cm wide Multi-Change hand trowel is ideal for planting and transplanting jobs, with a robust and strong build quality and compatibility with Wolf-Garten's range of lightweight handles.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Leaf Rake

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Leaf Rake£13.49

A 42 cm leaf rake ideal for use on hard ground and designed to gather leaves, plus grass clippings and debris from paved areas, courtesy of its unique tine structure.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Seed Sower

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Seed Sower£13.49

This small seed sower has six adjustable seed size settings, ranging up to pea-sized. It saves time and effort by allowing you to sow seeds uniformly in rows and without the need to bend.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Draw Hoe

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Draw Hoe£13.49

Allowing you to easily remove weeds in tight spaces, this small draw hoe has a strong swan-neck arm that makes it perfect for use in particularly confined areas.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Swoe Style Hoe

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Swoe Style Hoe£13.49

A great tool for weeding around and behind plants in tight areas without causing damage, you can use a push and pull action to sever weeds from their roots with this swoe style hoe.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Weeding Brush Heads (Twin Pack)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Weeding Brush Heads (Twin Pack)£13.49

Designed to fit the Wolf-Garten FBM Multi-Change Weeding Brush, this twin pack of replacement heads are filled with stiff steel bristles to remove tough weed and moss from paving. Replacing the worn block is quick and easy.

STIHL Blower Curved Jet Nozzle (BR 350)

STIHL Blower Curved Jet Nozzle (BR 350)£13.50

This attachment for STIHL's popular BR 350 handheld blower makes working over large areas easy, with a flat, wide air current, parallel to the ground.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 86.0 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 86.0 m)£13.50

Ideal as a replacement for worn mowing line on your STIHL cutting heads, this is a 2.4 mm x 86.0 m reel made from wear-resistant and long-lasting flexible material.

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil 100ml 10 Pack

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil 100ml 10 Pack£13.80


Stock up on 100 ml STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil, with excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Now in an economical pack of 10.

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