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BILLY GOAT KV600SP Vac Collector

BILLY GOAT KV600SP Vac Collector£1,199.99

The KV600SP features rear wheel drive self propulsion, no more bag zippers and is powered by a robust 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine.

COBRA RM53SPH-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower

COBRA RM53SPH-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower£1,199.99

The COBRA RM53SPH-PRO features a 21 inch aluminium cutter deck, a single speed transmission, and is fitted with a Commercial Grade GXV160 OHV engine. .

BCS Rotary Plough Attachment (Single)

BCS Rotary Plough Attachment (Single)£1,215.45

Unbeatable at breaking up the hardest ground, this powered rotary plough attachment even works on uncultivated earth. Suitable for the BCS 738, 740 and 750 power units.

PELLENC T220/300 SELION TELESCOPIC  Pole Pruner  (Shell Only)

PELLENC T220/300 SELION TELESCOPIC Pole Pruner (Shell Only)£1,225.00

Powered by the Advanced Pellenc 1200 watt motor, this pole pruner features a 10 inch cutting bar and a telescopic pole, which is 220cm - 300cm.

ALLETT KENSINGTON 20K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower

ALLETT KENSINGTON 20K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower£1,239.00

The Allett Kensington 20K is 20 inch self propelled petrol cylinder lawn mower with a 3 hp Kawasaki engine.

STIHL MS 880 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 880 Petrol Chainsaw£1,257.00  -  £1,363.00

This top of the range professional chainsaw is designed for heavy duty use in extreme conditions. Available in a 30, 36 or 48 inch bar and chain.

STIHL ASA 85 Cordless Pruning Shears (Shell Only)

STIHL ASA 85 Cordless Pruning Shears (Shell Only)£1,259.00

Designed for the professional user who needs a tool for pruning and tree care duties, supplied with a back friendly battery carrying system, excluding battery and charger.

BCS 100 cm Snow Brush Attachment

BCS 100 cm Snow Brush Attachment£1,259.85

The BCS Snow Brush Attachment has a working width of 100cm and is capable of clearing snow up to 10cm deep, leaving a a clear safe surface.

KUBOTA W821-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower

KUBOTA W821-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower£1,260.00

A self propelled, walk behind lawnmower, combining high durability with Honga-powered performance. The blade brake clutch stops the blade quickly for extra safety.

KUBOTA W821R-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower

KUBOTA W821R-PRO Petrol Lawn Mower£1,260.00

This is a rear roller lawn mower, which is self propelled, combining both durability and Honda performance into one.

MASPORT 660 OLYMPIC Petrol Lawn Mower

MASPORT 660 OLYMPIC Petrol Lawn Mower£1,269.00

The Masport Olympic 660 lawn mowers are perfect for cutting close to the ground and giving a manicured touch to your lawn. Includes a 26 inch/65 cm cutting width.

HUSQVARNA 3120 XP Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 3120 XP Chainsaw£1,280.00  -  £1,340.00

This is Husqvarna's largest saw and is well-known as one of the most powerful chainsaws in the world. Designed for professional felling in the toughest environments, yet with easy maintenance and excellent ergonomics.

HUSQVARNA 5524ST Snow Thrower

HUSQVARNA 5524ST Snow Thrower£1,299.00

This is a powerful 2-stage snow blower, powered by a robust Briggs and Stratton 205cc Snow Series MAX engine, which has been designed for use in extreme conditions.

MOUNTFIELD 827M 26 Inch Tractor

MOUNTFIELD 827M 26 Inch Tractor£1,349.00   £1,299.00

Powered by a 224cc single cylinder engine from Mountfield with manual transmission, and supplied with a reliable 26 inch single bladed cutter deck.

VIKING MB755KS Petrol Lawn Mower

VIKING MB755KS Petrol Lawn Mower£1,299.00

The Viking MB755KS is a 21 inch professional lawn mower, which comes with a robust 6 hp OHV Kawasaki engine.


LAWNFLITE 76SDE OPTIMA LMiniRider Tractor£1,300.00

The 76SDE OPTIMA LMiniRider is a very compact and versatile machine that is easy to manoeuvre, powered by a MTD 420cc single cylinder key start engine.

VIKING MB756GS Petrol Lawn Mower

VIKING MB756GS Petrol Lawn Mower£1,305.00

The Viking MB756GS is a 54cm/21.5 inch professional 4 wheeled mower, featuring a powerful Kawasaki FJ180 KAI OHV engine.

PELLENC D45-900 TREELION ADAPTABLE Pruning Shear  (Shell Only)

PELLENC D45-900 TREELION ADAPTABLE Pruning Shear (Shell Only)£1,310.00

Includes a length of 900 mm and a powerful revolutionary Pellenc electronic switching motor which offers exceptional speed and cutting power. Shell Only.

KERSTEN Front Sweeper Attachment (K 1500)

KERSTEN Front Sweeper Attachment (K 1500)£1,311.00

This 90 cm front sweeping brush is designed for Kersten's K 1500 Two Wheel Tractor. It is perfect for sweeping hard and soft surfaces, as well as artificial sports surfaces.

HONDA ECT7000 Generator

HONDA ECT7000 Generator£1,320.00

Features a 7000 W maximum output, an oil alert system, and an easy to start commercial grade GX Range 4-Stroke engine, which is well proven.

AL-KO BM 5001-R II Scythe Mower

AL-KO BM 5001-R II Scythe Mower£1,469.00   £1,329.00

This scythe mower with a cutting width of 102 cm is ideal for high-grass meadows and natural gardens, able to cut tall grass as well as thick and matter weeds. With a movable deflector and durable design.


ELIET MAESTRO COUNTRY Garden Shredder£1,434.96   £1,335.00

Powered by a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, able to shred timber up to 40 mm in diameter and featuring an 80 litre collecting bag, this is a capable and robust garden shredder.

BCS 615L Power Unit (Honda GP 160 / GX200)

BCS 615L Power Unit (Honda GP 160 / GX200)£1,339.00  -  £1,555.00

A compact and easy to use power unit as part of BCS's range, compatible with a wide variety of attachments and implements, and with a choice of either a Honda GP160 or a slightly larger Honda GX2000.


PELLENC ULiB POLY 5 Battery£1,339.00

The Pellenc ULiB POLY 5 battery is a powerful high capacity battery aimed at the professional user, with an excellent power to weight ratio.

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Page 81 of 93:    2,215 Items